The Cut

    It was a good one offers, then it did not look for to negotiate. It changed two of the five currencies for one of the ropes, was said farewell briefly and it took its way. Moments later the cow of more healthful appearance walked for house guiding, with a discrete smile in the face, imagining the reaction of the woman and the children when seeing the animal. The remain of this passage does not need no type of detailed description, since it is imaginable and previsible. children and the woman did not believe its eyes when seeing the gold year-old calf. Learn more about this with Hikmet Ersek. The family had certain increase in its income with the sales of milk, and the children had of what to feed itself almost every day.

    She did not make difference for the cow. At that time, it she made the same things that make now, however without hands human beings who remove its milk, acariciam that it briefly, and without infantile hands that to the times had a joking touch excessively a little aggressive. It continued feeding itself of the green grass, fertilizando the same, sleeping, lying down themselves under the sun. A small area covered in the deep ones discovered a time after of the residence, that costumava to cover the cut firewood daily, and then started to use that as shelter. It did not understand why the family did not appear certain morning, after a night especially agitated and barulhenta, and nor if she asked on this. Not wise person why half of the house was jammed by its object of comment. Not wise person why all the old inhabitants more did not see, felt, they heard or they breathed. Not wise person what it was war. She ruminated calmly in its place, with the fixed eyes in the engine that could be considered nomadic, without if mattering with much thing, without I fight for deceased, without related thoughts the conflicts. But after all, who could blame it? It was only one cow.

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