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    Forum Novice

    How to create a forum? In recent years, the Internet, a host of free services to create your own forum. Hikmet Ersek insists that this is the case. By signing up to them, a person can completely legal and free to create a forum. Services to create your own Forum apart do not differ. The only thing that unites them – it’s free to create a forum. Create a forum and everyone can and this feature – a forum – they perform on five plus. Kinetic group will not settle for partial explanations. Did not even understanding of site building and forumostroenii people will be able to seamlessly create a forum for a few minutes, invite him to your friends and chat. Services create a forum – this is a great springboard for the creation of man, who is a newcomer in this field. But let’s be frank – to create your own forum for free services is of course possible, but actually I use them to create an ideal forum? Is it possible to create an effective and interesting forum, which is closer to the notion of an ideal forum? Create your own forum – a dream for any web designer, from small to large.

    To create an ideal forum – that is the lot of professionals. Narrow subject – is the foundation for creating the perfect Forum. Target highly specific forums easier to develop and make popular. Whenever Teng Yue Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But without any particular forum does not make it a perfect forum. Feature and the feature should be advantageous to provide a forum of your dullness and sadness.

    People should know that your forum is ideal. In the formation of the forum is important to establish a friendly intercourse, but this is quite problematic, because people are to each other do not yet know is the lapping of unfamiliar individuals. Author and ideal forum administrator is required to do everything and more to introduce people to each other and establish a first contact. Designed to create the forum should not otpugivat.Ne worth spending on it fabulous sums money, enough to draw your own. If you do not know how to – take the people of free templates, thousands of them in runet. The adequacy of the forum administration – a priority. Do not neglect them, be fair and all you get. Try, create their own forums. Create the perfect forum! The mistakes of learning.

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    Online Shopping

    Love to give gifts? But what if it was not just an unnecessary gift and business gift, from which you can make a profit and to develop further? Then, e-commerce – that is the case. More decent and original, and most importantly the right gift is difficult to imagine. E-shop – this is modern, is gaining increasing popularity efficient way of selling goods, as well as a convenient way to buy them. Advantages of this method sales and purchase them enough. You can easily find a specific product by category or keyword, without wasting much time, and time – vengi. E-shop – it's comfort. You can make a purchase online, without leaving your computer monitor! Making even pay shipping and (if using a credit card or electronic money) – all this is done directly on the shop site is very convenient! Most often in online store low prices, great selection, you can always find what you need! The reason of low prices is the fact that online stores are no costs for rent and maintenance marketplace.) Online Store, ie the site where you can watch and immediately order the goods delivered, – and as usual store, created in order to profit from the sale of goods. However, profitability, revenue that is your online store – this is the result of productive cooperation between developers and customers.

    The task of the developers – competent implementation of all necessary functions, as well as thoughtful design and information structure of the site to create an online store attractive and competitive. Competitiveness depends on many factors, from site design up to the range of goods. The task of the customer (shop owner) – the continued support of current Information about prices, products, timely and informative responses to requests and calls from our clients. So where do you start an online store? Typically, the package store site includes: Website or up to 900 pages. Official site: Jeff Gennette. (Average) – This Forums: Company, Price List, Contacts, Feedback, News, Photo gallery, classified ads, Files, Site Map, Links Partners, site search, RSS feed, plus up to 900 pages describing the product / service companies and etc. – System controls access to individual pages of the site with the installation ID and password to registered users.

    – Store (up to 5000 items of products). (Average) – Provide convenient control site (CMS) for self-administration of the site. – Theme original design. That original design will help to give an online store to a leading position. – Filling up to 30 items and store 20 pages Site with information about your company. – Ability to automatically import the goods from the 1C and Excel. – Domain level 2 in the zone RU / SU / COM / NET type. Sayta.ru-mail – Up to 30 e-mail addresses of the form – Ability to work with e-mail through a Web interface. – Search engines Yandex, Rambler, Google, Mail.ru. – Possibility of connecting additional language versions (English, French., It. And so on) – Registration in the ranking Rambler's Top100, Mail.ru. – Set the counter site traffic Liveinternet.ru. – Advisory support to the work site. – Accommodation (hosting) site on the Internet providing content management system (first year free). You can order for you to make an online store or do all independently, depending on your resources and capabilities, but it is the original and profitable gift – an indisputable fact. Gifts are distributed here.

