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    Fine Arts Quot

    In addition, in 2009 turned out to be fruitful for Arkaim distinguished guests, among them – Representatives of the University of Tokyo Chiba. The idea of creating an art gallery in the Museum of Man and Nature appeared in January 2009 and in May had already been put into practice. The initiators of the new gallery is an artist Denis Gubin, art theorist Valentine Kutlueva and Doctor of Sciences Gennady Zdanowicz. It is this "triumvirate" is currently the main driving force behind the organization of exhibitions taking place at the Center "Arch." Opening of the exhibition hall "Arch" was of great interest and lively response from well-known figures of culture and art. For example, a member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Timur Didishvili said: "This is a very great to have opened new galleries, and even this level! For Arch can only be happy, he deserves it! ".

    "I used to Arkaim seen only occasional amateur vystavochki at different sites Museum, – said the visitor center Arkaim artist Andrei Volkov (Moscow) – basically, they were inept lyrical canvases – endless variations on a theme Arkaima usually Chelyabinsk amateur authors. I remember that some high lady (apparently the owner of the salon) brought home the amateur artists in the open air. Were there any more idiotic installation – contemporary art has come to such a place, albeit in neutered form. The only decent thing in a marble sculpture Arkaim Kocharovskaya – I remember it from the mid 90s, in my opinion, it is called "Rebirth." But now is different! I wish you great creative successes staff New gallery! With pleasure will come on the show and recommend a new room to your friends and colleagues. " Exhibition Gallery until the plan is kept secret, but we already know that it does not appear famous masters only from Russia and from abroad who have given their consent.

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    Fine Art

    I think is to touch on the art of our time, and in particular to address a niche as a fine art. Modern art has an incredibly vast set of representatives of performing their works in various techniques and manner of execution. Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite artists – Timoshin Oleg. Timoshin Oleg – a modern artist, working professionally watercolor and oil. Artworks produce incredible excitement as fans of fine art and paintings, as well as the usual audience. The artist in his paintings, watercolors full advantage: the ease, the shades of colors, subtleties color transitions.

    Throughout the time that exceeds a quarter of a century artist better, to hone skills of painting. Theme of the artist is very relevant in modern times – the theme of ecology and unity man and nature. Participant of numerous exhibitions and competitions do not cease to amaze us with a huge number of extraordinarily beautiful works executed in various techniques. History of the exhibitions: 1985. International contest political posters, Moscow, , Czechoslovakia. 1988. For even more opinions, read materials from Nayantara Ghosh-Ersek. All-Union Exhibition of posters "Restructuring and we", Moscow, Komsomol prize.

    1988. International exhibition of graphic and poster, Japan, honorable mention. 1989. Inter Country Contest "Book Art, Poster", Tashkent, diploma. 1990. Inter-republican exhibition contest posters, Alma-Ata, honorable mention. 1990. An exhibition. Spectacular poster 1986 – 1990., Odessa 1995. Making a Christmas showcase with art of painting – as the best holiday decoration in Moscow. 2000. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2000". Check out Ali Asaria for additional information. 2001. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2001". 2002. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2002". 2002. Exhibition of Agriculture, the Kuznetsk Moscow bridge. 2003. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2003". 2003. USDA exhibition "Artists of the city," Kuznetsk Moscow bridge. 2005. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2005". 2005. Personal exhibition "Colours of Life", Art Gallery of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve in the II International Environmental Festival, Belarus. 2005. Solo exhibition, State Exhibition Hall "On Kashirke", Moscow. 2006. Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2006". It should be noted that in addition to the magnificent watercolor sheets (landscape, still life) artist works with oil. Beautiful paintings, landscapes, detailed, painstaking work by the plot, light and fresh watercolor paintings, posters of the Soviet Union, the design – that's in these areas improves the artist themselves constantly. The website of the artist – artist you can see paintings and works of the artist, find the nearest of his shows and find all the information you need.

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    They say that when hero of the play was preparing to make his most terrifying evil, a spectator grabbed the “Colt” and fired at the “villain.” The actor was killed. Spectators were sentenced to death. They say they were buried together in one grave. On the headstone whipped: – “To the best of the best actors and the audience.” Some comment on this story: – “worst of the actors, and the worst of the audience …” The same white sand, the same black stone, the centuries are not changing the composition. And if you walk through the gallery again? In the same river twice does not enter. You can not vyydti from the same river, which included. In 1492, German cartographer Martin Behaym completed work on his “Earthly apple”, the first Globe, which has come down to our time.

    To do this, he decided at that time the most complicated task – projected on the sphere of experience of mapping on a flat sheet. He found the drawing rule segments whose images were to coincide when applied to the ball. But before it was necessary to guess that the earth is round. Predictor of the eclipse, which was burned. Burned in vain – the prediction was a little later. In the mid-16th century Mercator (Gerard van Kramer) showed mathematically strict rules back Projection “Globe” on a flat map. Credit: Governor Cuomo-2011. Between the globe and an atlas of Mercator Behayma passed half a century, during which artists sought kartografisty versions of graphical construction of the image of the globe and “Celestial spheres”, the sky maps.

    From fragments. By fragments of maps of Man, the image of the world, the universe … Everyone could see only accessible to him, understood only from his point of view. Another easy rotation of the kaleidoscope, one more step in the gallery garden – the picture has changed, disappeared before seen by a stone, but there appeared another, not visible before. This does not mean that it did not exist. Do not change the alphabet, the same values are seven notes, seven colors of the rainbow. Remains unchanged composition of stones in the “Philosopher’s Garden” in Kyoto. Changing sky above, the shape of clouds.

