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    Software Data

    “With the Data Wizard it is possible online application forms quickly and easily NetSys.IT create the Ilmenau company a new function makes your software data Assistant” before. Thus, it is possible quickly and easily to create online application forms for the corporate homepage and to allow interested parties the Internet application. Filed under: john mayer. gs even more insight to the discussion. The new feature allows known programs, such as the Office applications, making the management of the data and the evaluation and thus facilitates the work of the staff. Our goal is to make the customers working with applications as easy as possible”, says Dr. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Western Union. Daniel Fischer, Managing Director of NetSys.IT.

    Online applications are increasingly used. They facilitate the work of the staff, save valuable time and ultimately money.” Many medium-sized companies fear a large number of incoming applications at the publication of job advertisements. A significant effort is often associated, to select the suitable candidates from the plethora of candidates. Traditional data collection programs require frequently extensive programming skills or should be procured only with greater financial resources. In addition to a variety of templates may be available, also the free design online queries is possible. They can be adapted according to the specific operational requirements through various form elements. Whether free or bound format response – or can field, pre-defined responses (pull-down selection) or levels indicating the design of the forms with the Data Wizard from Netsys.IT can be varied depending on the usage. Of course, entire files, such as letter and curriculum vitae, can be integrated into the data collection.

    Also in the allocation of incoming documents to the respective working places, the Data Wizard from NetSys.IT is a valuable tool. Each application form is assignable to different recipients or mailboxes.

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    Opensource Flexibility

    STAR FACE with new interface to SugarCRM Karlsruhe, November 10, 2010 – now a free connector to the SugarCRM’s open source based CRM solution is available for the asterisk-based STARFACE telephone system. The connector enables users to access SugarCRM on all comfort functions of STARFACE and efficiently and easily by the SugarCRM interface to manage customer contacts by telephone. STARFACE and SugarCRM fit together perfectly. Both products combine the flexibility and openness of open source software with the comfort and reliability professional business solutions”, so the solutions speak similar customers at the intersection between SugarCRM – and users of STARFACE Gerhard Wenderoth, Director of business development at the STARFACE GmbH. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out SYPartners. This approach is so great. The STARFACE SugarCRM connector benefit already today very many companies.” All caller information at a glance of the SugarCRM connector is a little software tool that is installed directly into SugarCRM. He identifies callers based on their Phone number and their contacts in SugarCRM appears automatically. All relevant information is available are employees already at the beginning of the conversation.

    Also, they can time already during the conversation the customer records in the CRM data base update and interview notes deposit saves and ensures that results are documented in a timely manner. For additional convenience, a wide range of CTI functionality provides the STARFACE SugarCRM connector for users: employees can among other things easily choose mouse from the SugarCRM database. Click 4Moms to learn more. Incoming faxes and voicemails land as attachement in the Inbox and can easily be assigned to and stored in a seamless customer or supplier history the corresponding contact. Encrypted application in the cloud important businesses have subscribed to the SugarCRM software-as-a service or use via the Internet: with the SugarCRM version 6.0.1 and the STARFACE SugarCRM connector can be all telephony functions on demand provide encrypted. Companies have the opportunity to integrate SugarCRM installations in the cloud or in remote locations safely to the STARFACE telephone system.

    Free business telephony for startups of the STARFACE SugarCRM connector supports the free sugar Community Edition in addition to the commercial Sugar Professional and sugar enterprise solutions. Small companies can get away with the STARFACE free Edition, which you now build a seamlessly integrated VoIP and CRM solution for free SugarCRM Community Edition and the free connector”, as Gerhard Wenderoth. For startups with a low budget, this is ideal. They benefit from the first day of all the features a professional high end environment and can, if they continue to grow, expand at any time by means of license update.

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    Verlag Der Ruhr

    Publisher more efficiently with CONTENTSERV Rohrbach/ILM 12.04.2010: the Publisher of the Ruhr in the future wants to achieve more transparency and greater efficiency, by the editorial staff to the publications, for his publishing work. He committed the CONTENTSERV GmbH on the enterprise marketing management solution. The publishing house specializing in educational publications on the Ruhr has secured, with 800 educational titles, 500 authors and each year approximately 125 new releases, a permanent place on the education market. In order to expand this status, the Publisher strives for an optimization of the IT systems to increase efficiency and transparency in the entire publishing. These include the planning and management processes in the Lektoraten and editors, as well as the optimization of cooperation with the production and publication.