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    Online Business Cards

    The decision to create a website is always preceded by a selection of the site. Customer need to determine the design and content of the site. Initially, sites are divided into commercial and noncommercial. Commercial web site exists for profit. This may be a site of any variety, but it has to always be selling or facilitating sales. For example, a promotional site that directly sells nothing, actually promotes the product, company or brand.

    The same purpose may pursue the site "content design" or forum. Non-profit sites create state organizations and institutions, public organizations, as well as political parties and movement. They usually carry only the information content. These sites usually contain large amounts of content and do not sell products and services. Non-profit sites are also international organizations and different communities, faith-based organizations. Also, non-commercial sites are live journals, communities of interest or forums that are created for communication between people, which are grouped among the interests of – professional or hobbies. By purpose or goal of creating Web sites are divided into the following types: Online Business Card Corporate Mission Electronic (Internet) Shop Website Type "content design" (news website) Promotional website Forum Media Gallery LiveJournal Portal Enterprise management system.

    Site-card – a simple web-based resource that contains general information about the company, its products and services. Concise and compact, like a real card. Corporate Office. These sites will automate the company's activities. They are functions of the online shop, ordering systems, communications services, electronic document exchange, etc. Internet store – the site was for sale of goods and services via the Internet. On this site we can see the catalogs, price lists, order forms for goods. Information or content site – a site containing an extensive information on a particular topic. These sites usually contain large amounts of information materials from various sources. These sites are usually non-profit type. Content-project – a collection of texts, articles and other information, its main task – to attract visitors to a particular topic. Then this traffic is directed to the commercial resources, so the content is used as a project an advertising platform. Promo site – a site that was created specifically to promote any product or service, as well as the main site of the company. Promo site – usually an additional resource organization, as an exception can only be called a promotional site, which was created specifically to advance the company of a certain product or product category. Forums can be a separate web site, and may be one of the sections of the resource. Usually do on the forum subdomain of the main site, it will arrange for communication with visitors to each other and with the administration of the site. Media and news online edition – this is usually a major Internet resource, which is in the form of portal. Internet media post news on politics, economics, sports, culture, which is updated frequently. Portal – a huge online resource intended to provide groups of people with some interest. The portal connects many different services that can provide the opportunity to purchase goods. Enterprise management system – a site with built-in system of corporate enterprise data.

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    Markup Language HTML

    In ancient times, to convey to the masses of some of the information used by heralds and various forms of writing, as well as fine art. Over time, the possibility of presenting the information badly evolved. There were various "media": television, radio, countless newspapers, magazines, books, and finally the Internet. The Internet was originally divided into two camps: the e-mail and (World Wide Web). Many providers, Internet service providers deliberately separated these services are sold separately and internet access and email services and access to conferences usenet. In the end, the evolution of information put everything into place, and now most of today's Internet users do not have misconceptions about what services are provided Internet service provider.

    The most convenient for conveying information to the masses was the WWW – World Wide Web, consisting of sites. On Web sites, owners have the opportunity to post your information so that anyone from anywhere can access it. The main standard Internet sites was (and remains to date) Markup Language HTML, allows you to write text and "mark" it, ie, affect how the text and create links to other texts or paragraphs of this text. On the one hand the simplicity of the language has enabled many people who have no special skills, post information on their websites. On the other – has complicated the work of professionals who create now using the language inherited the basic concept of the original HTML, full interactive sites and portals.

    So, in short, can be developed as a modern WWW. However, despite the emergence of new technologies and continuous growth requirements for interactivity and ease of use (usability), the Internet is very much so-called "sites-sites" that are placed there by representatives of the dumping of the students or entrepreneurs are amateurs. If this site provides information about a person, a hobby or worldview – it's not so bad.

