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    Unknown Musicians

    New musician community Videobeatz.de offers young and unknown musicians a platform with its own video database. Tyler Haney has many thoughts on the issue. Videobeatz.de is a young music community designed specifically for young and unknown musicians. The special feature of the page is your own audio and video data bank. The own developed script converts any any audio and video format in the format used by Videobeatz. Videos must no longer be bound by other sites, such as YouTube.

    Everything takes place on the platform. To broaden your perception, visit Teng Yue. Be adjusted must all exploitation-free pieces of music (no royalty or similar). Further the page offers extensive search capabilities. So you can search not only for musicians, but also according to promoters, labels and studios. Registered users can rate the songs and download shared pieces of music. There is also a forum and a photo gallery available.

    Musicians, promoters, labels, studios and natural can register all music-loving people themselves. The site is free of charge for all users. Everyone has that Possibility to create an individual profile. From December, a band contest with great prizes for the participating musicians starts with us. You can reach our page at. Videobeatz Kane & Wischert & Koch GbR contact person: Andreas Koch on the height of 77 21339 Luneburg phon: 04131-395001 about the Videobeatz Kane & Wischert & Koch GbR Videobeatz.de operates an Internet platform on which registered members of them can upload music videos and songs. Every visitor to the site has the right to look at the title or to listen to and to download for private purposes, if this was shared by the musicians. In addition, performers or bands have the opportunity to create band profiles. Each user has the option to rate videos or audios, to use the Forum to exchange views and to create their own profiles. The registration and use of the platform is free of charge for all users. The idea to develop of the page in April 2007. Then there was the hype surrounding an other great German video platform. Then after a short time only bad unknown musicians were to find a platform developed in-house for young and unknown musicians. Heart of the page is the unique conversion script that will convert all common video codecs in the codec used by us. The script allows any video format upload. Missing codecs will be continuously entered in the script. Are mid-July 2008 the site under the domain is online. The Videobeatz GbR consists of Christian Kniep (server administrator), Stefan Wischert (programmer) and Andreas Koch (promotion). The site is further developed in the future. So a band contest using an own developed voting module starts from December. This module free of charge are provided partners to want to advertise in their own right here on the page. Also offers the Videobeatz GbR, interested advertisers, advertising space on the platform at favourable conditions.

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    ‘ G morning friend or Hava Gr8 Day… hi sPaceMates, first there were post-it notes developed by 3M Corporation in the everyday world. Then came stickies developed by Spacelocker for the cyber world. Now comes Sikkmms. Spacelocker has done it again and developed a cyber world first. Sikkmms are some cool sayings, with a neat graphic, on a sticky-looking note. They are of easy and quick way to send someone a greeting.

    Here’s how to stikkmm a friend on Spacelocker. (Not to be confused with Teng Yue Partners!). You first have to be a member of Spacelocker of course. And you have to invite friends to your Spacelocker account and have them accept your invitation. Then go to your friend’s loose page. On the left side under your friend’s profiles you want to see the stikkmm flag. Click on it A stikkmm gallery will pop up and open. The stikkmm gallery contains over 100 phrases that are categorized in 21 different groupings.

    You can choose the top stikkmm in the grouping, or you can click on the downwardiii pointing arrow under stikkmm and reveal that similar phrases. If you prefer one of the similar phrases, just highlight and click on it and the stikkmm phrase will change in that grouping. Then click post. When the stikkmm posts to your friends loose shelves a phrase will appear at the top of the stikkmm gallery in red saying “Stikkmm posted successfully”. The stikkmm then appears on the shelves in your friend’s locker. For example if you want to send friend a morning greeting look for the grouping of stikkmms that generally send day greetings. You want to find stikkmm that says “Hava Gr8 Day” them under the. Click on the scroll down window and you will see “G’morning friend”. Highlight and click on it. The stikkmm will change to the one you have chosen. Then click on mail and it will appear sticking on the shelves in your friends loose. There is no writing needed. Just use your mouse and click. It’s fun and it’s one of the things that makes Spacelocker the happiest space on earth. hVa A kOol dAy!

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    For Online Shop Operators And Online Dealers

    Ohh man”wants to present a Web-based service management for eBay users ‘Oh man’ has can make partner some experiences in recent years as a shop owner. While this has time ohh – man “determined that the purchasing behavior of customers very much depends on high-quality images. Unlike in a real store, the online customer during an online purchase has no way physically to check the goods. Cedars Sinai might disagree with that approach. This is a vulnerability in online shops. By ohh – man “services to help the customers to overcome this weakness. The Web application is equipped with such features, which reduce the customer which gives possibility to enlarge his images uploaded by him, with the mouse, to turn an and of “zoom” the article. The customer should get at least a virtual ubeprufungsmoglichkeit of the products so he closer look at this. A related site: Teng Yue Partners mentions similar findings. Also the online shops are given the opportunity thus, your services in this visualization pane to improve and increase your revenue.

