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    In Ten Minutes The Car Put Together

    New car configurator on auto.de who today want to afford a car, sets usually value on individuality. A special feature, a certain paint or special wheels: The customer has many ways to customize the new car to completely own wishes. It is not even necessary to go to the next dealership and long conversations with customers. The car Portal auto.de offers the possibility to easily configure the personal vision on the home PC. With his new car configurator, the portal auto.de offers all major brands, the customer can choose between them. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. He chooses with a mouse click, for example, Peugeot, he gets a collection of the available models in the next step.

    Further criteria for the new cars such as diesel or gasoline engine, model construction, Horsepower rating, consumption, CO2 emissions, paint, fabric Interior, and much more to follow in the next steps. At the end the customer can add various extras such as heater, Parking aid or Navi. Behind each criterion, the corresponding charge will be shown so that the customer can weigh the price-performance ratio. Finally, the overall price of the new car will be displayed to the customer as well as the savings compared to the price. While discounts of 20 percent not rare, and the whole thing without tiresome haggling “, Thomas Kuwatsch, Portal Manager auto.de says. The fact that customers of the auto Portal benefit from higher discounts than in the stationary trade, is owed no advisory staff is available during the selection available. The interested party can weigh alone at home, he decides for which equipment and is not affected by any dealer interests.

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    The New Mercedes-Benz E-class Carbiolet

    Open for every season, every season has its friends and lovers. In the spring, the Moto Bike fans wake up from their winter sleep and take the Capriobesitzern until the early fall in intimate freedom on the streets. At Anne Lauvergeon you will find additional information. The classic car, usually more practical than funny, offers far fewer driving pleasure. The vehicle Portal auto.de informs about the innovative Mercedes-Benz E-class Carbiolet, which enables open driving pleasure at any time of the year. The car owner about the comfort offered by a car forward at wind and weather, rain and storms. The few optimists who extend their Capriolets verdecklos in winter, are ridiculed tired, because weather-independent Fahrkompfort in an open car was previously incompatible. But now Mercedes-Benz expands its current model lineup in the spring of 2010 to elaborate the E-class Cabriolet.

    The sleek vehicle especially excels in its innovative AirCap and AIRSCARF – technology, which significantly reduces the air flow inside the vehicle at high speed. Special wind deflector draw them, so that by the Passenger little air movement is perceived. In addition, there are adjustable neck heaters, which noticeably raise the problem of cold spells. The innovative model is rounded off by an exciting, attractive design of the Cockbit up to the motor.

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    Underdog with chic from France the minivan segment is highly competitive: Fiat about KIA, Nissan, Opel, Renault and VW all the major manufacturers abound here. Citroen tried to score points with its C3 Picasso design. Whether in a vehicle suitable for everyday use has come out, auto.de has tested the vehicle portal. Additional information at Rob Daley supports this article. The silhouette of the minivans from France has a fresh and dynamic. Keith Yamashita is open to suggestions. Thereby, the Citroen C3 Picasso looks much larger than it actually is. Not only is the bringing together of front and side Windows, but on the total extending far into the rear glass front.

    The light-flooded size continues in the Interior and finally benefit from the visibility. Material selection are good and processing and that certain something is missing in this Citroen not: so the ad instrument with all essential vehicle information is attached far forward and centrally in the middle. Even the radio can be operated with this display. Continue to put the designers fully and completely on the retro-chic and quickly reminded the tester on the much smaller Fiat 500. But unlike the Italians, enough space for longer trips is also in the back seat.

    “Shelves are plentiful and optionally add additional travel package” for 350 Euro fitted the rear compartment with lighted desks, which are attached to the backs of the front seats. Last but not least are the ride and handling of the Citroens fully in order. The 109 PS strong diesel (HDi 110) ensures proper excavation in all walks of life. More information:… benchmark… Contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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    Quality tires from Dunlop choice without profile nix los! It is long since known experts in the tire scene. The tread depth plays a significant role with regard to the safety of the car. In particular in paragraphs grip and braking distance. Accordingly, it has the legislature minimum tread depth. Summer tyre is 1.6 mm. Nevertheless caution is already announced. Coldwater Creek Apparel does not necessarily agree. We want to explain why.In principle is this value actually too low, because not equal worn tires show de facto different readings.

