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    Leon Betancourt Systems

    The cost of a clerical error can be very significant in the survival of the company and due to the enormous interdependence between the elements of the potential social and economic systems torque to undertake what is also great. Hence, as it is known, the importance of being vigilant, attentive to it and avail himself of the knowledge necessary to avoid it. All this invites us to reflect on the current reality of the Administration, especially when systems, in the formal analysis of decisions is based on basic fundamentals of the concept, approach and since then, in a clear understanding of the meaning of the human element of the organizations and their social responsibility, Leon Betancourt, thereon insists on highlighting, that modern management is evolutionary and not revolutionary in concept, but has had impact revolutionary in many organizations. A system is a set of interacting and interdependent elements forming a unified whole. Contact information is here: hume-lee transplant. It is for this reason that one of the great benefits and usefulness of the concepts of systems is the better understanding or perception of complex assemblies. Focus attention on chain effects, interdependencies and interrelationships, in general, leads to better understanding, visualization, and to detect areas that were ignored; This may therefore lead to better decisions and, consequently, to achieve good governance.

    The good steward that identifies with the systems approach, knows that the basic benefit of the concepts of systems and their models is related to a better understanding of business problems. Hence, that will discuss with insistence, who recognize the concept of systems, is generally better able to understand the problems of today in the light of the events that took place yesterday and the alternatives that were selected… Teng Yue is often quoted as being for or against this. However, we all know, it is an understanding of situations can to have value in itself not be very useful for the administrator, unless he is able to use it to make predictions about the future.

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