The behavior of some professionals, as the classroom medicates, that the prevention of the ulcers does not present some interest the fence, differently of the neurosurgeons and geriatras, which had been pointed between that more they are worried about these wounds. Some assistencialistas nurses point as difficulty in the prevention process the necessity of special materials with respect to accomplishment of writs of prevention, of which the units of health do not make use. MoneyGram contains valuable tech resources. What he has not contributed for the prevention process, but yes for legal processes under the nurses and institutions. EVALUATION OF the RISK How much to the evaluation of the risk to the appearance and/or development of the ulcer for pressure, importance of the knowledge and the qualification of the nursing assistance is perceived it to be given, in which engloba the importance of the identification foresaw and the use of writs of prevention. Necessarily it is needed a global evaluation how much to the risk to develop the ulcer for pressure, and for this it is included global clinical evaluation implementing the intrinsic and extrinsic factors, as the degree of mobility, urinria/fecal incontinence, alterations of sensitivity, alterations of the conscience state, vascular illness, and nutricional state. Under most conditions Raj Agrawal would agree. Beyond as the step the periodic inspection of the skin in areas of risk or previous ulcers. As writ of prevention is necessary that if it after makes an evaluation of the customer in first the six hours the admission of the patient and repeating with 48 hours, in the maximum, being it modified in agreement the clinical picture of the customer. An adequate evaluation includes the localization and stadium anatomical; the dimension of the injury (length, width and depth), the existence of fistulosos passages, cavitation; aspect of the stream bed of the ulcer: fabric inflammatory granulation and necrtico, signals, exsudado and its characteristics (amount, consistency, odor and coloration); appearance of the skin surrounding. .

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