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    The Attorney General of Virginia has decided that the electronic cigarette does not violate the State smoking ban. As the renowned Washington Post reports in its Edition yesterday, Ken Cuccinelli, the Attorney General of Virginia has decided that cigarettes do not violate the smoking ban in Virginia. The new small electronic devices that are visually modeled after a tobacco cigarette, vaporizing a nicotine solution and provide to (former) smokers with the desired or required amount of nicotine, without placing a burden on their lungs with the carcinogens combustion of a real cigarette. In particular in the United States, the increasing dissemination of E-cigarettes leads to discussions now sometimes bitter. (As opposed to Rob Daley). Is the electric cigarette against the smoking ban? The tasks of the “Attorney General” (equivalent to an interior or Justice Ministers) belongs among others answering legal questions of principle.

    In this context, the delegate Christopher K. Peace had Council searching turned to the Attorney General: an electorate had called peace after her by Virginia’s Health Authority announced that the cigarette would violate the existing Virginia smoking ban in restaurants and public places. “Captivating logic in its opinion disagreed with Cuccinelli of the health authority and justified its decision as follows: common sense tells you that if it was the spirit and purpose of the smoking ban, to create a healthier environment and to reduce individual emissions by passive smoke, the electric cigarette with these aspects not has to do.” And further: an electronic cigarette does not work like a traditional cigarette, since it works electronically rather than about the burning of any material such as tobacco. “Therefore the steam, an electric cigarette is not produced in the category of smoke falls” or smoking “in the sense of the smoking ban. Cancer Society operates “Black and white thinking” as to be expected, This unusually clear statement immediately called the contender of the electronic cigarette on the plan. One of the first comments came from the powerful American Cancer Society, a medical health organization that would like to create cancer as a major health problem in the world. Her spokesman Keenan Caldwell fears a further dissemination of the electronic cigarette: “you to allow, would again turn time back in our efforts to create smoke-free workplaces and a healthier environment in Virginia.” Understandable this opinion may be, she alone focuses on the idea of not even to smokers are the citizens. Existing smokers is little helped with this general attitude of rejection. For them, the electric cigarette represents a much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette. Contact: Markus Kreusch Blog: Bonner Talweg 52 D-53113 Bonn Tel.: 0228-30408925 m.kreuschatelektronische-zigaretten.net

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