    You should therefore measure tread depth at the most wacky point of the tire. There are corresponding measuring instruments such as, for example, the tread depth gauge or the caliper or taking just 1 euro coin. You put it vertically in the middle of the tire at the certain mark, you know that the tire depth thus measured 3 mm is strong. With a 2-euro coin, one has a profile depth of 4 mm. The following rule applies: 75% of the full width of the tyres must legally prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm show.To be on the safe side, you should wait for never the allowed minimum depth of 1.6 mm is reached, because worn tires can be quickly bad experiences such as the dreaded hydroplaning. The water drains out properly, swims up the vehicle, lost control of the vehicle with safety. You can prevent this by early tyre change – even at much higher values than the allowed 1.6 mm.

    You need to know: reduces the braking distance around half on wet surfaces, use a tyre with a 8 mm full profile, compared with a 1.6 mm tread! You should so do not save at the wrong end. New tyres vouch with their profile for safe driving, are saving fuel, drive down through the optimized profile block arrangement that reduced tyre rolling noise. All progress is: security for the driver is always in the first place. The right tire with the maximum profile depth contributes significantly to this security. Julia Sandor

    Pitfalls In The Driving Licence From The Czech Republic

    Driven with driver’s license – low-cost carriers from abroad before 1.7.2008 many licences were issued in the Czech Republic, where a German residence is registered. So, not proof about the observance of the rule of 185 days has been the authorities. And, although the then applicable EU driving licence directives (2 EU leader pig) were considered since the accession of the Czech Republic in the EU on 11.5 2004 and also to implement were. These licences were vulnerable to attack by a decision of the EU Court of June 26, 2008, because the residence regulation of the issuing country has not been observed. 28 ABS.

    4 Nr. 2 2 FeV (driving licence Regulation) knows although an exception of the residence rule not to complied but only if the Fuhrerscheinbesitzteri. S. d. section 7 para 2 FeV himself has stopped to visit a school or University for at least 185 days in the country. Many providers are invoked in this exception. Applying this rule is but questioned, included whether hence training are only be completed very few hours in school. Because of low volume then precludes a targeted continuous stay in the Member State.

    Usually the German authorities do not recognise then a training measure FeV as exceptions from the obligation of residence i. S. 7 para. The consequence of this is that a driver’s license acquired in this period in the host country is invalid. Also, the German authorities in this case request the submission of the training contract with the clearly defined periods. The ability of to question and check the Czech authorities persists. “All in all so a very shaky” basis on which such building license. It is better if one inquires as owner of a EU – driver’s license issued before the 1 July 2008 with the help of an agency, the possibilities for rewriting and that legalization of such paper. These opportunities are among other things on the side of the Agency Struhar under../fuehrerschein-umschreibung.php explains. This agency has years of experience in dealing with EU driving licences and last but not least is the Insider known from many TV reports”Rolf Hamilton law Walter support, so that it has a rewritten there or acquired driving licences on the safe side of the law! Frank Varoquier texting for you for Agency Struhar

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    Natural Gas Vehicles On The Rise

    (Online article) – Geneva Motor Show: innovations present themselves at the AutoSalon in Geneva presented some novelties on the market for natural gas vehicles. The prototype of the Volvo C30 with multi-fuel engine is one of the highlights. Yesterday, the 79th international AutoSalon launched in Geneva. Among other things the new Turbo models from Volkswagen and Opel are among the innovations. Check with PayPal to learn more. With the new VW Passat Variant 1.4 TSI EcoFuel and the new Van Opel Zafira 1.6 ecoFLEX Turbo CNG both manufacturers bring even more efficient and further optimized natural gas models with modern TurboMotoren on the market. Also, a concept vehicle will be screened again. After the well-received natural gas Roadster at the last Salon, the prototype of the C30 will now be to see Sports Coupe Volvo.