    The average stay of a user is increased also on the websites of the provider as a result because they deal with the tool. This time can use the provider to achieve goals his Marktstrategischen. Ohh man ‘Web-based services consists of three parts, which are linked with each other. Web application with interactive features. Internet platform as the images management system (user friendly, similar concept like Windows Explorer with AJAX, web2. 0 technologies with drag- and -drop functions on the Web, the Web cannot be realized previously) the additional XXL Gallery (multiple images at the same time as the thumbnails can be displayed.) At the moment such advantages have Neckermann just great online sales stores like Puma, O2, because you are able, with great effort to develop such software itself and thereby to achieve competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide all online retailers, through these services a competitive image platform the compete with the big online retail permit may… More information:

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    Directions Premiere At The German Mail Order Congress In Wiesbaden

    Directions, the largest cash bonus program on the Internet is first represented on the German mail order Congress from 1 to 2 November in Wiesbaden. Jena, September 10 – the company from Jena presents its new product, which opens up new perspectives in online trading customers and dealers. The mail order industry developed with great momentum. Motor is clearly the online trading. The new cash bonus programs in the Internet offer additional strong growth potential.

    Within a year since its inception, directions has become the largest German supplier in this segment. In currently 1600 stores, our customers with every purchase get back 2% of the net goods value. Our goal is in the medium term 5000 partners to win.”says directions Director Kerstin Schilling. The required range in the network is achieved by cooperation with well-known platforms such as StudiVZ and Lokalisten Brands4Friends. Us especially this year’s theme has Web 2.0 and E-commerce -. Future strategies for the shipping trade irritated”, founded Kerstin Schilling the participation of directions on the German mail order Congress.

    The new search of the portal will be presented as a premiere. The user also the respective cash as an additional buying incentive appears next to images and detailed product description. The product can contribute to increase the conversion rates of the partner shops. No matter whether the major mail order retailers, specialty shops or niche, all of our partner shops benefit from the fact that buyer is the desired product faster and, thanks to cashback, more frequently for purchasing decides. That is for each shop a real competitive advantage,”Kerstin Schilling. Directions-partner shop is one in a few steps. The shop sets the type of the advertising cost reimbursement, asks a shop ID and integrates a tracking code on its shop Web site. In addition, the partner shop can login with the message now at directions a teaser on its order page and save 2% “offer. Interested retailers come to the booth number 514 in the ground floor of Hall 5 with the directions team in the conversation. Directions refers to this state together with the Tower byte members ALEA GmbH, Truition GmbH, Finnwaa GmbH, the agent factory GmbH and dotSource GmbH. About directions: Adicash.de is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email

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    New Ride On For AdImpulse Media

    Visually, informative, advertising nakedToast the Munich Agency realized stylish website for online marketers AdImpulse media Munich just in time for the online-marketing Dusseldorf 2008 launches nakedToast Studios the new Internet appearance of the online marketer AdImpulse media (OMD: Hall 10 booth 10E59).) Www.adimpulse.de is the new corporate website with stylish design and informs the service portfolio of online advertising and cross-media specialists advertisers structured and visually appealing. The challenge was for nakedToast in the design of the site is to implement the wishes of the customers alike to AdImpulse media and to meet the needs of advertisers and media agencies. In addition to an emotional and modern layout, AdImpulse emphasised on a clear and at the same time clearly structured navigation and information structure. nakedToast accompanied the project from the initial idea up to the live circuit. In addition to the design and planning of the content structure, the Agency has created both the Animation of the logo as well as the distinctive design of the website. In addition, the Munich-based agency before the content maintenance oversaw the technical implementation of the project on the basis of the open source CMS Typo3. This royalty-free content management system enables independent content management AdImpulse media thanks to the intuitive operation in the future. From a development perspective, Typo3 offers scope for further expansion due to the clear separation of content and graphic design.

    Sami Babi, Managing Director of nakedToast Studios: For the new player in the online marketers AdImpulse media we wanted to stimulate deliberately with a striking, modern design. “We chose the optimal technical tool for our customers with Typo3: based on this CMS, we could realize a unique concept that meets the individual needs of AdImpulse media and at the same time leaves room for future developments.” Patrick subtitles back, head of marketing of AdImpulse media: nakedToast has designed a website. best visualized the dynamics and mood of our company and transported. Through the high creative input was a very interesting collaboration, that result has exceeded our expectations to completion.” About AdImpulse media GmbH positions itself in the German advertising market as online marketing and cross media specialist for classic media, special AdImpulse media ads and sponsorship. AdImpulse media offers networked campaign solutions which optimally unfold their effect in particular through the combination of online and mobile video. The Publisher Network currently consists of Sport1.de, Sport1.at, Sport1.ch, Sport2.de, Bundesliga.de, DSF.de, Sportsfreunde.de, NFLE.de and sport auktion.de.

