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    The Barcelona

    Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city open and a reference point for thousands of gay tourists and locals, as the environment is concerned. The city offers a wide range of culture and entertainment targeting the gay and ranks as one of the favorite destinations among gay tourism. Although it has a gay neighborhood as well defined as in the case of Chueca in Madrid, it is true that enjoys the area known as Gaixample (of “gay”), which concentrate most of bars, shops and clubs aimed at this group. ste extends from the Comte, covering downtown streets so crowded and as the Gran Via, Provincial, Villarroel Aribau and is an integrated zone in the Left, but unlike Chueca is not exclusively gay. In fact, multicolored flags flying here and there, mingling with other local public heterosexual. A related site: jimmy levin mentions similar findings.

    Barcelona is a tolerant city where there is room for all types of environments. For more specific information, check out Areva. lately, the leisure is gay multiplied, especially for the female audience. The Catalan night offers options for everyone: you will find from the hippest clubs, bars passing all classes, even the classic rooms with years of making war. In fact, the offer is so wide, sometimes choose one location for an overnight stay can be tricky. There are local bears, leathers, clubbers, fashion, only for them … Usually, these groups do not usually mix, except for special events like the Festival Circuit, the Eurogames or mixed some of the rooms in the city.

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