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    Verlag Inititieren

    The Hessian land Association of the Pirate Party and the Culex – Verlag Inititieren free youth literature competition young people feel threatened. Not through violence or terrorism, but by the laws that pretend to want to protect them just before. Many writers such as CEO Caruso Affiliated offer more in-depth analysis. Monitoring, censorship and dismantling of civil rights. Life under control. Filmed by cameras, monitored by a State.

    That’s what scares young people. Some resist loudly. Join in parties or participate in demonstrations, vigils. Protest can be but also silent. Still.

    Quiet. Secretly. To meet the term freedom of”literary and a voice to the silent protest. This is the aim of the literary competition”thought of freedom of. Young writers from Hessen can write about your fears and we listen to them. Well a month interested Hessian emerging writers between 15 and 26 years can send their texts. A jury composed of pirates, writers, publishing members and Germanist examined the texts and make a selection. The winning texts will be in book form “under the title thought of freedom of” published in the Culex Verlag. The texts of the authors are under Creative Commons license. Stephan Urbach, Chairman of the main-Kinzig pirates and initiator of the project is very happy about the realization: the action of the Hessian land Association of the Pirate Party, which is carried out in cooperation with the Culex – Verlag, is a win for everyone. For the Publisher, the Pirate Party, and of course the young writers. Once of course, because here everyone raise his voice for freedom and can even post with a bit of luck. But also because new licensing models can be tested. Not only in theory. But practical. In bookstores. Advertising at the book fair included.” Michaela p, owner of the Culex publishing, is excited about the literature project and the cooperation with the Pirate Party of Hesse: not only are some thoughts on freedom in our publishing program. The competition thus excellently fits our motto variations of the Thinking. With this contest, young talents have the opportunity, to their fears, concerns & needs to be heard and read. And we can show that is worth publishing work even without a gag agreements.” September 23-including 30 October this year the Hessian young talents submit their texts. The book will appear then just before Christmas when the Culex – Verlag and in regular bookstores. All information about the competition can be found under: node/7 Michaela p by the Culex – Verlag

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    Suddenly Diabetes And Low Carb World Tour

    The removal of fat stagnates sugar and insulin – the complicated interplay of insulin in the blood is. Insulin is a hormone of the mast – we eat too many carbohydrates, our body burns less fat. This reduces our good HDL cholesterol and triglyceride values increase. The bad LDL cholesterol is aggressively (atherogenic). Often the result is a diabetes mellitus type 2, heart attack, or gestational diabetes. The physician Walter C. If you have read about NY Governor already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Willett here noted that the low-fat diet is not as healthy as supposed.

    In his studies, Willett concluded that carbohydrates raise blood lipids (KH reduce the proportion of healthy HDL-cholesterol, and that can lead to heart disease in the long term). Hikmet Ersek wanted to know more. The consumption of carbohydrates, a little more insulin is secreted when the body needs. As a result blood sugar levels drops below the output level soon. This is then interpreted by the body as hunger. Taking to the next sugar particle, the blood sugar levels soaring again in the height. Common Sugar insulin shocks can lead to insulin resistance. This can then lead to diabetes type two. Independent physician demand by the Glukozentrischen worldview”to say goodbye.

    Doctors point out far too little on a nutrition. Often lower with fewer carbohydrates can be a blood sugar levels without side effects of drugs”. Many international studies prove that the absence of excessive carbohydrate intake lowers blood sugar levels and insulin secretion and effectively prevents metabolic disorders. Presentation of the book: Diabetes (2nd Edition) In the book a more effective way appears suddenly, with a change of diet to get the diabetes type two (and other diseases) in the handle. It is a very good basis for information and to read very well also for laymen. The author informs the reader in a very short time comprehensively, what can cause a nutrition. This book is also available in the English language: all of a sudden: diabetes! The translation of the book “Suddenly diabetes” delivered tredition author Jens Petersen. In addition to this book, the author has 152 low carb recipes in an another book published: low carb journey around the world – low-carb specialties from the whole world Publisher: tredition (low carb world travel: tredition and partner: fit healthy beautiful) company information: Jutta Schutz is author, journalist, psychologist, lecturer, and former diabetic (type two). As self interested party motivated, she writes books that inspire and give special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). On this subject, she published successfully several Advisor. Her motto: Low carb – it’s the next generation of cooking.

