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    Thoughts About The Accident At The Albertville-Realschule In Winnenden

    The extent of the disaster in Winnenden is incredible for us all, because it goes beyond imagination and reveals in infinite suffering, life / humans to produce are capable of. We are a company of elbow, which propagated, that it pays to engage solely for themselves. Our education system is still set to selection. Is not it then but in the system, that people feel excluded and devalued and possibly something like revenge thoughts develop or require the special public importance? Of course, it is important that personal power has a value for a company. Necessary but not the social and individual responsibility with regard to the way of handling the we maintain with each other? What is it with humanity, attention, appreciation, awareness or education in the school? It much of community of values and learning is spoken, it is always also lived? Is it really so that weak student recognition and Encouraging experiences? We live together or we care for each other? There is even a consideration for weaker under the pressures of globalization? Perceives the teacher individual / n schoolchild ever the in even experienced life context? A poor breeding ground seems to be me that largely determines the formation of young people also still prevailing distrust culture.

    Are children/teenagers really inherently lazy? That reflects not the self image of the older generation, which actually largely thought of if I’d not encouraged, would I do anything? We think if we do not control, stop, seek, if we do not subjugate and cut to size, then nothing is learned. Our whole education system is actually built on a culture of mistrust. Also in the school more uniformity than diversity promote and demand. It is really reasonable, that we us the students largely think administratively as education consumers, which should formally mentally absorb and consume.Instead, we could awaken interest or encourage them to exceed their own limits.

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    Participation – Swiss Show US What It Is

    Minarets ban or allow, the Swiss are so General as referred to a little droge, boring to the word to avoid it is hotly debated. But on one point, at least, they’re very much alive: referendums. Democracy lives in this small, but very important country. Currently is everywhere fierce debate over the “pros and cons” of minarets, the racketenartigen Muslim spires. Not always run the discussions objectively.

    Also parties and people take advantage of the hour and some xenophobic sentiment, to distinguish themselves. After all, citizens can decide and discuss with. And the possibility is used abundantly. It’s different with us in Germany. It’s not very far with democracy. Every four years a mark. Gain insight and clarity with Dell.

    That was it. The individual does not have more participation rights. Discussed and voted will be behind closed doors, in bodies within the parties. Especially political cadres and elites actively participate in the process. At best active party members have a certain right to discuss with. Whom wonder’s if the Germans show less and less interest in active politics. More and more citizens deny going to the ballot box, they see is only a pseudo participation. The word APATHY haunts not only today by our Republic. No wonder feel politically powerless citizens with us. We are just different as our Swiss neighbours, as our former before pointing politicians and ex-Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER in this regard so aptly said, “not able to overlook the significance of our possible choices”. Appropriately enough, everyone agrees a part one in this Canon so it probably won’t with us with political participation. Always good every four years make a mark. But more is not desirable. If there are perhaps personal interests are the popular vote in the way?

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    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    The Group informed passersby about the protests of the demonstrators in Iran on November 4, the destruction of Sufi since the Presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s and the law against apostasy, which stipulates the death penalty for anyone who renounces Islam, like before recently Ehsan Fattahian happen sanctuaries. More than 250 women and men held her face in the camera, in order to express their solidarity with the people of the Iran. Some of the faces are together side by side on a poster that appears in the Web pages that are accessible from the Iran, as well as in shops and venues in Europe depends on. A film will be released on youtube. The action aims to increase pressure on the regime in Iran, and to signal support for the people there. Many people in Brussels were very well informed about the fanatical action and intentions of the mullahs in the Iran and they were not at all agree to. At the latest since the presidential elections in June the mask of the beneficiaries of the system is dropped, and the whole world witnessed how, the leaders announced their legitimacy itself. You refer to as Islamic and peaceful and let publicly beat up women, children and old people and torturing protesters in prisons and force false confessions. A young student from Germany showed is combative: “I support this action like, because my Iranian students are fighting for their own future and the future of their country against a brutal system. I would you like to call to: singing continues, it will break the wall of the ignorant and brutal leaders who want to hold you captive! Slaps on the system which is based on violence, will break in on itself.

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    Social Hypocrisy

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    Messiah Mahdi

    He considered it a mission to bring about the second coming of the Shiite Messiah of the Supreme Leader. If the spiral of violence in the Iran’s further screwing up, then Mesbah Yazdi, who gets the circumstances that are favorable for the return of the Mahdi: chaos and bloodshed. And Mesbah Yazdi, who actually can remove himself or one of his students on the throne of power, that would be for the world revolution of enormous importance. Could any bloodshed with the Argument be justified, there is salvation. This scenario seems to be the–option from the perspective of logically rational-minded Viewer. Learn more at: Mark Ethier.

