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    Organizational Therapy

    SOURCES OF BEING ABLE One of the still useful boardings oldest and to understand the power suggests that the leaders have five important potential sources of being able in the organizations. Figure 1 shows these sources of being able. Figure 1. Sources of Being able Ahead of the above described definitions, we can say that the organizations need democratic leaders who emphasize the activities and value to they exert that them. She is necessary to motivate the group so that the waited results are best the possible ones. To stimulate the work with quality is one of the main points to be evaluated for the leaders inside of the organizations.

    ESPIRITUALIDADE IN the LEADERSHIP Second 5 Gustavo G. Boog (Consulting and Therapeutic Organizacional), in the magazine Examination (2002): The subject espiritualidade in the work comes in recent years growing of an intense form in the enterprise world, a fact that was seen as off subject of the organizacional universe, as something religious or until mstico, today it is inserted as a strategical dimension, in the measure where of the meaning to the mission of the company and the work of the people. When we have a conscience, the consequence is that the factors more searched by the executives and secretariats of the organizations are flowed very with bigger easiness: the motivation, the performance, the team spirit, the efficient communication, the quality, the focus in the customer, ' ' to be of good with vida' ' , and the search of states more raised of conscience and the alignment of the actions of the people, the teams and the organizations with its intentions and missions of life, and when we work with espiritualidade in the work, the benefits that can be waited they are the best ones, in quality of individual and collective life, the stimulaton to the growth situations and development, the incentive of the partnership direction, creativity, cooperation and work in team.

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    Priest Nestor

    The bell of the door touches. After some seconds of quarrel seeing who it would go to take care of to the door the woman gives up, if it rolls in the towel and it goes down the stairs. When it opens the door, sees the Nestor neighbor in foot in the door-sill. Before it can say any thing, Nestor says: – I give to 3,000 Reals if you to it to leave to fall this towel! After thinking per some seconds, the woman leaves the towel to fall and is naked. Nestor then delivers them 3,000 promise Reals to it and goes even so. Confused, but excited with its luck, the woman if rolls of new in the towel and comes back toward the room.

    When it enters in the room, the husband cries out of the shower: – Who age? – Age the Nestor, the neighbor of the house to the side, says it. – Excellent! It gave the 3,000 Reals to it that it having was me? Conclusion: If you share information in time, you can prevent unnecessary expositions. 3 – A priest is directing for a road when he sees a nun in foot, in the acostamento. It stops and offers hitchhiking. The accepted nun. It enters in the car, crosses the legs disclosing its pretty legs. The priest if it uncontrols and almost it beats with the car.

    After obtaining to control the car and to prevent the accident, it does not resist and it places the hand in the leg of the nun. The nun looks at for it and says: – Priest, remembers Salmo 129! The priest, without favour, if excuse: – Sister Forgives, the meat is weak. Click Xoom to learn more. takes off the hand of the leg of the nun.

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    Gordon Relationship

    If one may use the expression, the best defense is attack (SALZMAN; MATATHIA; REILLY, 2003, p.161 and 162). 3.3 To add Values ‘ ‘ A value proposal consists all of a set of benefits that the company promises to deliver; it is more than what the central positioning of oferta’ ‘ (KOTLER and KELLER, 2006, P. 141). To add values is basic in the services of relationship with customers. They increase the perception of quality and satisfaction. For Iacobucci (2001, p.355), Beyond the implications in advertising, the subjectivity and the intangibilidade of the services also possess a reasonable effect in relation to the judgments of evaluation of the customers. A time that many aspects of the quality of determined merchandise can in such a way be measured one objective, the quality of the service and satisfaction of the consumer is defined by the consumers by means of the subjective evaluation of value who make how much to the experience that they had had with the given services. These models confirm the evaluations of the customer as a comparison of the experience of access with its previous expectation.

    The author strengthens the importance on of the value in the relations with customers. … academics are considering each time more apparent than nor evaluations of product quality or of the satisfaction of the customer they in such a way have impact on the repetition of the purchase and the allegiance how much the perceptions of value of it. The value is defined as a equalization between quality or the satisfaction and the price, including economic and psychological prices, such as purchase and search efforts (IACOBUCCI, 2001, P. 357).