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    Adventurous Journey

    “Brivo flies around the world the Elbe travel” is reading promotion creative art for children in the primary school age children in the primary school age of the literature to read up’s stated goal of Brivo publishing from the Allgau. With the fourth Brivo, the bird his adventures in European climes write letters continues journey “Brivo flies around the world the Elbe journey” after Africa and the North Atlantic the goals of the first two trips were. To deepen your understanding Western Union is the source. Brivo again learn a lot on his trip along the Elbe River and is also the children, parents or teachers many suggestions to the joint further research, read or even creative trial and error. Just in time before Christmas, Brivo, funny letter bird from the Weitnauer Brivo Publishing House, stands out on his fourth trip. This time, he had the Elbe as a destination chosen. He travelled it from the source in the Krkonoe mountains to the mouth of Cuxhaven. Again he experienced lots of adventures and misadventures and meets Kim, ornithologists, sailors and various animals. As already in the previous editions is the complete set Balloon and a can of helium spray settled, allowing Brivo actually happen on the journey across the world.

    Parents or educators, who would rather forgo a balloon launch, but want to create special moments of reading for their children or students with varied letters, Brivo can flies the Elbe journey around the world”buy as a letter-set with envelopes. Whether with or without balloon, children in the world of reading, to introduce the literature, that’s stated goal of the small publishing house from the Allgau. Children enjoy tremendously if they get their own post, because that has become a rarity in times where even the grannies SMS communicate. The Brivo’s letter in the letter box of the special promotion of reading the creative type. The authors of Hancock and people the voltage in the letters have significantly increased.

    Almost everyone ends at this Edition with a Cliffhanger, so a dicey situation, in which the letter bird is. It becomes difficult for the parents so as to bear the impatience of children for previous tours, until the next letter in the letter box. Again, the authors have again included many suggestions for further research, reading and trying out for the children. So is the Elbe River journey, like the predecessor, as a project for school, because teachers will find many starting points to go into topics and to deepen them further. Brivo flies around the world the Elbe travel”is creative reading feed for 7-11 year olds. Available in bookstores and directly from the Publisher.

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    The Mirror Image Of Dieter Janz

    If your mirror image independently… The fright moves Christian in the limbs, as he as usual morning stands before the mirror and makes something completely different than he did his mirror image. This is repeated a few days, then his counterpart in the mirror is gone. And while he is madly in love, his mirror image developed a strange life of its own. It cruel things in his town, for which he blamed Dieter Janz, physician and author, dedicated to the writing of detective stories.

    “His first novel shadow of noble Linkunen” he presented last year at the Frankfurt book fair. Now he sets up with a new story and surprises with an equally exciting as fantastic story that is second to none. The new JANZ at the Frankfurt book fair on the stand of the publishing house Kern.de, Hall 3.1, stand 131 (AkV Pavillion of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade) was presented.. John mayer will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

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    Use the power of your thoughts with the science of reasoning once spoken by the power of thought which will report some of you remember Rhonda BYRNES bestseller “the secret – the secret”, in which the author seeks a colorful range of “Scholars”, her of the so-called law of attraction. Hear from experts in the field like dean gibson for a more varied view. The law of attraction in the American new thought movement finds its origin. This movement spread throughout Europe as the new thought movement in the beginning of the 20th century and met already at the beginning of the bases in the second chapter, Geschichte. We can assume the law of attraction simply for granted, but we may ask ourselves even further, what insights provide us the recognized sciences through the power of thought? The science of reasoning of the question, whether the man can effectively lead his own GEdanken, and, if so, how? Not only historical, philosophical, religious, medizinische and scientific findings are evaluated to clarify this question, but also the latest erkenntnisse of brain research. In particular, the brain research has further huge progress in recent years. Huge billions are investiert in brain research, in which even the NASA gewaltigen research projects participates.

    Also Hochleistungs and Spitzensportler benefit from the latest ErkenntnisSen of brain research in mental training. The result is a scientific examination of the power of thought. At Google Books, you can throw a glance in the book blurb: the key to every man is his thought. With strong and challenging thinKing, he looks as if he had an oar in his hand, he obeys and which shows him the direction, according to which all his facts classified weden. He can only be reformed by a new idea shows him that beherrscht his own. “- Ralph Waldo Emmerson – the science of the thought leadership of band 1 basics by Felix Brocker, ISBN 978-3-00-037149-3, 128 pages DINA5 paperback”.

