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    Garcia Television

    In Colombia, decades ago, the television writers scarcely counted on the fingers, five kings were rulers who did not need disputarse figuration among them, since there was room for all and even fell short to meet need stories to tell, that therefore it should import and adapt. With the growth and identity that acquired the Colombian melodrama in the international arena, it became imperative to professionalize the office of a television scriptwriter, make room for new talent, which in the hands of the consecrated and were polished and rough diamonds and formed the first generation of librettists formal, sort of exclusive super-elite, which now commands all the creative part of our television and whose members refuse to accept for now the expansion or opening a new generation, a situation that sooner or later take her to obvious wear, forcing its members to redeem their egos and adopt a less selfish and become teachers guides for new generations of writers. Caracol TV in the nineties was the first workshop of scripts for a week at a cost of one million pesos, a high figure for the time and obviously not all candidates could afford to take it, a fact that indirectly leave out a great potential talent. Read more here: dean gibson. From that litter came today who still make up the creative workshops of Mr. Dago Garcia. In 1998, the former programmer PUNCH launched a popular call-called "YOU ARE NOT wrinkle" that tended to attract talents in writing, producing and ideas with economic incentives and the production of their work; From that emerged the winner call the director Felipe Aljure. More info: Marko Dimitrijevic, author.

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