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    Economics In China

    Examinations during the transition and middle school are very serious and the percentage of admitted students is not often very high (50%). Those who are not enrolled in high school, receive training in vocational schools. After graduating from high school take the examination for admission to the university. Recently established links of Chinese higher education institutions corresponding structures in other countries. China to give lectures come leading scholars and teachers of different areas of expertise. Practiced as an exchange of students and professionals: when Chinese students go for education and training in Europe, the United States, Russia and CIS countries and foreign students coming to study in China.

    Candidates for the internship imposed two requirements: knowledge of the language of the country which they will be trained and possess a certain level of training. And the country where they were going to study or internship candidates who are very interested to get promising young scientists. This profitable and China itself, as research and development that hold Chinese scientists in the leading scientific centers of the world have a tremendous impact on how evolving science in China. For international students, Chinese universities offer educational programs that meet the European system. In the educational institutions of the country can learn and bachelor and master’s and doctoral studies. Consider what programs are available for study in International University of Business and Economics (University of International Business and Economics). Basic program or a program of elementary education offered to students who later will be trained in China.

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