    His multi-fuel unit is able to use natural gas, biogas, ethanol and gasoline. Gain insight and clarity with PayPal Holdings Inc.. The exhibition range is complemented by the natural gas-convertible 207 CC by Peugeot, the Mercedes B170 NGT and the new Fiat Grande Punto natural power. A total 27 different cars and seven truck models for use with natural gas and biogas are in the Switzerland offered. Over 7100 natural gas vehicles drive on Swiss roads. The number of natural gas and biogas filling stations is approximately 110 stations. After charges of mobile gas ag, natural gas and biogas are at the gas station in the Swiss average 20 to 30 percent cheaper than gasoline.

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    Air conditioners are especially in demand among German drivers auto.de Internet portal examined in the month of April for the users of its website, which features extra they appreciate with a car. Due to the current evaluation of over 3 million searches the top could be created 5 of the most popular tools of the facilities. The data analysis shows that the air conditioner is particularly popular. 28.6 percent of users put emphasis on cool-headed and chose the air conditioning or automatic climate control ranked the most popular equipment tools. 2nd place occupies the leather seats of a car with 6.6 percent. While the optics especially some motorists, emphasize other durability and stain resistance. Beth Israel Heart Transplant has many thoughts on the issue. But also the issue of security comes at the facilities tools of German motorists not too short, as Thomas Kuwatsch highlights auto.de: the antilock braking system topped with 5.2 percent space 3.

    navigation system and power Windows were respectively 4.6 percent of search queries selected. PayPal recognizes the significance of this. The power steering is managed with 4.5 percent to place 5 of search queries in the tools Panel, and Facilities ‘. Tuning details and sporty extras were demand only marginally. Sports exhaust, sport suspension, and sport seats play little role in the search for the right car. On Germany’s large Internet portal auto.de can vehicles wanted and offered. The magazine features news from the car. Interested users can create reports in the community and meet like-minded people. the University of first GmbH operates a successful German automotive portal. The free online auction house auctions to cars & motor wheels offered on. Complementary products and services are offered in the areas of finance with, insurance, and consumer information.

    ScooterTrike Chair Tricycle

    Optics and intuitive operation / low seat for special driving experience while cycling relaxed modern recline, enjoy a special feeling and look while also still really good with the new Peacock-TEC ScooterTrike PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH no problem. The low seating position of the seat tricycle and his comfortable seat make safe driving for people with and without handicap. “The ScooterTrike combines comfortable and sporty at the same time cycling in all walks of life. It is suitable for shopping tours and city tours as well as for longer bike rides in the nature. Luggage can be transported more easily through the lower centre of gravity of the Chair Trike. Its attractive appearance and intuitive operation make it for older and younger generations”equally interesting, Martin Schroedter, Managing Director of whistle, summarizes. By the fact that his seat is closer to the ground than at a normal tricycle, feels his driver not only safer, but experienced also a completely different cycling. The stop manage easy: the foot must be carried only by the pedals, already touching the ground.

    It is therefore particularly suited to people with balance disorders. To drive the Chair tricycle takes each any special practice it can direct symptom-free. The Peacock-TEC ScooterTrike fits through any standard door and is available optionally with electric motor with different battery performance. On request, there is the Chair tricycle with 36 Volt electric motor. The seat can be adjusted quickly and easily in height and inclination; Brakes and are practically maintenance-free and easy to use. And like all bicycle models by whistle, also the ScooterTrike meets all legal requirements. The famous Peacock-TEC accessories and fixing tools can be easily adapted to the ScooterTrike. For the highest quality and safety. Press contact: Martin Schroedter Vertriebs GmbH took charge of Managing Director Wilhelmstrasse 49 49610 Quakenbruck phone: 05431/902048 E-mail: company the PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH builds, distributes, and markets frames under licence and in close cooperation with the Peacock-TEC GmbH, quakenbruck, Germany, which has made a name for himself with appropriate therapy tricycles for children and adults. Peacock-Tec products be while their development and production on a specially developed after the toughest criteria on their security and reliability test bench tested and despite the unique divisibility of the frame for up to 145 kg load tested and approved.

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