    In these areas, in particular the management of master data and production data and workflow support should be improved. We opted for the software solution by CONTENTSERV, because of the holistic approach and the modular design of the Solution enables us, specifically a central publishing management to integrate all content and processes and to simplify our editorial, marketing and publication processes. Source: Andrew Cuomo. We expect, so overall a significant efficiency.”explains Christian Weissenborn, marketing, Publisher of the Ruhr. To optimize the project phase one, with the aim of publishing management is already before graduating. To a central media neutral product and media database was introduced with interface to the commercial system, where all necessary data are maintained. In addition a Web-based portal interface, which all administrative, editorial, care and publication processes of the employees are controlled and carried out.

    This includes among others an editorial workflow, the author, contract, and book project management, a review database, scheduling, as well as the support of the layout Department. Outlook: The marketing processes in the Internet marketing should be optimized in a second phase. This one will be Website connectivity CONTENTSERV CMS created and integrated the E-shop module and newsletter-management of the provider. In phase three, is a Web-to-print connection are added. About catalogues and publications from the contents of the product and media database can be created then automatically and the employees can directly using a Web browser even the finishing touches in the original InDesign documents make. The provider presents insights into CONTENTSERV solution. About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). See more detailed opinions by reading what Daryl Katz offers on the topic.. With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by CONTENTSERV the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This provides for a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages. Press contact: Petra Kamal, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

    Virtualization Reduces Costs

    CEMA AG at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg: the CEMA AG presents at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from 18 to 19 May 2010 the virtualization solution for CAD systems. The Virtualisierungswelle rolls in the automotive industry. Servers and storage are the end user at the heart with desktops. The advantages of desktop virtualization for special applications such as CATIA are undisputed. Two questions are crucial in the current market situation: How can I reduce my costs further, and how can I respond to more dynamic requirements? An answer is the virtualization of CATIA jobs”, says Rolf Braun, Board member of the CEMA AG. The CEMA solution, on the basis of Citrix XenDesktop offers the same performance as a locally installed application of CATIA with reduced costs and increased flexibility. “Also the first interim results of a pilot project with a major automotive supplier show that: the performance of the virtual solution is excellent” as Florian Gritschneder, IT-consultant of CEMA. Through the use of the CATIA virtualized environment can be virtual, in the required number and at any location available development jobs.

    Expensive, and often not fully loaded, local installations are eliminated. At the same time reduces overhead for the IT sustainably. Just companies with several locations benefit from the Central Administration. In addition, the CEMA solution increases the agility: the CATIA workstations can be flexible with the software version fitted, which needs the developer for a specific job. This ensures a smooth exchange of data, which is essential in the multistage networked automotive industry. Also companies to expand dynamically the value creation network include, for example, external developers with access to a virtualized environment of CATIA, to cope with peak or to reduce fixed costs, without leaving the data’s own House. Highest security standards, as well as the fact that only screen content, keystrokes and Mouse movements and never real engineering data”on the Internet run, provide for comprehensive protection of construction data. The CEMA AG informs the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg (State 4) about the CAD virtualization. Interested companies can also learn in the context of a “proof of concept bundle”, what benefits they can achieve through a virtualized environment of CATIA. Daryl Katz has firm opinions on the matter. Appointments and further information at service/News-Events.

    Germany Security

    underground_8 and intellicomp present the induce-chen of the enterprise security security appliances for comprehensive network protection at Security 2008 in Linz/meal, September 24, 2008 becoming the subject of IT security busy. Incidents of information theft and illegal trade with per-sonendaten increase the sensitivity for the protection of the own network in the middle class. UN-derground_8, manufacturer of IT security solutions, presents consisting of MF his SI-safety-appliance systems, (managed firewall) and the communication gateway AS (anti-spam), at the Security exhibition in Essen from the security gateway. These guarantee a comprehensive protection of their entire IT infrastructure, small and medium-sized UN enterprises (SMEs). Visitors to the fair can inform about the security himself on the stand of the underground_8 distribution partner intellicomp (Halle 4/stand 325) to including appliances. The security trade fair is this year with the separate exhibition space IT theme park”to the growing demand of the industries IT security solutions account. Safety specialists and representative here receive a comprehensive overview of the current IT problems and dangers and get the solution scenarios under realistic conditions.

    Mid-market incidents on the subject of industrial espionage and data theft have shown data security in the past few months, how to quickly get sensitive information in circulation. Trojan, entering a corporate network, serve as a door opener for the theft of data cyber criminals. Companies need therefore solutions that reliably can protect themselves against the unwanted removal of their data or the penetration in their networks. underground_8 presents the appliances security gateway and AS communication gateway for MF. NY Governor is open to suggestions. MF the MF is a UTM(Unified Threat Management) appliance that is easy to install and to configure security gateway security gateway, high security and performance features that.

