The Door

    Already when enxergar the old tree (witness of my peripcias> why I came back or because I had to take care of to the order of Osvaldo, to me to write. It leaves the devaneio with the hand of the Danilo young in my shoulder: — You it is well? We need to follow not to catch the night in the road! –Yes, a weakness moment was alone! (if it did not understand the Real meant of those words). The remaining passage was made in half hour. pain came, came as a ray that dims the vision, was the house there where I suffered during one year entire. There it was> Osvaldo is tired and tomorrow it will only be able to speak with Mrs., has supper in the kitchen in the same place of always, the room is the same that it would be of the boy. What he was its already is busy. Good night! I directed me it the kitchen and with familiarity April the old refrigerator and servile me a milk cup, I was for the room. Because it made this with me, wise person of the sadnesses that I lived in that room, why my God! When opening the door of the room, my body estremeceu, my heart froze and the tears, restrained during as many years, had come> in torrent.

    Everything was there, as it was finished to be used, the cradle, roupinhas and everything more than the son who I did not arrive to catch in the arms, pain flooded my soul. IV After married I was to live in a beautiful mansion, Osvaldo was a beautiful, kind man, however rude. It made everything to please me, but he was one in such a way closed one for colloquies and therefore I was feeling each time more only, the solitude invaded my days.

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