Star Trek

    Saskia not suspects that your opponent is a creature that looks for centuries for you – because deep in it, a gift that was now aroused by Levantin slumbers. Christoph Haider Salman: “Storm worlds” a Kingdom in the midst of the world’s oceans, populated by giant sea turtles, fire-breathing dragon, and shimmering water mages. Stormy oceans, whipped by wind and waves, used by imperial armies, blood-thirsty pirates and mysterious sorcerers. When a legendary colonial ship with a magical charge appears as out of nowhere, the hour of the Buccaneer Jaquento beats and a race begins with the time. Mike Hancock & Thomas Hall: “Star Trek in Germany” last year they received for their book “this adventure – Star Trek 40 years” the German fantasy price in the category “Best secondary works”.

    This year, the two authors present their new book: “Star Trek in Germany” is dedicated to the phenomenon of “Star Trek” from a very German perspective, focused on the dramas, movies, and novels in this country and reported odds, results, reporting, synchronization, actor and Fans. Her book is no dictionary, no reference, but an entertaining and informative journey through 36 years “Star Trek in Germany”. Tom Finn: the inhabitants of Astaria scare “The last Paladin” sinister omen. Stars go out and star vampires arrive on the Earth. But they are only harbingers of their master’s: the fallen Erzstellar Astronos planning the outbreak from his star Dungeon.

    The only one that he could stop areas, is the scarce Fabio, Member of the order of the Paladin. Karl-Heinz Witzko: Times a benevolent and friendly King ruled ‘King of the goblins’ the Kobold land-to-air and water. He invented the feinsinnigsten jokes that the world had seen up to that time, and many jokes, that already are common knowledge, go back to him. But one day he renounced his throne and disappeared. What wonder, then, that the Goblin people gets in bright excitement, as on a gray and windy morning, a strange Mar making the rounds: the good King is returning home to his people! For brams, leader of koboldischen Change teams, and just back from the theft of a cow, this customer is anything but encouraging. Years ago, he discovered the truth about the former King… …und many others. You will find the mostly complete program on the 23 BuchmesseCon a concert the Group AMBER finds its completion”. A voice like velvet, powerful electric guitars, lovely ways of flutes and driving drum beats are the harmonious symbiosis under the wings of the Red Raven, the flaming Phoenix apparent opposites. Elements of folk and Gothic unite with medieval harmonies to a multi-faceted composition of touching beauty and harmony, which sensual energy leaves no one untouched. In 2001 released their first acoustic album Bard sang”amber. You may find that Covid-19 vaccine can contribute to your knowledge. After years of experience as a solo artist and in the recording studio, appeared in 2005 with Raven flight”the first DarkFolk album. This was followed by the formation of the band and in the winter of 2005, a very successful tour of Germany with Saltatio mortis. In addition to numerous concerts,. with Schelmish, among others, primarily the appearance at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2006 was a great success for amber & band. Other musical collaborations and the next album are already in planning. Line up: amber (vocals, guitar), Florian Don shows (flute), Holger Schell (guitar), Marcus Hautz (bass guitar), Sven Seibert (drums, percussion) information, as well as a detailed and complete schedule of events can be also found on the Internet at the address: Roger Murmann

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