Sacred Holy Writs

    When a person is literally walking, crossing the valley of the shade of the death, does not have nothing of what receiving better, in this shady instant, the consolation, the comfort, the lenitivo for the squall passage. Same Jesus promised to us the Well-being of the Consolation (Mt.5: 4). Therefore, you he is my Shepherd; It is always with me, its pole and its cajado one give full security to me, and therefore it will not lack the CONSOLATION to me. VERSICLE 5: YOU PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE ME IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES; UNGES WITH OIL MY HEAD, MY CLICE TRASBORDA. Ahead of our enemies, us we only want a thing in this life: the Victory! The enmity is an unfortunate dislike, that produces disastrous situations in all the ones cultivate that it. the worse enemy is that one that does not show its face, is that one that acts against us to the occult ones. It is, of all the enemy cowards, more the coward, cruelest! When the Salmista asked for the Mr. to prepare a table for it, in the presence of its enemies, it was simply asking for the Victory on the same ones.

    Victory is the act or effect to win the enemy or competitor; it is the triumph on what we consider as badly. the best weapons to win our enemies are these, taught for the Sacred Holy Writs, in: Ex.23: 4,5; Lv.19: 18; Dt.22: 1-4; Pv.25: 21,22; Mt.5: 39,44; Lc.6: 27-29,35; 23:34; At.7: 59,60; Rm.12: 14,17,19-21; Gl.6: 10; 1Ts.5: 15. In this tenebrous world, world that lies in malignant (1Jo.5: 19), we are surrounded by undesirable enemies, but we do not have in them to worry ' ' because all what it is been born of God wins the world; this is the victory that wins the world: ours f.' ' (1Jo.5: 4) Therefore, you he is my Shepherd; it will not lack the VICTORY to me. .

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