    If you but leads the brutality of many Bassij clubs in mind, one may wonder what makes them so decisively? An answer for this zeal is the practice with the help of mullahs, who were indoctrinated in the institutes of Mesbah Yazdi, to feed the Bassij with visionary ideology of a returning Messiah who freed all oppressed by suffering and deprivation. It is the contrast between students, intellectuals, Baha ‘ i, Sufis, moderate Shiites and the zealots who believe in a speedy second coming of their Messiah Mahdi. It is very roughly drawn a contrast between thinkers who want responsible take their destiny into their own hands and those who want to get chewed out solutions from others for their lifestyle. This rough polarization is illustrative only and should indicate a trend. What desirable is a scenario could be realistic and desirable for the independent development of Iran. No outside interference in matters of governance, but to be the way in the Exchange with foreign countries and to discuss solutions.

    A referendum where really the population can determine with a political transition mode, so that there can be a gradual transition and development of the company. This scenario is realistic, because it will be intensively discussed and prepared in the circle of leading Iranians of the lesser-known opposition. To publish details about it may be toxic to life for those affected and completely fail the plan allow. The fight against so-called terrorism from the Middle East, it would be a signal that with development and not with bombs to achieve freedom. A signal to the world that a civil society can contribute to a lebensfreundlicheren system of Government. The thing with the truth in Iran is already not easy, how much more difficult it is for the concerns of Iranians and Iranian women, self-determination that want want to practice their religion, but argue for a separation of State and religion, not to patronize a regime with totalitarian trains, harassing and shut to let. A support from the West can there are first became interested in the situation in Iran at all and to look at this closely and secondly that the Governments in the West and in the East, despite its own challenges, to exert constant pressure on the part-time in Tehran and the rights of people to raise. The representative of the world revolution do not like such a pressure, because they consider their cause as sacred and want to face the world with a clean face.

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    Anonymous Forensics

    Finally hope for victims fast and unbureaucratic help in sight? Were you threatened and touched against your will? Hurt? “Someone having sex with you made what you didn’t want and stopped, as you no” said or had pain? Were you forced to have sex? Someone raped you? If you or your child have become victim of such an incident, you are physically and mental in a State of emergency. This is understandable to respond to offensive, contemptuous behaviour. Experts speak of a sexual offence. Even if no visible injuries for you are recognizable, perhaps only”scratches, we recommend you go to a doctor. The doctor can help you to secure the traces, without that they need to report anonymously. You have time to think about rest in any case.

    Regardless of whether you want to report or not, we recommend strongly even slight traces of the fact as soon as possible by a doctor to ensure Let. And so it goes: If you are sure you want to report an ad directly contact with the police. It accompanies you on your request for forensics in the clinic. You can turn the police the attending physician / doctor. If you are first still cannot imagine an ad reimbursement and need more time, the doctor / doctor can secure anyway possible traces of the fact, unless you agree.

    Then ask to an anonymous evidence in the investigation. Their tracks are provided with a code number and stored anonymously to the police in Wuppertal, Germany. The police does not learn your personal data here. A display in the space of ten years the tracks can serve as important evidence. Stress relieve and draw new strength. If you want to learn about this procedure or generally need advice, help and support for sexual violence, I send you further like the corresponding mail. Unfortunately this applies only for the space of Wuppertal, I will make me clever how it runs in other places, and hold here and on my website up to date.

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    The Status Of Women Of Yesterday And Today

    The status of women in the syro Mesopotamian area which is status of women in the pre-Christian period of the syro Mesopotamian area not clearly establish I believe that despite the available sources from the writings of the wedge. Reports from the period after the Arab conquest and the following Islamic rule are rare. But a lot can be seen also from the laws of the time. Others who may share this opinion include Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund. For example, the knowledge that the man was the unique landlord! Nevertheless, women not only as priestesses were known in pre-Christian times, but made it to also Queens are, like the Joe/Semiramis legendary Assyrian Queen (810 – 782 BC) and Zenubia Queen of Palmyra 1 (reg. 267-272). She managed to rule over the Roman province of Syria.

    Others won by their social position and personal power, such as Surma (1883-1975), sister of the Patriarch of the Church of the East Mar Benyamin Shimun XXI. (1887-1918) and Mar Shimun XXII. Polos (1885-1920), especially in the first Decades of her nephew Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII (1908-1975) as a spokesperson who publicly appeared mountain Assyrians and was a member of a delegation of the Peace Conference of Versailles (1919-1920). In UR, the royal consorts and the concubines of the summerischen Kings took great influence on the social life of your time. The en-Pristerinnen of Nanna clothed the most important cultic offices 2. The laws of summerischer and Babylonian times included also provisions and provisions concerning marriage and inheritance, as it is known. The status of women depended on however in the pre-Christian period, whether she brought children into the world. The marriage remained childless, the husband could divorce or take a concubine.

