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    Graduation Craze. All Ready To Be Beautiful ?

    Graduation Planner. All ready to be beautiful? Although the exams are already over, yet all are still students at the end of this month, waiting for another test – the prom. Certainly in this day, everyone wants to look at one hundred and even a bit more. Boys and girls are trying to flash the masterpieces of tailoring and hairdressing are often oblivious to the fact that the person looks nice only when he is healthy. The most skilful make-up is not can disguise an unhealthy skin. And not a single designer or stylist will not be able to distract opponents and spiteful glances from rivals sick yellow teeth. If looking in the mirror you try not to smile, if on a shelf in the bathroom is the gel from acne, do not worry, there is still time to fix everything. So, where do you start? Undoubtedly, the very first object to rapidly improve their appearance are the teeth.

    Pearl even white teeth – is a beautiful smile, prepossess be added charm, charm. Even if the teeth are healthy and carious monsters have not yet reached them, it is advisable to make a professional cleaning. The fact is that even if you're right, three minutes each day and Brush your teeth at night (and you in fact do this, right?) accumulates on teeth plaque, eventually turns into tartar. It consists of cells of epithelial tissues, pathogens, food debris, salts, phosphorus, calcium and other elements. You may find that Marko Dimitrijevic, author can contribute to your knowledge. If it is not removed in time, there is a chronic inflammation of the gums – periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

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