    With State of the art security technology protects MF reliably all Internet threats as for example, viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing, spyware or hackers. The appliances receive an automatic and encrypted update every hour and are therefore permanently up to date. AS communication gateway AS communication gateway is a State-of-the-art anti-spam solution, that catches over 98 percent of the unwanted and malicious emails. The combination of hard – and software switches between network input and mail server and filters out thus the incoming mails, before they enter on the computer of the user in the network. Over 600,000 worms, viruses, Trojans and co. are already in the database of underground_8 stored trend. The user receives information about attacks and the status of the device through the clear and easy-to-use user interface. Brief description underground_8 secure computing GmbH: the Austrian security company underground_8 stands for network security solutions “Made in Europe”. The security appliances limes MF (managed firewall) and AS (Anti spam) protect the entire infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all Internet threats. The award-winning products combine best-of-breed technologies from leading manufacturers such as Kaspersky Labs and Intel Advanced developments. German-language support and comprehensive managed service models offer real added value customers and reseller partners by underground_8 especially for the SME market. The company has a highly qualified and comprehensive distribution and reseller network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

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    Finger Tips Dancing

    AKVIS NatureArt is an excellent tool to imitate the beauty of natural phenomena on your digital photos. AKVIS NatureArt is an excellent tool to imitate the beauty of natural phenomena on your digital photos. Nature effects have a strong impact on our mood and you can reinforce the impression of an image using AKVIS NatureArt. The program offers 8 natural effects: rain, Sun, water, lightning, clouds, Frost, fire and ice (akvis.com/de/natureart-tutorial/effects/index.php). The flame effect has been improved in version 4.0. This effect can flame add you to your images – wei make seem as fire over an object or create a flaming text. Keith Yamashita is a great source of information. The new fire effect in the program looks at the same time realistic and magical (akvis.com/de/natureart-tutorial/effects/fire.php).

    You can light a torch, Blaze flame at your finger tips, draw a burning sword or a ball of fire and create amazing posters, adding blazing dramatic texts to. The Power of the fire is under your control! The program offers a rich selection of ready presets for the effect, so that you can now easily add fire to your photos. All you need to do is to select the area for the effect and matching predefined adjustments and then to adjust the settings according to your needs. In addition, the new version offers the possibility to apply effects to transparent areas. A fully functional version with 10 days term exists as a test version: akvis.com/de/natureart/index.php the program costs 55 euros (excluding VAT).

    About AKVIS AKVIS is an independent software development company that specializes in image processing software and scientific research. The company was founded 2004 by the IT professionals, had the great experience in programming and software development. Since then, the company has developed some successful programs for image editing, photo restoration and image correction. More information: AKVIS.com/de/natureart/index.php screenshot: akvis.com/de/natureart/screenshots-nature-effects.php download: akvis.com/de/natureart/download-nature-effects.php tutorial: akvis.com/de/natureart-tutorial/index.

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    OnOffice Software Year 2013

    The personal highlights a successful and exciting year 2013 onOffice Software GmbH is located behind the. The real estate software professional can be the last months pass in review: A very special highlight was the 10th birthday of the software manufacturer. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, another great source of information. About 250 guests celebrated an exuberant party this evening and danced until the early morning hours. The onOffice team can also enjoy new offspring. About 15 employees have enriched the team to implement customer wishes even faster.

    In terms of trade fair presence of the software manufacturer was again front. This year the onOffice team for the first time on one of the most important real estate fairs in Europe was represented, the EXPO REAL. Here, the onOffice team was nationally and internationally provide an insight into its expansion plans to its customers and prospective customers and develop new project ideas. I thank you on behalf of the entire onOffice team all customers, business partners and friends for an exciting year of 2013 and wish you happy holidays as well as health, happiness, and success in the year 2014,”explains Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the year in review. All detailed information for the annual review 2013 you will find under: marketing/newsletter/weihnachten/pdf.pdf. Contact: Julia Dutch marketing & PR phone: +49(0)241 446 86-241 E-Mail:

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    Typical Weaknesses Of The IT Processes Request Management

    Exagon consulting the 10 most common causes of errors in the processing of service orders Kerpen describes, 03.11.2008 – IT processes in the control of orders by the departments prove in practice often very diffuse. They are especially a relatively high error rate according to a recent study of the Exagon consultancy. The ratio of companies that give good notes their request management is accordingly low at 18 percent. The defined processes often correspond to the claims of service level management, because they are account-oriented and thus more have a commercial orientation”, judge Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer. So, requirements of the IT Department would often not properly placed. Also, many details within the various process steps are lost. From his point of view typical weaknesses in the request management include: 1.

    it is an insufficient understanding of the delivery processes. In particular, service level management (SLM) is often confused with a non-existent in this form of service level agreement”(SLA). It individual practices were developed for the request management processes, instead of resorting to the standards of ITIL and using these to understand the requirements of customers, to capture adequately to deliver. The processes for the processing of service orders are not automated. As a result, they have no sufficient efficiency. Andrew Cuomo may help you with your research. Not least, this show a great lack of transparency to the procedures for the processing of requests and thus generate a significant error.