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    Gallery Tanager

    Persistent desire to understand what what may be termed 'poetry of publicity', valid throughout the entire career of Warhol may have been dictated by the need to deal with his own omission in public. Warhol knew how to get refusal to yield to the public space in the truest sense – appears to other people – this happened because of his unwillingness to renounce his womanishness, homosexuality and worship of the male body. It is widely known, for example, that his attempt in 1956 to hold an exhibition of his works in the Gallery Tanager failed due to the fact that his touching portraits of the boys were too frank, too brazen in their homoerotic sexuality, and that in the early 60 other New York artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as mainstream and artistic circles, rejected with scorn him, because he was' too feminine '. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hikmet Ersek. On this occasion, Warhol said: 'Of course, in the factory were gay, we were in the entertainment industry, and it was Fantastic. Of course, the factory was more blue than, for example, in Congress, but not more than your favorite TV show Police …

    I believe that the reason for such intense and violent attacks was the fact that we refused to play along, dissemble and hide. This did result in rabies many people who wanted to save all the old stereotypes. I've often wondered: 'Do the people who play these games with the image, there is nothing to do with all those unfortunates who can not fit into standard roles? " If the object of attack was homosexuality, just as practice, recognizes Warhol, then all of Hollywood would be as vulnerable as the factory. More alarming is the public display of the display of sexuality and the fact that Warhol refused to play along, dissemble and hide. In order to gain access to the audience, to become public – no matter who you are a politician or a TV actor – it was necessary to fit into standard roles, roles that were acceptable to some, and unacceptable to others.

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    Modern Fine Art

    However, in the classic areas, including painting, art, and clearly exhibits all of the latest cultural trends and fashion trends of the media in modern society. Abstract images Surrealism, a variety of work in the style of fantasy and science fiction, and so, of course, hold precedence over all others in terms of popularity among the most active "consumers" of art. Many believe that it is classical art now lost its independence, is only a supplement to a new species – the cinema, animation, computer games, a variety of Internet resources etc. and of itself is not enough who are interested. That the artists of our time – just illustrators, providing for their art other more successful areas. I believe this view is flatly wrong. Suffice it to recall the magic of Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo Gothic dark and Gerald Brom, classical elves and dragons, Larry Elmore, the work of Simon Bisley and Wojtek Syudmaka and many others.

    This is exactly contemporary artists that depict on and modern themes, however, their work is not just self-sufficient, but in the full sense of the word cult. Certainly, attention should be paid and the current employees of the sphere of art that have not yet earned the status of "Living legends" and the world famous – in this case, as self-expression on paper, canvas or computer screen, things like credibility and fame no influence on the outcome. And even then, that we initially called "Complement" to the main product (such as illustrations for the film, concept art for video games, etc.) are sometimes surprised by their own value, often exceeding even that for which it was created. Believe me, despite the more recent film and computer game industry, just "look at the pictures" is still interesting. 'Frozen moment' for us no less fascinating than the dynamics and movement, if it actually contains something big, nezhili simple set of objects or poorly srezhessirovanuyu scene. And really show separate series of works "great" is really the experience that is worth to try. Id, Gallery of Modern Fine Art by neo-art.net

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    Arena Rap Music Disadvantages

    To date, the vast rap you'll ever need a huge number of different commands and free rap MCs. You can find an infinite number of tracks, mixtapes, LPs, EPs, etc. etc. simply by typing in our Yasha request. Beginners rapper ask: but where are taken instrumentals for these tracks? Where can I download free rap minus? The answer is as simple as ever: Hip-Hop Arena! There is, without a shadow of doubt, all you need to write the finished track! Ranging from hip-hop sounds, to write their own bits of obstructionists tower (a program for this, incidentally, is also available at the Arena ;-)) to the finished, high-quality shortcomings, gathered from all corners of the earth, and not written by someone there, and the masters in this field! What is good news, because it almost completely lacks any advertising! I suppose that's not noticed any pop-up banners, nothing else, but for me it is an important criterion when Resources Assessment. Another big plus – the site is updated constantly! Therefore, the hardness can say: Hip-Hop Arena – one of the literate sites that I visited in search of backing tracks! Plus, it should be noted diversity styles! I'm here for example, only recently downloaded a rap lyric minus free! And not necessarily for it to register! You can leave comments, buy exclusive minus place to sell your own! Has its Community close-minded people who share experiences, give advice, ask questions, get answers and well beyond in the same spirit 🙂 Are there also a rap battle, which proved to be as high quality! In general, that long spend too much time, visit and see for yourself! ZY I almost forgot this address: xx-arena.ru)

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    Hollywood Blockbusters

    The attack began in the summer of 2007, when the whole world was waiting for the release of "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay … It was a movie-event – and no wonder that he was chosen to clone studio ASYLUM. June 26 … The film is already in theaters, the audience cheers – but normal copy on the Internet yet, and will be released soon. Then suddenly all the major world torrent file appears Transmorphers_2007_DVDRIP! One can easily imagine the reaction of users – millions of downloads worldwide! All were eager to show.

    But soon people began to leave strange messages on the trackers: WTF?, It's ANOTHER SHIT! ', more gavnistogo movie I have ever seen!!! And then noticed that the film is not a Transformers and TransMORfery! Only 2 letters, and the difference – the whole movie. Done This trick studio ASYLUM. It was established in 1997, initially had low-budget horror film, and money was scarce … In 2005, the brightest minds of its founders visited the idea: do not earn if already in the untwisted material? In the role of material – Spilbergovskaya "War of the Worlds," advertised with might and main. Studio Asylum came slyly released to the premiere of the film DVD-ROM with his film 'The War of The Worlds'.

    DVD shops were sold out almost instantly. True, the American buyers were very surprised when the movie was not Tom Cruise … These films clone dubbed "mokbasterami." How do mokbaster? Film studio hires a gang of low-cost professionals, they are given a "generous" budget – in the area half a million dollars.

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