    Seat of the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of EM.Sport Media AG, is Ismaning near Munich. Managing Directors are Thomas port (Chairman) and Jan Schwark. About nakedToast Studios nakedToast Studios was founded in 2005 in Munich. The multimedia agency relies on a flexible network of fixed and free experts, the ever zusammengstellt project needs and skills required in individual teams. nakedToast specializes in website design and online marketing solutions such as Flash advertising, FlashPaper and OnlineGames. nakedToast serves customers from different industries, including media, entertainment and HealthCare. Oliver Klein

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    Private Room Rental

    Internet portal room-gallery.de for gay men: Berlin. Around 18 million overnight stays in private accommodation claim gay in Germany alone every year. The Internet portal room-gallery.de”follows this General calculations of the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. This special potential can be explained not only by the cheap prices”, said room-gallery.de”Director Peter Bircheneder in Berlin. “Gay men claimed a personal touch’ in private accommodation, although between absolute privacy” and distinguished services of the host. Landlord offer occasionally even qualified city guides in addition to their actual occupation.

    “Here a diversity has evolved, which is often more attractive to gay men as the accommodation in a hotel” room-gallery.de “even trust to inform private host via SMS and E-Mail without delay of a booking request. If within 24 hours Interested in a commitment or cancellation, if the occupancy is not already recorded in the Internet portal. That would be of particular importance if the landlord were on holiday or be professionally strong clamped. Access to a documentation of the steps between request and booking offers both parties security. However, so Bircheneder, set room-gallery.de”in the selection of available rooms not on strict controls, but on the user reviews. So, a direct obligation of the private host toward the gay guests is clear.

    room-gallery.de”is currently operated in German and English language. In the first week of October the Berlin company on such travelers and hosts aligns itself, who speak Spanish. Offers from private individuals from around the world are presented. room-gallery.de”expand pleasingly fast” (Bircheneder) with a daily increasing number of offers. Landlord this subject no bindings. Private individuals with free rooms set the price, could between forward, Differentiate primary and low season and long term discounts allow. The design of its own offer on the Web page is easy, assured room gallery “Director Peter Bircheneder. “” He also says: of course we are committed also to the party and be unfair reviews remove in case of doubt “room-gallery.de” feels impartially the reliable information obligation, which take into account the interests of gay tenant as well as the room owner. While guests on a high level of security could trust, sometimes elaborate efforts to the marketing of individual bed and breakfast not only in the major cities accounted for landlord of the world”, so room-gallery.de”Director Peter Bircheneder in Berlin. Karl-Heinz Smuda

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    Posterjack.com Trendy

    Get your favorite subject in poster-sized home on the new site with new features and additional products Munich, in November 2009 posterjack.com brings you your favorite photos in poster size directly in the apartment or in the Office. On the completely redesigned site, additional features such as a comfortable, optional customer login can be found in addition to new products such as magnetic foil or PVC banner. The order is still very easy. See posterjack.com, your personal subject to huge pressure and it is at a great price. You simply upload your desired picture, select a format and order your high quality and durable posters or your photos on canvas, which a few days later well packed arrives. Large-format prints from posterjack.com always revive your rooms to life and are as individual as you are.

    You can also select the standard formats from a variety of special formats such as panoramic sizes, DIN formats or square formats. After the uploading of the photos is subjected to this automatically a quality test, so that it is ensured that it is suitable for a poster-size processing. Printing is done on high quality photo paper with a smooth, coated, semi-gloss surface. You can bring your personal motif on canvas, as noble GalleryPrint or on foam mats and many other materials. Prior to shipment, each product is controlled, to ensure that they comply with the high quality demands of posterjack.com.

    If, by the way, your desire picture once is not the aspect ratio of the selected print style, it is cut to posterjack.com of the cutter with lots of practice and sense of proportion. A task that can make any machine. Under blog.posterjack.de is a blog for those interested in photography. There you can learn interesting facts about photography, but also about art and history, can interact with like-minded people and pass on his knowledge. You want to get yourself a picture of make posterjack.com products? Simply go to and see for yourself! The reporting press representatives can request a free poster of your favorite photos, to be convinced by the first-class quality.