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    Corporate Business

    Ready to design sites that save you money and time, is that a contemporary person. Do not spend time on design approval, and choose from a variety of existing designs is the one who will be more just come to your business. On the Internet there are many proposals that might meet your requirements, but almost all of them are fairly similar except for color schemes. Arrangement of blocks: the logo, menu, Hats, content, footer, almost all proposed options monotonous. Of course, there are a number of companies that will offer you an exclusive ready-made designs for the way your subject, one of these companies is a web-studio 'Spacechalk'. In the 'Solutions' is available with a plethora of options for every taste and for any subject. These ready-made designs can provide you an excellent basis for creating the site, which will help in realizing your creative ideas and Corporate Business. It's no secret that design plays an important role in creating the site and its presentation to users.

    It should be concise, enjoyable, convenient usability. The easier it is, your potential customer will find interesting information, the faster it will become your customer. Ease of site navigation, warm colors and bright accents on the necessary components, availability of contact information at any time – follow all these rules will result in your site to success and, consequently, your business. Ready to design a site – this is the perfect solution for people who want to create a website, but not great opereriruyut the amount of money, and in fact exclusively developed website design is no small investment. However, the ready design of the site whether it is exclusive or template, will cost less in any case, as it is ready to change and it except colors practically anything. If you wish to change the structure of the site design, we assume the background texture and other elements, it would not make sense, since such an option would be expensive and close to the exclusive design, created personally for your requirements. As we have said before, there is a template ready designs. The advantage of these options is that they are cheap and not fancy, the disadvantages of template offers design consists in the fact that they are very primitive and monotonous, you may meet the same template site with your friend, but with a different color scheme.

    Surely this will disappoint you, as you suggested make such a site in one copy, but instead placed on the Internet thousands of identical clones of your (you thought) site. But do not worry! There is an excellent way – exclusive finished design. Of course, its value will exceed the formulaic, but it will be cheaper to design developed specifically for your business. Web studio "space chalk" may give you the large number of designs to choose from. From this abundance, you can choose what interests you! There are options for photographers, for people who want to open an online store for those who want to organize events, etc. Shelf ready solutions filled with new ideas, web designer, and new opportunities for your business every week. Visit the studio web designs to choose Spacechalk and a suitable offer, we are confident that you will find what you're looking for!

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    Graphic Editors

    Photoshop program – is unquestionably the leader among professional editors for image processing. This editor was widespread among professionals and amateurs. Photoshop has a huge spectrum of different features, has a good performance. Key features: correction, editing, preparation of photos and pictures to print or display a high level, and this is only a small fraction of all functional. Web design is almost the main area of use of this program, since it is equipped with a variety of very useful tools for all those involved in web-design. The program is constantly being updated, out new versions with a variety of innovations that are 'at an opportune moment "related to web-design. For all these reasons, and of course from personal experience, it's safe to say – Photoshop is a great helper of any web-master. Graphic editor PhotoShop is perfect for creating and editing bitmap images.

    Copes with photos, collages, illustrations, slides and graphics for Web-based interface. Functional Photoshop simply unthinkable. PhotoShop use in their daily work of professional photographers retouch, correction, change focus and create effects. Pretty handy set of tools to work with parts of the image, which is indispensable for the design of various montages. Today, there are quite a lot of additional material: the fonts, styles, brushes for Photoshop. When fitted you greatly facilitates their work, creating masterpieces. Web designers praised the program interface and tools that are used in it. Features are almost limitless. Adobe PhotoShop – a graphics program, which guarantees qualitative results, as well as compatibility with programs that are part of publishing. So in the end it may be noted that a lot of programmers are constantly working to expand features editor by installing a variety of plug-ins.

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    Semantic Markup

    Recently, often when describing the creation of a website mentions that using semantic markup. It is particularly a lot of new sites being developed with complete disregard of this approach that causes pain. So what is a semantic markup, and what advantages using it? For the layout of Web pages using HTML language or its more modern version, XHTML. The semantics of this language is determined by the semantic the value of his designs. For example, the h1 tag indicates the title of the highest level, and the tag li – a list item.

