The Core

    It runs very cleverly, to ensure cooperation in the team ultimately influencing effectiveness necessarily. The self-coaching process shows this in many different ways and is designed to optimize continued by questioning and developing alternatives as a principle. “Alternative thinking should lead to check luggage and equipment on the life journey and question: what prevents the individual her or him, – individual and successful on the outside” to occur? -What is the life style that matches his person? And what travels”he in his life and his profession? The concept of alternative thinking to have the possibility, as each individual through self-coaching can develop its individual, personal structure, so that he safely through any chaos to his equally personal success: its own structure, to be contrasted with the foreign chaos. Metzler understands it in a modern and young”language in engraved chains of thoughts and Question to convince. While many known aspects and insights into scene used, that they gain a new significance and mentally stimulating effect.

    Listed insight and sense figures of also important behaviors which motivate to heed them. “In the same way the case studies and ultimately also the graphical representations in their fiction to the treatises in the previous sections by their enigmatic, particularly to mention abstract fantastic scenery, are through the successful finish of the discussions understand in the last picture spillover” symbolize. This arises by the fact, that always offered a number of several options in the series of the chain of questions and considerations. “To find not only the what?”, but also the why? “to explore. The structure of the work and its outline is to determine that foreword and afterword have their independence and a clip for the entire appearance and design. The introduction brings the core ideas and the message over. Altogether the idea of tension between alternative thinking under construction always comes back and even find you the focus of self-coaching to!”to express.

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