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    For Minervini

    Therefore the necessary environment of external market very to be well identified. Jeff Gennette insists that this is the case. The FOOT must be a market researcher, what it demands a boarding that considers necessities, desires and emotions. The mind of the consumer is repleta of information, which they need to be identified and refined. The small entrepreneur if involves in an activity of perception and relationship, where each customer perceives one meaning distinct for each product or offered service. Jeff Gennette is likely to increase your knowledge. The construction of an international culture inside of the organizations, the obligator presence of a qualified professional in terms of international operations, of the construction of abilities is necessary happened central offices of the set of capacities and resources of the small one company, of the strategical positioning in external markets e, lately and of more intense form, the creation of relationship in the chain of international value aiming at to supply a superior value to the foreign customer.

    The analysis of all these elements is of crucial importance for the formularization and execution of strategies well-succeeded in the external markets. It is intended to integrate the vision of the elements keys, being they: human resources with international managemental capacity, strategies of international relationships, international strategical positioning, segmentation of international markets and organizacional change. These elements keys closely are related and a joint analysis propitiates greaters chances so that the FOOT can in such a way construct an only position in the international markets and, to create a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the time. For Minervini (2001), to insert itself in the international market through the exportation it is a school of growth of the management, therefore exportation is connected to the commitment with the quality, creativity and professionalism. The exportation cannot be considered with last resource when the domestic market or the management of the company is in crisis, therefore if the company did not get success in the domestic market, hardly will have success in the exterior.

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    Village Isabel

    This moves directly with quarters that are next to the stadium, as Village Isabel, Tijuca and Is Cristvo. If in the Bar the population has purchasing power to follow the valuation, the same does not happen with some quarters as, for example, They are Cristvo. Today, the square meter in the region costs about R$ 2 a thousand, while the familiar income of the population of the quarter is of R$ 2,5 a thousand. If the projection of the specialists and investors if to confirm, and the property really to value about 70%, the square meter in quarters as Are Cristvo and Santa Teresa goes to jump almost of R$ 2 a thousand for R$ 3,5 a thousand. In if treating to what we are accustomed to see in Brazil, what very probably it does not go to increase is the familiar income of the population of the quarters, who will continue, respectively, in the house of the R$ 2,5 a thousand and R$ 3 a thousand.

    What this means? That the profile of inhabitants of the quarter can move. The people inside look houses of its real estate financial possibilities through or buscadores as Nestoria.com.br. The public whom he would look for property in Is Cristvo will leave to make it, therefore he will not obtain to pay. Who deferred payment in the quarter and to want to vender its property also can face difficulties to find a purchaser. It sees below the ratio of the price of the square meter of some quarters and the familiar income of the families who inhabit in it: Structure: inheritance well cursed coming or? You do not invest to R$ 600 million only in a stadium, but also in all the community around it. Thinking about the Pantry and the Olimpadas, all a structure will be raised, and this picture also helps to value the property.

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    Representative Executividade

    In this in case that, the person when assuming the guilt, and being importnciadevidamente quantified, can have the value of the obligation to pay, representadopela the signature of a check or a promissory note; b) Contract of purchase and sales or loan, etc., in which constao value of to be fulfilled obligation; c) Exchange, that it is the case of the guarantor of a notapromissria; Amongst the main characteristics or attributes the credit headings quepossuem, that give to agility and guarantee to them, are: – Negotiability represented for the easiness of circulaodo credit that the heading represents. Thus, a credit heading can sertransferido by means of endorsement (signature in the verse of the heading, being able the endorsement, black being in when it declares the name of the benefited one, and blank when not ofaz). – Representative Executividade of the guarantee of more agile collection when ocredor it decides to appeal to the judiciary one aiming at to the satisfaction of the credit. Aexecutividade assures a bigger efficiency for the collection of the crditorepresentado one. Sets of ten of species of headings of credit in Brazil, all elesregulados for specific legislation exist. For the intentions of this briefing study, we go to present the main ones modalities that guarantee the great majority dasoperaes of credit in the Brazilian market. They are: ) the letter of exchange; b) promissory note; c) check; d) duplicate 1.3. The CHARACTERISTICS OR BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HEADINGS DECRDITO the headings of credit in its more varied species keep in itself trscaractersticas basic, which are: 1.3.1. Cartularidade the cartularidade is the characteristic of the heading that has for base its existnciafsica or equivalent, that is, the heading has that to exist in its essence effective and representative comoelemento of the credit. Thus, a heading of crditoexiste while to exist its bond, that is, while to exist prpriottulo printed matter, not being also admitted copy for the purpose of dadvida execution.