    If all fit on the tag is used for the purposes for which they are intended, therefore, there is a semantic layout. For example, menu items are correctly represented in the form of list items and not – as a table row. If the markup elements are not being used as envisaged, then, the site does not apply semantic layout. The most common example of a derogation from the rules of semantic markup is a table layout, where the table tags are not for the formation of a regular table, but solely for the purposes of registration. So what are the advantages of semantic markup, and why it is recommended that you use it? First, the HTML code in the application of such a layout is more transparent and logical, it's easier to understand to any expert and, if necessary, change. Every developer knows what shall be used standard tags to HTML, but is not always possible to guess the appointment of any of the markup, if not used for semantic layout, and layout designer uses tags for other purposes. Of course, some developers are interested in sites that their child did not understand anybody, except them, but these would-be developers should not involve the creation of websites under any circumstances. Semantic markup is closely connected with the separation of data and presentation.

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    Web Design

    And here you are mature enough to order a website in search engines Porylis on your topic and found dozens of Web resources with a stylish design, content and decide. What web design create a personal site. Of course at first site design should be pleasing you. But not only. Design of the Internet has become actively grow the past few years, and has changed somewhat arbitrarily assigned to him from the styles of web 1.0, many well-known style of web 2.0 and close to the person and simple Web design web sites Web 3.0 style. Hard characteristics by which every resource possible to classify one of the categories do not exist, but still can be done. Most popular now be called a style web 2.0, about which there are many materials online and, if briefly on it, the resource in this fashion must be characterized by certain visual criteria and characteristics.

    Let us dwell on them. – Take blocks, buttons, items design with smooth forms. – Use the blocks to the shadow a barely noticeable, but it is better in moderation. It is not necessary to attach all the objects of the resource type of volume, it would be better to leave most of the objects are three-dimensional. – Create a fill color forms of barely noticeable gradient of pastel colors or light gray tint with smooth transition to white. It looks nice and does not strain the user when viewing the information on this site. – The ideal type for comfortable perception and processing of large text elements can be called sans serif font.

    Use the page no more than three different font sizes, and especially not smaller. In our time, is bad form to post small font, which may be read only by increasing the scale of the page. Use large text headlines and main text is not a bunch of total and dividing it visually into separate columns.

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    CSS Semantics

    Semantics The semantics of the css in the css implies a right, but rather use the name korektnoe classes. And also use the classes only when necessary. Use css classes to the case when there is no the tag css (X) HTML. Thoughtful, semantically korektno named classes and ID can help set up (X) HTML document for future change and the ability to store data in XML, which can be configured differently. Do not call object (id or class), so what it looks like or where it is used. Examples of class names and ID, which are not semantic: YellowText Blue14pxArial FloatRight LeftColumn MiddleColumn RightSideSpace Use of these names is meaningless, because who would not rule styles the site the future can change the styles described in this class that privedetk absurdity. For example: The developer for the text defined a class of yellow YellowText, and in the future when a site redesign, the text color changed from yellow to blue, resulting in we have a class with a certain YellowText blue.

    That in itself is absurd. Therefore, when choosing the name class should not be guided by certain styles within a class, and class assignment. Examples of semantic class names and ID: Header Footer NavigationLocal NavigationGlobal Content Tools Warning Address Instructions Author Copyright Description Summary Do these names there is a certain level of abstraction. You can use these uncertain times and still have only one external description of the css. In this case you do not need to rewrite the class name if you decide to change the style. Editing styles, without changing the class name in css and (x) html document expresses the semantic content of the rock container without contaminating its information specific for only one context. One of the most important capabilities of css – change the style without changing the very (x) html document.

    Use function names for their classes and ID; avoid names that describe the style, not funktsianalnost. Another important factor is the semantic css that use classes and ID is not always necessary. If every paragraph on the page will have the same style, it is not needed for each section, add a class with a description of the style enough to register for the entire section on the page. The main conclusions of this article: Classes and IDs (ID) should be used only when there is a need. Name classes and IDs (ID) should describe the functionality rather than style uses an identifier (ID) in those cases when it is necessary to define a unique style for a page, and the class – when you need a class ispolvat several times on a page.

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