The Peninsula

    Madrid, March 6, 2008. Near the end of the world "on is a unique option to those who love marine life and contact with nature. Valdes Peninsula, it is called, is the region that offers these condiments. Although the name of Peninsula Valdes is associated with watching the southern right whale during the months of September, October and November, this is not the only alternative at the time of contact. Elephants, lions, orcas and penguins form a complete repertoire for those interested in these months. Until late April, the orcas are the main protagonists.

    Concentrated in the area of Punta Norte and Caleta Valdes, in the extreme north and east of the isthmus, respectively, these dolphins are a few meters from the coast. A safe distance that control their future prey: sea lion pups. Produces what is known as stranding a unique show in the world. When the tide is low rush to the beach to be embedded in the sand, then return the water with the food. In these days and until the middle of next month, the contact with the penguins is possible. In the area of Punta Norte is San Lorenzo's stay, from where thousands of Magellanic penguins perceive teaching their cr ies to swim and hunt. Both in Caleta Valdes Punta Delgada can see groups of elephants and sea lions.

    Special attention is the area known as El Arenal, as it has been chosen by lions and elephants to mate and shed hair. For those who like urban and cultural tours, the Puerto Madryn is the right place. Not only is the largest city in the area, but also has cultural and recreational programs miss. To schedule: the Ecocentro (center-class ecological interpretation), the Oceanographic Museum and the Natural Sciences and the Museum of Art. In short, this region of Argentina's Chubut province is a natural paradise and a chance for those who enjoy so enjoy the full non-violent. There is a site, which You can find many offers for a holiday comforting. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala can provide more clarity in the matter. Visit, you will find useful tips to make your trip a success. , All in one place. Leandro Greca (Source: The Nation) For more information

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