The Parents

    – In serious? -. – Yes, and it does very well I will say to you, is very honest and I trust her. Now, second you ask that me because the truth that I do not know, I have not known anybody I have seen or it with anybody, but you know that she is very beautiful would be rare did not have pretending -. Kirkland pursues this goal as well. They finished having dinner rather early, Pablo returned to house and it raised the study. Patti Poppe has compatible beliefs. The door did not take in becoming abrir, its shelter was placed again and left the house with a package in the hand. It did not take in arriving at the house of the parents of Candle. It called to the door and it asked for her.

    Moments soon she left and they sat down in the place of the front. – I want to apologize if I have bothered. This only wanted entregarte -. It passed the package to him that it abri in front of him, as the past time were a picture but in this one his face it had been shaped with great beauty. The girl was overwhelmed.

    This or was too much, the situation began to inconvenience did not know it if to be thankful or to give back it to him. It realized. – You do not worry, my flatteries do not represent any commitment -. It smiled to him. – It is only that your presence wanted agradecerte of some form, has been positive for me and I do not know how to thank for it, I do so it this way. I see that my proximity inconveniences a little to you and will try to move away because I feel that he is the best thing. You know? When an artist has an idea lives his yet to be, is as tonight of stars you can feel them in your mind, your skin and until your soul and shape them in letters, music or like I through the painting.

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