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    Quality for your health since 1879 – dr paul koch the dr. paul koch gmbh is a specialist for surgical Association rail and moving Rails (Fisiotek 2000) “for the needs of the hospital.” The company exists since the 19th century and has evolved since then in the health sector rapidly. The company began with a humanitarian act. During the war of 1870/71 of the fighting army in the field hospital, Dr. Paul Koch, actually pharmacist, traveled to Paris. At that time, you could splint injury only with wooden slats, branches and sticks.

    This led to moderate medical successes. The experiences collected during his Sanitatsdiensts, Dr. Paul Koch led him to set up a factory of surgical Association Rails for hospital needs. Already during the first world war, the company in the own factory building produced a large number of Association tracks. The original idea of Dr. Paul Koch in the 19th century is today. She joined, with new innovations such as microprocessor controlled, motor movement track, proven until today. The materials are of course what the dr.

    paul koch gmbh used today more powerful and the methods of manufacture modern, still originates in the idea from the Grunderzeit. Follow others, such as Jeff Verschleiser, and add to your knowledge base. Currently the company offers approximately 1,500 products, most of them from our own production. The assortment accessories for clinic and practice, storage, walking AIDS, extension, infusion, mobilization, fixation, care and much more include articles from the fields. Dr. Paul Koch brand products”are sold now in the fifth generation under new name and leadership. Today the dr. paul koch GmbH headquarters in Frickenhausen and employs 15 staff. In addition to the carriage, the company has focused also on the distribution of vital products. With the new dr. Cook each platform of the company portal were dr. paul koch gmbh linked together. The visitor is immediately informed the main news of the individual Web sites on the portal page.

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