    The different responsibilities within the entire order process not clearly defined, enough so that important information is lost during the transfer from one process step to the next, or misunderstandings. Lacking binding defined principles of procedure to pass of the service contracts between the various stages of project implementation. Information about possible changes and their impact are based in very Heavily on random knowledge of the employees involved or disappear into the dark. Mohamed Amersi, London may also support this cause. Because it lacks a sufficient tracking, requirements for traceable manageable, so that faults do not reconstruct. It lacks a central overall responsibility for quality control and deployment of resources. Thus the realization of service jobs has a structural instability. The company usually waive an actively applied optimization management system for the continuous reduction of the error rate, but live largely continuously in a reactive position. will Exagon with PATRONAGE request management”shortly a solution with scorecard approach present, which can accurately model the corresponding processes. This tool includes the conceptual foundations for the strength / weakness analyses as well as best practice and perfect realization methods. The content core of PATRONAGE request management”consists of reference models for the IT processes. Based on these Model designs are defined targets for the Organization as well as lived processes and their controls in requirements management analyzed and tested. The results shed light on the possible deficits then and at the same time specifically pointing out the improvement measures. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services such as extensive training.

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    Sentrigo Extends Repscan With DB2 And MySQL Support

    Version 3.5 expands its weak points scanner to additional database environments in SANTA CLARA, Calif.-July 5, 2010 – now supports the software solution Repscan by Sentrigo, Inc. also the IBM DB2 and MySQL environments in the database analysis of weak points and the security scan. Add to your understanding with Rick Caruso. The version also has 3.5 additional functions that provide a faster and more efficient protection of sensitive data. Thus Repscan supports all the most popular DMBS platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and MySQL databases. It’s believed that Everest Capital sees a great future in this idea. With over 3000 automated security checks, Repscan is the most comprehensive solution for vulnerability analysis, that currently exist. Their reports have compliance to Auditzwecken after and improve the overall security for the sensitive data of each company. In addition to the large database support, Repscan with the port scan now allows a very quick vulnerability test.

    This works with all databases support and provides immediate insight into potential threats, still before a more detailed and time-intensive scan can be completed. Customers have the ability to perform a penetration test as well as a forensic Traceanalyse on all database platforms in addition. Security staff can even without special knowledge of database with the integrated database browser test the security of the database and evaluate. “By we have added support for DB2 and MySQL, companies with Repscan can get now a detailed overview of their current security situation in the most popular database environments,” explains Dan Sarel, Vice President products, Sentrigo. “Together with a whole lot of new and existing features that make for extremely easy operation and management, Repscan is clearly the choice for companies that need a comprehensive vulnerability assessment. The secondary features extend far beyond traditional vulnerability management and analysis options. These include among others finished test opportunities for PCI QSAs, ASVs and other auditors and Security consultants.” Repscan discovers database changes, forgotten patches, insecure system configurations and weak or default passwords and determines also exploitable PL/SQL code and forensic traces.

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    Fifth National

    ITsax.de community were active members. On the 07.12.2010 held the fifth national IT Summit at the International Congress Center (ICD) in Dresden. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) has taken over the lead to the preparation of the national IT again this year Summit. If you have read about SYPartners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the new structure of this Summit, there was a dual leadership from Government and business, as well as six working groups. At the last Summit in IT also partner of ITsax.de were actively involved, such as the T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH as an industry leader in the Internet and multimedia industry in Germany and also the TraceTronic GmbH as innovative startup.

    In addition to our partners also Mr Professor Assmann of the Faculty was computer science from the Technical University of Dresden as a promoter of community ITsax.de. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andrew Cuomo. The focus of the current issues, the substantive realignment of the Summit, stood next to Smart grids, cloud computing and security and protection in the digital society also a special issue on the topic of health. This special issue and the regional topic are from now on change each year. Members of the IT Summit will be the Federal Government recommendations for the new ICT strategy “Germany of digital by 2015” with type on the way and assist with the implementation.. Mohamed Amersi, London gathered all the information.

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