    As Godin (2000), to generate values by means of the interaction is well more interesting of what solving the problem of a customer in few seconds. In this manner, if to acquire the right to relate with permission, simply it will have obtained the right to use frequency. This is the essence of the Marketing that also creates confidence. 3,4 Marketing of Gordon Relationship (1998, p.31) defines Marketing of relationship as, … the continuous process of identification and creation of new values with individual customers and the sharing of its benefits during a partnership life all. This involves the understanding, the concentration and the administration of a continuous contribution between suppliers and customers selected for the creation and the sharing of mutual values by means of interdependence and organizacional alignment. Bogmann (2000), presents an ample concept on Marketing of Relationship. Search to generate new value consuming them and to divide this value between the producer and the consumer.

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    Agricultural Tourism

    The visits to the field, for a long period appear amongst the recommendations of many doctors, for people with respiratory problems as the tuberculosis. In the following centuries the search for the field would exist, exactly that not yet it appeared as tourist modality, but yes, as custom of people in a search of contact with the field, of return to the souvenirs of the infancy time. The processes of urbanization and exodus in the agricultural areas in Brazil would mark determinative points for the birth of the Agricultural Tourism. Necessary landmarks do not exist to date the beginning of this activity, mainly in function of the territorial dimension of our country. But one also knows that the first official initiative, that is, with use of the term Agricultural Tourism, if gave in 1986 in the farm White Rocks in the city of Lages (SC). As the City of Lages Hisses pioneering (2006), Santa Catarina it initiated the activity as a simple economic alternative and that today, quality example became that if reflects in the satisfaction of the population with the activity and this, provided to the agricultural producer the significant increase in its income.

    The history of the agricultural tourism in Brazil is sufficiently recent and is related with the diverse phases of the process of occupation of the territory. Thus, the agricultural tourist landscapes with its marcantes aspects, if had constituted through the calls economic cycles originating one diversified historic site and cultural. /a>. The cycle of the cattle, that practically occurred in all the domestic territory, originated great tourist routes, a rich folklore and a flavorful gastronomia.

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    Mark Inflatable

    If you are thinking about making a promocional action or simply she wants to give a new air to the advertising of its company, would have to ponder the inflatable use of promo. It repairs, the advertising through inflatable promocionais is used by companies of great, average and small transport and all they, without exception, use this type of material of marketing for a sufficiently important reason: the financial return caused by the use of this type of advertising is sufficiently excellent. It has who thinks that the investment can not compensate and those that if worry about this question they are more than what certain. To invest in a campaign that does not give resulted, nothing more is of what playing money it are. Therefore, to invest in that has proven success is the choice most intelligent to be made. Publishers Clearing House is likely to increase your knowledge.

    In this direction, the use of balloons, balls, logotipos, mascotes, rejoinders, tents, rooftops or inflatable tunnels can configure great a more value to its advertising campaign. Inflatable promo is an excellent form of being seen of far and to make with that the consumer if interest for the decoy and has interest in knowing what it is for backwards of that advertising that calls its attention in such a way. Inflatable promo is the form most efficient of for in practical part of a marketing plan that it aims at to evidence the localization of the company or to attract the looks in a promocional action. They are a form to give visibility and to simply sharpen the curiosity of consumers who can become customers, for if feeling attracted by an advertising form that it sends to the child who has inside of each one. Who does not stop one instant that is for looking at with attention for inflatable promo? Everybody for and everybody are curious with what it is for backwards of that inflatable object making propaganda to a mark. more! In promocionais actions of medium and great transport the use of bateco, also known as it beats beats, can make all the difference. It beats them beats are very used for the twisted ones, in soccer stadiums and not only, or simply to develop events. It is an excellent form of spreading, because he is something that will be used for consuming potentials and that for its constitution it allows the implementation of logotipo, name of the mark and/or a message on the mark or product that if it intends to publicitar. Thus being, the use of beats beats and other inflatable types of promo are excellent an appositive one.