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    Made these first comments, it is inferred that ' ' cluster it is an agglomeration of considerable size of firms in an area especially delimited with clearly specialization profile and in which the commerce and the specialization interfirmas is substancial.' ' (Altenburg and Meyer-Satamer apud SUZIGAN, 1999:04). As it was said before, beyond this specialization &#039 can also have the factor; ' cooperao' ' in cluster, in case that where the enterprise relations happen of interarticulada form, by means of ' ' action conjunta' ' of economic agents social, existing intense competition between the local companies at the same time where the firms collaborate ones with the others, forming an innovative environment where if they develop positive synergies through the reciprocal confidence between entrepreneurs, cooperation interfirmas, mutual learning and collective innovations. In the mat of this reasoning, SCHMITZ (1997: 172) detached importnciatanto of ' ' economiasexternas' ' comoda ' ' aoconjunta dasempresas' ' , comoforma to elucidate the success reached for the PME' s pertaining to an industrial district: ' ' Such action can be of two types: sole proprietorships cooperating (for example, sharing equipment or developing a new product), or groups of firms congregating forces in enterprise associations, trusts of producers and assemelhados' ' . The conjugao of these two factors (external economies and joint action) took SCHMITZ (1997: 173) to add a new and valuable concept in the modern literature of clusters, that is, the concept of ' ' efficiency coletiva' ' which is defined as ' ' the competitive advantage derivative of the local external economies and action conjunta.' ' of the companies, workers and excessively socioeconmicos agents. (SCHMITZ, 1997:173). Outrossim, PORTER (1999: 225) admit that many of the competitive advantages of clusters depend on ' ' economies externas' ' or of ' ' extravasamentos' ' (collateral effect between some types of companies and sectors). Destarte, them aglomeradosdesempenham an important paper in the competition and brings excellent implications for the companies, governments and other institutions of the economy in the current scene of the globalizado world. .

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    Cabo Companies

    Today the Subway of Recife passed over the stretch between the stations Central and Jaboato, and all the line the west total is abandoned and destroyed, having covering of mud and weeds in many parts. The last train that became useful the road-of-iron was the Train of the Forr, until in 1999 rains had made unusable some stretches of it and this train had that to start to cover the line Cure-Handle, last conventional railroad of passengers of Pernambuco still in functioning. The south line made possible the flow of sugar of the Zone of Mata as well as the Line North and made the good for many cities, with prominence to the Handle of Saint Augustin and the Palmares. The recifense stretch was disactivated to give place to the Subway, whose expansion in the south direction will make ten years of very slow workmanships. No station in Recife was left of foot nor so that it served of memory.

    It has plans to put a Light Vehicle on Trilhos/VLT between Suape and Recife, but it does not have many details on this, and the remaining stretch between Cabo and Macei, the least for the time being, it is intended to continue abandoned. Railroads that had been very important for the public transport in Pernambuco today nothing more are of what damaged ruins. For backwards of this railroad bankruptcy, it has many factors. In historical sequence, first it came a management fails and unsustainable of the railroads in the first half of century 20, in way that had that to be created the RFFSA to tutor them after the bankruptcy of the old railroad companies. After that, ' ' pragas' ' that they last until today: the interests of automotivas companies, of lobbies of politicians and on entrepreneurs to the oil, of companies of urban buses and means of transportation of long distance, of road administrators who invoice richnesses with tolls and, finally, of politicians whom they prefer to launch faranicas road workmanships the railroad and subway enterprises, therefore roads and viaducts attract more votes.

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