Spitzweg Schwaben

    A particularly suspenseful depiction of the landscape also comes from Carl Spitzweg, the Karrner stock to 1870-75 oil painting in his”refers to the subject of resting Gypsy group. The estimate is at 35,000 45,000 and is only slightly higher than for the originating also from Spitzweg Schwaben girl at the garden fence”. That is rated to 30,000 35,000 with 17.8 x 22 cm also slightly smaller oil on time of cardboard. “In addition to Luis alvarez Catalas El paseo del cardenal” (tax: 25,000-30,000) and Paul Friedrich Mahdi’s Aquarellistin in Italian town “(tax: 20,000-25,000) works by William Dyce, Gustave Leonard de Jonghe, Hugo Kauffmann and Friedrich Preller bribe the younger in the Department of art of the 19th century. At the top of the old masters are two etchings by Harmensz. van Rijn Rembrandt.

    While his view of Amsterdam”, which as the first pure landscape etching of the master was created and last but not least among the most sought-after leaves of Rembrandt on the basis of the lost, with an estimate of 40,000-50,000 at the start, is infused with 30,000 to 40,000″Christ healing the sick”, the so-called hundred guilder sheet. Also Adriaen is located atop van Utrecht 1649 written in still life with hares and birds”with an estimate of 40,000 60,000. It comes from Schleswig-holsteinischem noble descent and is for the first time offered on the auction market for about 150 years. After the excellent results for two similar works by this artist (tax: 40,000, proceeds: 84,000 * and tax: 50,000 proceeds: 122,000 *) the call of the oil painting with great excitement is expected in the last two Ketterer art auctions. With 28,000 35,000 is a southern ideal landscape attributed to Claude Joseph Vernet”applied. The 32 x 40.5 cm-large oil painting was built in 1753 and moves the compositional moment in the foreground. Vernet, who prefers the appearance of poetic and dramatic side of nature, reflecting the sensitivity of its era.

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