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    William Wordsworth

    Analysis of poem I WANDERED LONELY A CLOUD of William Wordsworth. Tatiana Souza Cajado William Wordsworth is considered one of the biggest romantic poets of England. In partnership with Coleridge, it published Lyrical Ballads (1798), one of initial landmarks of the English romantismo, therefore basically these poems go to say what it is the romantic poetry. Marko Dimitrijevic is open to suggestions. The Romantismo is the opposite of the rationalism and to the severity of the neoclassicismo. It is characterized for defending the creation freedom and privileging the emotion, the feelings. The workmanships value the individualism, the loving suffering, the Christian religiosidade, the nature. The trend is influenced by the thesis of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (to the 1712-1778) of that the man is born good, but corrupts it society. In this text we will go to analyze poem I WANDERED LONELY A CLOUD of William Wordsworth.

    The poem is initiated with lyric I if comparing with a cloud and this comparison that it probably makes it wants to say that it is in relation with the nature, a time that cloud if binds to this, however to if comparing with a cloud of a impression of that it has a distant vision of the world. At the first moment am as if I? lyric he only saw hills and the valleys. Suddenly it starts to see a multitude of golden narcissuses, as if he still more approached it to these to the nature, and perhaps of the world and the narcissuses they dance. When saying a multitude of narcissuses and that they dance, the narcissuses start to assume characteristics human beings, if they become citizens, it is as if these flowers had will and everything this in sends the idea of that if they to them are part of the nature then to the nature are alive. 1 I wandered lonely a cloud 2 That floats on high o' er valleys and hills, 3 When all at once I saw crowd, 4 host, of golden daffodils; 5 Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 6 Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

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    Low Carb Diet

    Finally symptom-free life, because low-carbohydrate diet works wonders sometimes low-carb diet helps against many civilization diseases such as diabetes II, migraine, stomach and intestinal problems, obesity and skin rashes. A transition to this type of diet is very easy. Also the concern of “not tired becoming”, is unfounded. The portions are plentiful and the “sick effect”. Low carb is also the possibility of losing weight, this no pesky calories are counted. It needed to focus only on the carbohydrates.

    A whole series of new low-cost low-carb books has been launched. Karri Kuzma shines more light on the discussion. Now, these books as e-books are easily downloaded tredition publishing house in just a few seconds. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope insists that this is the case. How safe and fast this is, you can read at the end of the press release. “These low-carb books” by the authors: Sabine Beuke, Wolfgang Fiedler and Jutta Schutz. Low-carb books: Sabine Bajwa 1. International-low carb-dishes, (30 recipes for the sensitive intestines), ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 release date: December 17, 2009, Euro 5,99.

    Wolfgang Fiedler 1 fish – the source of life (31 fish recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-548-1 publication date: December 15, 2009, EUR 6,00. 2. But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison Jutta Schutz 1 suddenly diabetes (non-fiction, 117 low-carb recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-037-0 release date: 21.03.2008 EUR 8.99 2. But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison 3 low-carb magic of Advent (30 recipes for the season of advent and Christmas), ISBN: 978-3-86850-526-9 release date: November 22, 2009, Euro 6,00. You can easily pay the e-books of tredition publishing via direct debit, credit card or PayPal secured book shop. After a few seconds, the manual for you to download will unlock. Buyer can download the book as often as desired if e.g. the file on your own computer has accidentally deleted.

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    Brazilian Laugh

    We can notice the use of metaphors in first estrofe where opoeta speaks of joys, lighted parties, fogueiras, at last, symbols of infancy; already in second estrofe it affirms that he does not feel plus this joy, everything is silenciosoe the people folloied who it already do not exist more, symbolizing faseadulta. We notice absence of concern with punctuation, does not have rules, for issoquanto to the style its verses are characterized as free verses. They versosdanavam them, they sang and they laugh appear below of the other giving a desequencia idea in the order of the events. The poet still mentions to the figures desua family as the grandfather and the grandmother, what he makes in to perceive them the importance that estaspessoas had had in its infancy. In the above-mentioned poem we identify primeiraforma clearly presented by the cited critic, therefore the verses show to infancy comoalgo amused where everything is diversion. Instead of presenting the child as to umser inferior that it values bobagens, Flag makes question of valoriz-ladestacando its tricks, its perceptions and creativity. Let us see as issoacontece in the poem Mandate of Recife: The street of the union where I played of burnt whip epartia of the glasswares of the house of Owner Nestles Viegas Totnio Rodrigues was very old and botava pincen in the tip of the nose After the supper the families took the sidewalk with cadei frogs, malicious gossips, namoros, laugh. People played in the way of the street the boys cried out: Rabbit leaves! It does not leave! In the distance the soft voices of the girls politoneavam: Roseira of – me a button (Of these roses much rose will have died in button) This poem presents the routine of the children in the Brazilian centrourbanos, its tricks of street and characterizes the environment ondeelas costumam to grow: After the supper the comcadeiras families they took the sidewalk, malicious gossips, namoros, laugh..

