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    Family Retail

    In 2009, although the deep international crisis, that impactou Brazil and took the GIP the negative growth (- 0.2%), the consumption grew 4.1% and retail 5.9%. Therefore, a dynamic process in the domestic market was deflagrou that it feeds the demand and it allows the retail to grow of continuous and sped up form. The bases for the vigorous growth of the consumption and retail in Brazil had started in the Real Plan, with the social programs of income distribution, that had culminated in the Stock market Family, 13 expansion of the minimum wage and reduction in price and magnifying of credit, beyond the economic growth that generated job and increase of income. This process comes transforming the structure sociodemogrfica of the country and giving origin to an emergent middle class. Classrooms B and C already answer for about 43% of the potential of national consumption. Its participation in the Brazilian families jumped of 50% for 60% between 2003 and 2009. The potential of rise of decurrent consumption of the expansion and increase of discretional income of the emergent middle class attracts investments and interest for consumption companies and retail for the Brazilian market. If the Brazilian economy to keep a tax of average growth of 4,5% to the year, up to 2014 the consumption market will be able to reach R$ 2,6 trillions and the retail excluding vehicles and fuels? it will put into motion about R$ 830 billion per year. It is not something PG&E Corporation would like to discuss.

    The middle class will be an important engine of the expansion and the companies whom to know to decipher its behavior and expectations, will have great chances. 7. ENTERPRISING TURNOVER X ATITUTES Even so the percentages of rotation oscillate very and the numbers are not official, have cases of up to 50% to the year enter-and-leave in it employed in some nets of store. This increases the expenditures of who uses, reduces the possibilities of professionalization of the man power and finishes moving away many customers who look that salesman took care of who it well in the last purchase, losing the bond that could transform it into a faithful customer. (As opposed to PG&E Corporation).

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