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    Dual Nature Samsung

    Increasingly, in the electronics market there are multifunction devices that combine a variety of functions. So all is not often met the notorious communicators, combining the functions of Pocket PC and mobile phone, mobile phones with camera, FM-radio and advanced features when working on the Internet. Products by Samsung repeatedly encountered among these multifunctional device in the face Samsung D900, Samsung i320 and Samsung i600. For sale is a new member of this series from the company Samsung – Samsung F300. Samsung F300 – radically new device on the mobile phone market. This unusual device is a two-way device, ie, has two front side.

    On the one hand – this is a normal mobile phone with a tiny display and a simple design, on the other – a stylish MP3 player with large screen and touch-button controls. Both sides of the device are made independently, completely, so that to determine which of them is quite difficult to face. The model name is Smart Music emphasizes musical inclination bilateral F300. The panel, which is a mobile phone, can not fail to surprise her a miniature display, which is pretty crazy for a phone. At first it may seem that tiny screen takes a lot of inconveniences when using the phone, but it is not: a color screen and successfully built the menu and do the job Control your phone easy and convenient.

    In addition, due to the reduced screen keyboard has increased, that is certainly a plus for the phone. Another "flip-player", features a large screen at 2.1 inches, which 262 thousand colors, and control is exercised by means of a touch stick. Navigation joystick is in the center of a mechanical button and confirm the four sensory areas. An unusual choice for phone those who like to experiment with or combine a number of functions in one device. Design is amazing and at the same time attractive. The quality of communication is at a height, but the musical side has nothing special different and in some cases even lose the usual players

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    In 1982, Ericsson launched the first mobile phone that worked in the GSM standard, and even had the very first multimedia features: a calculator and two games! Yes, unfortunately many of the features in that time there were no such phone can not play 3gp video, mp4 video clips and remove the camera. Since then you have not yet had the camera, as well as many other advanced features. In 1990, the same company has released a mobile phone which is full screenshot SMS, and Sagem in 1992 published the first phone from which you could go to the Internet through technology Dial-UP & GPRS. True, this phone was monochrome. At all ages protizhenii humanity felt the need to obschatsya rastayanii, ispolzuvalis different ways: signal lights, pigeons, etc. But over time, science has developed and has been found more convenient way to transfer data than all previous ones.

    Mobilyanaya relationship was bumpy and long road of development: in 1888 , a German scientist discovered the existence of radio waves, and this is the first step in the development of cellular communications. It was a lot of different escho discoveries, but that's the end of that company in 1973 to MOTOROLA Nnyu York put translated mobile station 50 storied Alliance Capital Building. This was the year of birth of cellular communication. This station would serve no more than 32 subscribers. First cell phone MOTOROLA named Dina-TAC, it weighs 1.15 pounds, size – 22,5 x12, 5×3, 75 inches and no multimedia features in this phone does not display and normal surfing on the net, he could not provide the user. A full-featured mobile phone with color display was provided by Nokia, he weighed only 90 grams and had a lot of time on multimedia capabilities. Until now, mobile phones being improved every day, and perhaps soon we'll hear about a new innovation, which zamenet us cellular and allow obschatsya seeing a one.

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