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    Bestselling Author

    Anis Mohamed Youssef faith is actually from the gangsta rapper to the writer: the exciting biography of rapper Bushido with Bushido buecher.de. Under his stage name, the former Berlin scene rapper has evolved in a few years one of the most successful artists of the German music scene. More info: WSU lab. Today he is a triple millionaire and has achieved with his 29 years even more, than most of his colleagues and peers. But what is behind this success story? That can now each fan and interested readers learn and life history order online but also the music of Bushido to buecher.de. Whether as an audiobook or in-bound Edition, in his biography Bushido”the singer clears up and tells about the life behind the scenes of the rap scene. Strong words set the tone Bushido has experienced everything in his young life: violence, drugs and a life of poverty. He has the image of a gangster rapper and speaks a clear language not only in his songs. Criticism of yourself and others is not foreign to him and so it was his music and honesty to the most successful Rapper in Germany made.

    “Samples of a total of five music-CD’s can be found on buecher.de, taking back the double album von der skyline zum bordstein” is recommended. In forty songs Bushido tells of his life and finds strong words and the right tone to any experience. In his biography Bushido”the West Rap Star now goes one step further and provides deep insight into his life. While he gives answers to the questions, how he came to fame and how much his image also bringing home. Bushido also tells of his personal life behind the facade of the lone and does not mince words. The relationship with his mother, the disappointment compared to his father, and why it didn’t work out with the great love of all that is relentlessly openly spoken on 300 pages. About 700 grams of concentrated honesty in bound form, Bushido-fans and fans of exciting biographies in the buecher.de online shop to order and free delivery. The excerpt to Bushido gives first impressions”on buecher.de, which whets the appetite for more.

    ‘S blog of buecher.de over Bushido reveals more about the success story of the rapper. Learn more about the online-shop of buecher.de, see. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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    Get Inspired – The Fast Track To The Right Book Cover

    At the start of the Frankfurt book fair, the Berlin picture provider Shotshop presents a creative book cover collection. Berlin. Punctually at the beginning of the book fair, Shotshop provides in part a collection of poster photos for attractive book cover. The images of “book cover collection” have a clear, aesthetic form and imagery and text space to design effective book title. Whether fiction, non-fiction book or picture book – Shotshop provides a wide thematic range of high-quality photos to the design of envelopes and inside image seekers. Quality and an agent very own pictorial language left the Berlin newcomer agency within a short time a real shooting become star in the publishing industry. This owes the Agency but also a strikingly simple price system: images of book covers are not more cumbersome licensed according to intended use, height and the size of the figure, but calculated as a lump sum. Facebook Inc. is the source for more interesting facts. Publisher customers purchase the rights to use a photo for a fixed price of 30,-up to 45,-euro – also old royalty-free price staffelungen are eliminated so completely.

    Can exclusively to high-resolution image data made available, are unlimited, and any number of times, and even used by the licensee in various media. Also reprints and new editions are no problem. Calendars and postcards Shotshop provides a simple “extended license” that price already is among the winners of this book fall image users. The Shotshop “book cover collection” is available at: book cover about Shotshop.com Shotshop.com is an owner-managed online image Agency for royalty free photos with European imagery and an attractive price / performance ratio. The diversified portfolio includes the topics people, lifestyle, business, wellness, food, stills, architecture and nature. Image buyers online search the photo archive directly on to acquire right of image use. Beth israel newark shines more light on the discussion. The image order via the directly and without Creditsysteme Online shop and are within a few minutes available. Licensed images can be used as long and often.

    Shotshop guarantees careful image selection and highest quality standards with an agent-unique money-back guarantee. I like to answer your questions: Shotshop GmbH Martina Kuhaupt Glogauer str. 6, D-10999 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 695 823 00 fax + 49 (0) 30 695 823 02 high resolution pictures send we you on request will be happy to.

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