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    Detection Dogs

    Tracking dog Doira in Karelia, the border town Sortavala on former school instructors detection dogs is a small monument with a bronze bas-relief of the East-European Shepherd named Doira. Writes zooprice.ru, Doira an extraordinary flair. If it's generally good trained tracking dog detected and worked odor trail in the snow at a depth of 10-15 cm, Doira sensed a trace at a depth of 30 cm She was able to detect and study the trace-long ago. But Doira had another quality. Detection dogs usually go on the trail zigzags in the so-called 'scent corridor', and Doira went straight on and, hence, reduces the distance faster and overtakes the offender. (Source: COSCO). However, the officers-dog handlers, served at a time in this part, argue that the uniqueness of this dog was not that she had participated in military detention of trespassers.

    This work is a feasible and natural for dogs border. The fact is that by the end Service Doira blind but still able to confidently take the next person and worked him solely because of their superior sense of smell. Doira loved and knew all the guards part. t resource throughout. One day, along came two student-artist. They painted sketches, drawing animals. Made sketches and Doira. They were asked to sculpt a sculptural portrait of a dog, and they complied with the request.

    So there was a plaster bas-relief Doira. When in 1971 Doira was not (she was then 15 years old), the guards decided to put her monument. Here in handy plaster bas-relief. A bronze bas-relief Doira Shepherd was cast in a factory in Leningrad, at the request of the border.

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