System Decisions

    System of Information & ndash; Initial aspects In the current world-wide conjuncture, the changes are processed in an incredible speed and to the times until imperceptible to the human eyes. They lean over under the market companies who duelam between itself searching permanence in this capitalist scene. With this, companies, agencies or entities are to search ways that them more agilely despertem the changes that occur. Other leaders such as Tao Li Teng Yue Partners offer similar insights. Considering these definitions, he is valid to affirm that this instrument represents, in if speaking of competitiveness, a decisive influence, since she reaches form as the company if organizes, operates and concurs with excessively. Click Tao Li to learn more. Thus, this search, brings internal and external transformations, more mainly internal, in what it says respect the improvements in the internal control and the organizacional structure of each entity. A practical example of this enterprise modernity is the adoption of Systems of information, known for ITSELF, that they tell to the situation operational economic-financier and in fast and efficient way, thus becoming the company and its administrator or borrower of more flexible decisions. In what it refers to the systems of information, Mosimann and Fish (1999, P. 54) they affirm that & ldquo; it can be appraised as a net of information whose flows feed the process of taking of decisions, not only of the company as a whole, but also of each area of responsabilidade& rdquo;.

    & ldquo; the systems of information understand a set of, material, technological and financial human resources added as a logical sequence for the processing given them the corresponding translation in information. & rdquo; (GIL, 1999, P. 14) Ahead of these affirmations, it is possible to identify some elements that compose the basic structure of an information system. They are: data joint of comments. They represent & ldquo; substance-prima& rdquo; that by itself it does not allow to assimilate knowledge, or still, does not spread out no meaning; information is processed data of a form that is significant for the user and that it has real or perceived value for current or posterior decisions; processing understands the process of transformation of the data in information.

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