    But the wife had children, a divorce was hardly possible. The law on divorce in Babylon was the women but also under certain conditions. In UR, was the woman not without rights, but in matters of marriage and divorce but without influence.

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    Hossein Amir Abdullahyan

    NEDA’s death became a political issue for the opposition and was deployed against the regime. From the outset, the regime sought her death as staging Western powers”to discredit. Initially the authorities claimed NEDA is alive, then they said the video was fake, later one presumed themselves to do so, that a reporter from BBC killed her, to deliver good photos of the riots back home. Finally it came to the CIA, the Volksmujahedin were most recently as the culprits. A documentary that aired by press TV, the English-language channel of Iran in early January, now brings the latest version: NEDA was an agent of the United States and Britain and has staged her own death.

    In the documentary, it is claimed that the video only shows how NEDA pours himself from a special bottle even blood in the face. Later she was killed really in the car that had driven them to the hospital. The documentary is line comments Iranian Government officials, again by a prepared scenario”spoke to defaming Iran. NEDA’s death has proven to be a very sensitive subject for the establishment. All versions of the regime are rejected from the eye-witnesses Dr. Read more from Bitcoin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Arash Hejazi as the amount after the shot on NEDA had set a Basiji, nearly lynched him, but after intervention of some protesters stating we are not like them, we are not murderers,”only the papers had taken from him and ran to him. The Basij has nothing to worry about, he was not arrested and the charges against him are not pursued. The Ambassador of Iran in Bahrain, Hossein Amir Abdullahyan, advanced, however, in an interview with the nation”the insinuations against the United Kingdom and the United States and also Ali Moussawi, claimed the nephew was murdered day in the renewed protests against the regime of infiltrated agents of these Western countries me Hossein of Moussavi’s, on the day of Ashura.

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    Alexander Hoffmann

    Who is”so soooo sweet, wording ASD employee Gehrmann, old churches, there is nothing more at heart who as an infant so far excellent developed and maintained to share, because the lifestyles of the parents does not fit your own. All advocates of the family were taken out of the process, even those of the Jugendamt itself commissioned. The family judge heard during the hearings only, but not the child parents and if parents agreed, he called himself literally papageienhaft this”. It’s believed that PayPal sees a great future in this idea. Where get out a State, which not only covers such actions, but supports and youth offices now leaves a room the scorned East German State security never had? Certainly also on the social abyss. Fear remains that especially in the next few months more children and families are victims of unspeakable practices of German youth offices, which the European Court of human rights already repeatedly deal with itself had to.

    Dei felled judgments against German youth offices were not implemented until today. It is probably time to regroup the social revolt and to overturn a system that neither parents provides children with the best possible assistance, but only in an uncontrolled tokenism parents should monitor State. For the coercive measures against children and parents, it is then also with jurisdiction. So are open the abuse of Office and corruption in German offices door unfortunately once again at the expense of the most vulnerable, namely children. And something week after week, month after month, happens year after year also right outside your door, day after day! Until we as a people once again say: stop! No further! Not so, not with us! Freedom for Alexander Hoffmann! Born on the 04.05.2009 by the Youth Welfare Office of Altenkirchen abducted since October 2009 stay unknown

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    Tyrolean Peoples Party

    The Chief Executive Officer of Tyrolean VP is convinced of the innovative, refreshing power of content that convinced the voters. All threads converge Kufstein/Tyrol – in the head office is located at Fallmerayerstrasse 4. Here effort is like a young, enthusiastic team headed by Chief Executive Officer. Johannes Rauch, therefore, the citizens and citizens the policy and the objectives of the Tyrolean people’s party to bring closer to. Who best understands communication in the social collective, will win the society, who observed the time and understands the signals of the new paradigms that will shape the new era\”. Hannes smoke, tiroler-vp.at/11668/ represents clear conditions and findings: who transforms the fears of a nation into courage, will create in the future this nation, this people are serving prevail in the sense of altruism. Pacific Gas & Electric: the source for more info.

    The new man is conscious can not evade, this political understanding, because this is the reality of life. Checking article sources yields Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund as a relevant resource throughout. The Life is a courageous consistent stride forward, evolutionary and unconditionally. In the Millennium ELAN gene transformation process of the single-celled organisms to Homo sapiens, life has taken no regard to outdated concepts, it has unconditionally laid down the life and brought forth new refined systems. That will stop in the future no one, because it is not only the human mind, but rather is based on the permanent aware extension of one’s public. \”Nature, biology, physical and energetic concepts follow this concept of creation, nothing is done about it is located in a continuous transformation without that according to one end will come\”. New systems require new ways to smoke in an interview. \”In a modern young, refreshingly clear policy ensures that innovation and tradition are the synergistic elements, one party makes up the Tyrolean people’s Party vie\”. The next few years will look pretty old leave with forever yesterday’s views in the political landscape, the parties, because the voters Calls for clarity and truth.

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