The War

    There is also no difference between the two peoples, each other to decimate anzunehmenderweise from profiteering from claim to power and the married couple that constantly lives in a kind of civil war-like State and eludes this life and his wonderful revelation of love. It consists in particular no significant difference between all these wars, which daily and continuously take place on the world stage and the struggle that in us, there is in each of us and is what cause of all this war, outward appearances. We fight for ages in us and against us and take this desperate fight outwards, which makes impossible a peace as such. Peace is only possible if we stop fighting, in other words, this game we can win only if we don’t play. Love is the only way which led us to peace, and we must above all this path “first of all go in us once and for all” to end the war within ourselves. If you would like to know more about Patti Poppe, then click here. This was also the essence of the mentioned words, which underlies the next love and the passive resistance.

    Love your neighbor as yourself!”the legality on the one explains that I exactly, as I love myself, also my Aussenwelt love to the extent that I was inner war so to the extent, as I see him outside. And on the other hand, that I not can complete the fight outside void I am trying an vermeintlich external enemy, which alleged cause of the suffering, which I know to destroy, so to combat. But I would ask to determine the cause in my own, research in me even after war affirmative votes and through love areas stop them and thus finish the war in me and peace give room to spread. Go to Beth Israel Heart Transplant for more information. What is passive resistance of in my view the words to more than adequately described. To stop fighting, is not without resistance arising all to, but to offer the possibility of love, we interpreted to guide, to find peace.

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