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    The Many

    What has arrived so far but still no price comparison services, are the numerous live-shopping services on the Internet. This is usually to special vendors who conveniently purchase specific items, for example through collective purchase of several thousand of these products at once, and on their sides for a visible, but very limited period of time or until eventually all goods at a bargain price are sold, offered. For users who want to take advantage of these great offers, this implies that you must be promptly informed about the appropriate bargain, to afford to. Many writers such as BitCoin offer more in-depth analysis. For this purpose separately listed overview pages are offered, that easily comprehensible list several of these bargain deals on a great Gallery page. In addition to the discounted shopping, numerous pages to one can be find a special focus, which is extremely popular: free. This range of appropriate Pages of product samples and sweepstakes subscription offers and free downloads up to free SMS providers and downloadable content for mobile phones. Furthermore, a look at special rental or Exchange portals can be thrown where you can free borrow more items such as DVDs, books or music CDs but or just trade.

    Still also use savings potential for purchases in addition to the best price, visitors can access numerous discounts and coupon pages. Not only that credits of various online retailers at your fingertips, provided visitors there in addition various bonus programs are presented, which discounts offer or pay for the purchase using points, which you later can redeem for rewards. At the end they will receive back even a small amount of the purchase sum in this way. Ultimately, various other ways such as to remaining stock offers, online classifieds, the duty-free shopping or online auctions, round off the comprehensive overview. Where even in the last para the still relatively young minimum auction portals are treated separately. But should be used carefully in these auctions, because the danger is great that it spends far more money for a supposed bargain, as it would have cost in the shops. “” The heading bargain “is the TOP class shopping” subordinated. The comprehensive overview of the many different ways of how to consciously money save when shopping online and offline, including little else regarded options such as the duty-free shopping or the remaining stock trade is decisive for the award by the 2WiD-Jury. Add additional and detailed information and explanations in special categories come as to the minimum auctions, live shopping providers, coupon sites and many others. Is the category under Kaufen/Schnaeppchen/kt476.php

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    The Performance Is Right:

    Zieltraffic AG expands in the Netherlands of the online marketing specializes in performance marketing agency Zieltraffic expands in the Netherlands. You may want to visit Toshiba to increase your knowledge. Munich – specialised in performance marketing online marketing agency Zieltraffic consistently further in 2009 continues its strong growth and expands in the Netherlands. The establishment of Zieltraffic AG in the Netherlands has recorded with effect from 01 February 2009 the operating activities in the Hague. Robertus J. Siemens Energy often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Heuvelings leads the fourth foreign location of Zieltraffic as Senior Vice President Sales BeNeLux. Heuvelings was our preferred candidate”, says Werner Kubitscheck, co-founder and for human resources and internationalization responsible Board of Zieltraffic AG. Heuvelings has the optimal mix of online marketing. expertise, best contacts in the financial industry and ample sales experience” Zieltraffic opens up in the boom market for online marketing for Kubitscheck obvious reasons for the step in the Netherlands are Netherlands: all relevant figures, for example, the General Internet usage, broadband connection penetration or the use of online banking showing that the Dutch market made for Zieltraffic is.” So almost three quarters of all households in the Netherlands had already a year ago over an Internet connection.

    A survey of statistics authority of the Netherlands Centraal Bureau voor de statistics”also shows that 30 percent of it already with a broadband connection to the Web go, what was at the time of the study in a European comparison synonymous with the second spread. 2007 used also already 65 percent of the Dutch online banking. Zieltraffic is the market leader for online marketing in banking and financial services industry”, says Kubitscheck. Therefore, the Dutch market for us due to its high banking density is very attractive. Our goal is to it, already in the short term many new customers with our industry expertise and our success model, the responsible success fee model, acquire.” The responsible success fee model provides the customer only pays for communicating clearly measurable success criteria such as new customers or the placement of new prospects. Zieltraffic is also for all of the media costs in advance, and assumes the full risk for the success of the campaign. More information, see work_solutions/fee model of Robertus J. Heuvelings: Vertriebsstarker online-marketing expert is the Dutch subsidiary of Zieltraffic Zieltraffic won a designated specialist for sales and online marketing for the direction of Zieltraffic Netherlands Robertus J.

    Heuvelings. The 43 comes from Quion Groep BV. Heuvelings was also for many years as a consultant for the financial sector and is therefore very well networked. I’m looking forward to the challenge, to add a further, Dutch capital to the success story of Zieltraffic AG”, says Heuvelings.

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    Wheelchair Accessiblility

    Web portal for accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free Web design, disability software, accessibility, and search engine optimization, has put online the Web portal accessible mobil.info in June 2009. The Web portal it aims, hotels, to collect restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany and to present in a clear form. Now, there are already places and spaces for disabled persons from 6 provinces in Germany. Among other things, the places of Pfullingen, Reutlingen and Tubingen are represented. Deutsche Bank spoke with conviction. The Web portal is created according to the guidelines of the barrier-free Web design.Accessibility in Web pages means that people with different disabilities (E.g. blind, deaf, sehnehindert, etc.) a Web page can read and use. Markus Lemcke, still pleased notes where there are accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces. The criteria, when a hotel, restaurant or pub barrier-free is and contact details are on the Web portal..

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