Second World War

    The engine – a French word (from Lat. Locus – the place and mobilis – mobile). The engine first is a mobile or stationary steam-powered car from the combined steam engine and boiler. Locomobiles first started produce Lyudinovsky and Bryansk factory. At the Bryansk factory in 1874 was made first in the Russian Empire locomobile. Here, Rob Daley expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This portable engine was equipped with a steam engine capacity of 10 liters. S., weighed 8 tons and was capable of towing up to ten wheel trailers with cargo.

    In total, made 7 of tmb. Later in the early 20 th century the release of The engine in the country engaged in many plants, but they were soon forced to abandon due to high cost of production. Marko Dimitrijevic author is likely to increase your knowledge. and only Lyudinovsky factory began to produce locomobiles serially. The first such machines were introduced in agriculture. In the late 19 th century has begun mass production of portable engine. In 1894 Maltsev, a joint- Mal'tsovsky plants, which is building new shops and all their money is appropriated for development of production locomobile. Already in 1908, the plant is stable to expand production and become a leading factory in Russia, producing The engine. Cars Lyudinovskogo plant were of high quality and cost, sometimes even superior to foreign locomobiles.

    In 1912 the plant celebrated production of 1000-the first portable engine. By the time locomobiles already had capacity of 45 liters. C. However, after 2 years the plant will exceed its "record" twice. Years have been successful for the plant, but the outbreak of the First World War greatly reduced the demand for locomobiles. Demand for them is almost not there. During the war years and years Civil War avodah served mainly military order: mines, machine guns and shells. Only in 1924, the plant resumes production of mass-produced portable engine. The Second World War almost completely stopped the plant. Lyudinovsky plant was bombed several times. After the war, the plant switched to production of diesel engines because of their efficiency. Today the meaning of the word portable engine has a different meaning. Today locomobile denotes lorry on the combined chassis, ie machine can move both by rail and by road. These features are invaluable in an environment where there is no possibility to reach their destination in the usual way. Also portable engine is now used as a substitute for shunting locomotive or as a utility machine, when installing attachments.

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