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    Club Cooee

    cooee GmbH announces partnership with Bigpoint.com Kaiserslautern, March 18, 2009 which gives GmbH, developer of the brand new, free 3D-Chatworld-Messengers Club Cooee, cooee cooperation with the game portal Bigpoint.com known. The possibilities of the classic instant messaging in a lively, vibrant 3D online world are transported with Club Cooee. Together with Bigpoint.com, members of Club Cooee and Bigpoint.com in the future playfully easy with each other through the new 3D users can drag and immerse yourself in the universe of online games. Bigpoint.com is the biggest game portal and is among the top 3 gaming portals of the world. After the successful launch of the open beta phase of the unique chat World Club Cooee cooee GmbH now with a strong partner takes off. Within the framework of cooperation with Bigpoint.com Club Cooee provides the Bigpoint lobby, as well as a shop designed specially for Bigpoint.com his members in the future.

    In addition to T-Shirts, posters, games, or logos to popular online games including Seafight\”and Dark orbit\”, the online game enthusiasts can purchase many different merchandise with earned Cooee points or purchased Cooee cash. Right at the start, the avatars of the user with an exclusive Bigpoint outfit are equipped. The user, which were generated by the cooperation through the online game portal Bigpoint.com, are always up-to-date news service is integrated in Club Cooee: receive news about the games in the game breaks through this and other exclusive information. Bigpoint.com is in the future its products within Club cooee in the specially created Bigpoint lobby in the customized design available: here can communicate the user in a branded environment of their favorite gaming portal of latest achievements in the online games, listen to music together, share pictures or meet new people. The lobby creates a close link between Club Cooee and bigpoint.com with direct links to the games at Bigpoint.com.

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