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    It indicated Gurdieff, that the man is a complex machine that " it ingests impressions and it excretes conducts " and it is fed on sensible food, air and five impressions to impel " cerebros" or " centros" that they act in independent form: emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual intellectual. Each acts its as without considering to the other, thus the unconscious human machine is inefficient and this catched in " mecanicidad". The three basic centers (intellectual, emotional and instinctive – motor) determine the gurdjieffiana typology of the human being without development of brings back to consciousness, according to what of them he is dominant in each person: " Man number uno" , motor; " Man number dos" , emotional; " Man I number tres" , intellectual. Although we think that we have a single " mente" , in fact each one of the centers have an own one. And this complejiza categorisation still more because, as well, each one of the centers have their own divisions. Had " atencin" , obtained with effort and will, it allows to give us account us in which center we are working and to undertake the way of the harmonic and simultaneous development of body, emotion and intellect. " halting interior" of thoughts he is one of the exercises for " memory of s" that it takes to the understanding of this process. Gurdieff in addition contributes what Silvia remembers to us Alvarez, who " atencin" , " observation of himself " and " memory of itself " , the identifications and imaginations allow the man to free themselves of that maintain it sunk in " dream state hipntico".

    " Only a man in the highest state of being is a complete man. All the others are mere fractions of man. Necessary the outer aid will come from teachers or the system that I am following.

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