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    Goldman Sachs

    “Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

    In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

    They had identified, for example, that changeable as sort, masculine, age, work, familiar desestruturao, and religion absence is associates to the biggest use of drugs for students, in diverse sociocultural contexts (CARLINI-COTRIM, 1993). The concern with the subject appeared of the fact not yet to exist research on the determinative factors of the harmful use of drugs bids and illicit between the students of the related city, what it becomes necessary a bigger knowledge of the real situation of this contingent still little studied, to try itself to perceive until point the different conditions of life take the young to make use of drugs more early each time. MORAL 2-DEVELOPMENT 2.1-A INTEGRA IN the SOCIAL, FAMILIAR AND PERTAINING TO SCHOOL FORMATION. We live times where the formation of the character of the children and its construction as person have been, many times transferred of the familiar seio to the school. In day-by-day it is common to perceive that a great part of the families has left on account of the schools the formation of its children. The family if has become fictitious or only formal, therefore the anxiety of survival and in the search to provide the basic necessities with the family, father and mother if have become each absent time in the life of its children. The work is a factor that has reduced drastically the period of convivncia of the parents with the children. To if to compare families of today with the ones of some decades passed, when the woman not yet was distinguished in the work market as we see today and if she dedicated more the convivncia and education of the children, sees accented change. The mother remained most of the time in contact co the children, and this contact allowed it to transmit in day-by-day, values and principles that forged the character and the personality of the children and adolescents.

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    SoftPlus Balloon

    An excellent form to make advertising of its mark, company or product, is through the inflatable balloons of propaganda, and the Big Format has the experience necessary to carry through the creation of these balloons. Amongst some types of balloons, it has two that they are of great search, due to its differentiated formats and so great, that attract the attention of any person. One of them is the Roof Top and as it is the Promocional Balloon in 3D. Both are of highest quality and will present its mark or propaganda well. The balloon Roof Top is a inflatable balloon in the format of a flight balloon, only that, clearly, in reduced size. This differentiated format, attracts the attention of the people and consequentemente it attracts the attention for its mark. This balloon is great, having about three meters of height and possesss internal illumination, giving still more it has detached at night to the balloon and in closed environments. The balloon rooftop is ideal for events as fairs, exposition of mark in closed environments and even though for exposition in open street.

    Beyond divulging the mark the balloon rooftop can serve to identify a commercial point. The balloon also is well easy of being installed, being able to be disassembled and to be retraced whenever necessary. Other balloons of propaganda also are available and one that if detaches easily is the Promocional Balloon in 3D, they also are enormous and can practically possess any format. It is ideal to represent symbols of mark, logotipos or mascotes, that they are the preferred ones for the advertising. He imagines to give to life to its mascote? With the promocional balloon in 3D he is possible, since the used technology allows to reproduce with perfection its mascote. The size of the promocional balloon can be from 2 meters, being able to have more than until 5 meters. The promocional balloon can have any format, amongst the works already executed by the Big Format, can take off as example of the TryOn where a tennis was reproduced using a promocional balloon of spreading.

    Or in the case of the SoftPlus, where a purificador of water with extreme allegiance was reproduced. But mascotes is the preferred ones, cachorros, rubber crabs, ducks, any model can be represented with a inflatable balloon in 3D. With 10 years of market the Big Format if specialized in the creation of promocionais balloons. Either the promocional balloon in 3D or the balloon rooftop, the Big Format possesss the experience necessary to create a balloon with quality and perfection, being guaranteed the final objective of the balloon: to divulge its mark.

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    Ohno would have to become Toyota adequate the new necessities of the production. The Japanese laborers strong were influenced still by the artisan traditions and relutavam in executing repetitive and static tasks of a line of production to the style of Ford and the North American industries. The change would have to be organizacional and mannering. Ohno needed to promote a deep change in the standards of productive behavior, in such a way Japanese as occidental person. They were customs sufficiently taken root in culture productive, accepted as normal and considered invariant in the absolute opinion of the involved ones with the universe of the industrial production.

