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    Royal College

    According to the Royal College of Physicians of Great Britain dependence on nicotine is stronger than heroin. I think this conclusion is highly controversial. But the fact that smoking brings great harm to health – that is indisputable. Moreover, the harm does not bring as much nicotine as an additional 4,000 harmful substances found in regular cigarettes. Pons – Smoking eliminates the use of such substances, you smoke cigarettes with nicotine only (and therefore minimum damage) or no. Smoking cigarettes Pons-smoking process is identical to conventional tobacco cigarettes, but a variety of flavors at any, the most exquisite, the taste! Pons-cigarettes – an electronic device which includes a flavored cartridge containing nicotine (nicotine cartridges without a), the camera spray (atomizer) with an electronic chip, rechargeable lithium batteries. This new type of electronic smoking, which has won popularity among millions of people on all continents, has become a symbol of respect for their health and the health of others. Pons, cigarettes are the most tradable commodities in the shops and the best gift smokers.

    Pons-smoking aids in the short term to get rid of the bad habit of smoking – you will gradually, using successively less nicotine of cartridges, go to beznikotinovym of cartridges. Even if you can not fully refuse to nicotine, your health will be applied to minimum damage. The process of recharging itself packs of cigarettes-Pons takes an average of 5 hours. Ie placing the stack of recharged at night, you can then all day restrict themselves in a safe smoke. “The smoky steam”, which is released when smoking a cigarette-Pons, moreover, that it is harmless (simply condensate), it looks very stylish and beautiful, and indeed the Pons-cigarette is very elegant (After all, many women begin to smoke that’s why)!

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    Company Distillers Biochemicals

    Apologies were brought after more than half a century after the appearance of thalidomide on UK market. Thalidomide was developed by German pharmaceutical firm ‘Chemie Grunenthal’, and was used in 46 countries around the world to address these symptoms in pregnancy such as nausea, insomnia and anxiety. In 1962, after it was proved that this drug by pregnant women led to more than 10 thousand cases of congenital malformations and limb deformities in newborns, the drug was withdrawn from sale worldwide. In most UK was born about two thousand babies with congenital deformities. Company Distillers Biochemicals, which produced thalidomide in the UK in 1970 paid the victims’ families 28 million pounds sterling. Pushing unnecessary and even clearly harmful drugs is a manifestation of selfish relationships in society. Along with this growing awareness that this is also the cause of all the strikes that we have in our lives and activities and there are more and more every day.

    Understanding this makes a very different look for the cause of the disease and ways to avoid them. And here we have no choice but to turn to the concept treat the disease as a consequence, the cause of which is at the level of human relations, and at this level to find the right medication. To do this, a person must know the system, revealing the correct relationship between all parts of the universe. That is what helps us to understand the hidden from mankind for centuries and helps to understand the real world Zohar, which describes how and which affects all the phenomena of our world, and designed to present generation, are beginning to understand the need to change the perception of reality. Opportunity to experience the unity between all creatures, which seem to us today pushed into a selfish dead end, scattered on parts – this is an alternative to our state today.

    Thus, instead of changing one drug for another, we are invited to change ourselves, having power, giving reality to see the world in more today, which are connected with each other all the desires, thoughts, properties, actions, and everything works in perfect harmony. As stated in the ‘Preface to the Book of Zohar’: ‘As soon disappear from the world of selfishness, will disappear cause of all diseases, generated by it. ” Of course, that will disappear as unnecessary drugs and those who circulate them.

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