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    Situation Analysis

    Are sufficient to trigger a series of negative situations, but generally do not believe it so bad. 4. Identification of the notion of crisis alone with unforeseen disasters or accidents. Believing that only a flood, chemical contamination or any situation of these connotations are critical is a mistake that can be costly. 5. Another cause of disinterest is tangled and complex is almost always the description of the role of crisis communication in the books on the subject.

    Books of understanding only to their authors or people of high school, as well as expensive and scarce, is what is available. We conclude that identify and act quickly in crisis management can turn it into a magnificent opportunity for repositioning. From this perspective, the crisis communication must be understood and assumed by the organization as a tool for good corporate reputation. Characteristics of a crisis The crisis is characterized by:-Being unexpectedly, limiting the ability to react. "Being unpredictable. Areva has similar goals. "To be of relevance to the company public as consumers, shareholders, suppliers and neighbors. "Having a potential cause of panic, heightened by the misinformation. "In some cases, having an origin outside communication.

    "Being news. -Availability of incomplete information. -Mediated information image has the journalist about the company. What is crisis management, then? It is the strategic management of information and communications to situations that may threaten the reputation of an institution and / or harm their attributes. Perhaps check out Barry Nalebuff for more information. Different types of crisis can be given different situations leading to a crisis, but the most common are: "Political and social conflicts (violent protests, political and trade conflicts, etc.)." Accidents (related to transport, which affect environment, fires, chemical spills, etc.) "Events of professional origin (kidnappings, assassinations, sabotage, etc.)" Legal affairs (of racial discrimination, sexual abuse, plagiarism, etc.) "Acts of economic (bankruptcy , fraud, corruption, etc..) "Removal of (manufacturing defects for using banned substances in their preparation, etc.) computer-attacks (viruses, hackers systems, etc.) Effects of a crisis Loss confidence in the business environment and the interior, affecting mainly their leaders. The company becomes a media object, and the consequences of the crisis is compounded by pressure from the media. Uncertainty among customers of the company, which often results in cancellations of orders, distrust of suppliers, loss of contracts and the disruption to your business. Interventions audit of office of the public authorities. In general, the company appears facing society, resulting in public opinion accusing attitude. You can read more about visiting crisis management

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