    The resistance to the system of Toyota, was not only in the internal scope. As much the laborers as the suppliers, were pressured so that they produced more cheap, with bigger rapidity and superior quality. With the time, the resistncias had diminished and with this, it after appeared a spirit of cooperation and motivation the constatao of good productive results. Ohno got the cooperation of the laborers, who had enriched the system contributing with its opinions and, especially, its experiences. They inside offered to its proper ideas and solutions for the problems appeared of the new productive process.

    The existing system from now on, started to evolve in constant and gradual way, provoking the envolvement and the contact narrowest them operators of the assembly line with the leading body of the company. It fits to register that the Japanese automotiva industry passed for the experience of the negative growth immediately after the crisis of the oil in 1973, and a time alone entered in collapse. However, then after, the exportations had increased e, comparative to the state of inactivity of the other industries, only the automotiva seemed to enjoy of good luck. In Toyota it was analyzed as to install autonmico nervous system in the proper enterprise organization, that grew quickly.

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    Executive Advice

    The aspects technician and characteristics of the Project will have to be contemplated in (DCP) the Document of Conception of the Project. Below it follows figure better to illustrate the cycle of a MDL project describing the stages that the project must to fulfill to receive the Reductions Certified from Emisses (RCE): Figure 2: Cycle of a Project of MDL Source: (KIQUMOTO; SOUZA, 2007) As figure above illustrated, the participants of the project effect the fulfilling of the DCP and direct it for Entidade Operacional Designada (EOD) duly recognized for the Executive Advice who will effect an analysis and will direct the project for the approval of the Inter-ministerial Commission of Global Change of Clima (CIMGC). An approved time, is directed for register in the Executive Advice. A national or foreign entity certifys the project with the objective to define the procedures of auditorships of verifications and to assure the transparency in the renderings of accounts of these projects. The Assigned National Agency (AND) is the related CIMGC in Brazil. In the stage of monitoramento, the participants of the project follow a plan established for the methodology of the project, confectioning reports that will be submitted to the EOD for verification and accompaniment. This verification is the revision independent and periodic carried through for the EOD, that also makes the accompaniment of the monitored reductions of the emissions of the GEEs.

    Finally, the concession of the certification, is the guarantee yielded in writing for the EOD, certifing that for one determined period of time, determined project reached the reductions of the emissions of verified and proven GEEs as. The participants with this certification, are eligible to require to the Executive Committee the emission of the RCEs, relative the reduction or removal of the GEEs..

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    Unions In Brazil

    UNIONS IN BRAZIL The Brazilian unions had had its gnese under the protective wings of the New State, period where the country was governed by a ditatorial regimen with populist feies, inhaled in the corporative model of Italy fascist. This does not want to say that the working movement was inexistent in Brazil. It occurs that the State, perceiving the possibility of an independent development of the unionism, if anticipated creating atrelada syndical structure to the Ministry of the Work, situation that facilitated its control through the bureaucratic machine of the government. At the time, the anarchic unionism exerted fort influence on the Brazilian unionism, mainly for the fact of the majority of the laborers, in the case of So Paulo, the biggest Brazilian industrial polar region, to be constituted in its majority by originary immigrants of Italy and Spain. Ideologically, the Brazilian unionism, exactly still incipient, was revolutionary, pautando its claims for changes in the social structure, beyond the improvement of the conditions of work and wages. Amongst the mechanisms of control of the system of syndical representation, he appeared the intervention of the Ministry of the Work whenever the Direction violated the norms established.

    The proper creation of an union, depended almost that exclusively, of the ministerial approval. However, one of the mechanisms strongest for the maintenance of this system, without a doubt, was the union dues, paid compulsively for all the workers, representing one day of work and distributed, proportionally, to the federacies and the respective unions, of form that became possible the financial sustentation of little representative unions, without it has necessity of an effort of cooptao of the bases for an action politics more effective as classroom agency. Some mechanisms of control had been extirpados with the Constitution of 1988, between them, the power of intervention of the Ministry of the Work and the freedom of creation of unions, respected the limits of performance for sector and city.