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    Gouache Oil

    Of course, Gouache differs from watercolor, oil or tempera, although the latter has a lot in common. Originality material, just allows you to manifest the full identity of the author. Gouache is a matte, velvety surface of a noble in all respects, no matter how an artist tormented her during the operation, the divine tranquility of the material eventually comes out, like, kind of victory over the rebellious spirit of the artist and brings into balance the world's newly born. Chistyakov said: "In the story, and the reception. But the mater al of its uniqueness has strong effect on the author, and its decisions, even on the story works, but rather in its deep essence that can not be described in words. (Similarly see: Alex Caruso). His gouache work I'm starting easy in watercolor technique, and sometimes even I stop when I feel that this is it finally happened. But usually, I go farther, move where you want to more corps, smear letter, is akin to oil painting, on the plot and leaving the reception room of the initial lessirovok. We must not forget that this stuff works most powerful and complete plane locally.

    Thin lessirovochnoe applied the same letter in gouache was originally, and not in the end, this is one of the differences between this material by others. You can work gouache and pastel or a pencil, revealing the image of small strokes. So, we have determined that you can work in gouache, as watercolor, oil, pastel, etc. But there are some quality, characteristic only to this material Firstly, they can not write a glaze as the final step in creating a product, but only at the beginning.

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