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    System Of Living

    The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Frequently Steph Korey has said that publicly. Often in the automation system of living, do not manage to realise failures which hamper our path, until suddenly something intense which makes this situation to burst happens (we call it crisis / break) and we suffered, us depressed, block us, we were alone. This becomes a mental chain of internal conversations that we stagnate instead of supporting us, keeping us in that place of paralysis. You perfectly know what I mean. I invite you to follow the steps I propose below; they constitute the starting point I propose that you undertake as soon as possible your change: step 1 set aside difficult words, impossible, to cuesta much, can’t begins now convinced that will achieve what you want.

    Crushes the fear of finding yourself. Your inner wonder is like a diamond in the rough that is waiting to be discovered and carved according to your dreams. Don’t forget that language creates reality; what you say and think not only describes your reality but also makes you act on it. What powerful words could say and think that you support? Write them down. Step 2 relieve areas of your life. He wrote a survey of the areas of your life as well as engineers We do with computer programs with the addition of the wonderful soul that you have.

    The areas of your life can be: family, work and profession, money and finance, love and partner, etc. It includes that you want. While you analyze each area, put the focus on yourself and check as you influyes the results that you are having. Pay attention to the language that you think and speak, your emotions and your body. Notes and stay on the lookout for your internal conversations, pays attention to how conversations with others, that emotionality transitas usually and physicality that you move (or not) towards what you want.