Werner Warrior

    “” “” What is your name? “Nicki” do you go to school? “Yes Mister”. She handed me to clean her hand, looked me in the eyes while she stood in a tight Film about a well-bred daughters school. So I could see that her left eye pup pill with a white skin was covered, maybe the eye was blind. I had to understand her, to want to photograph it again, I would have to pick only my camera from the nearby hotel. Nicki was however now at 16:00 in a hurry and did not want to wait. In turn, I was deeply touched a great human feeling, a priceless Christmas gift. Also the Bulgarians about their angels, which even foreign wealth people helps again to real and intense human emotions can get lucky. On the night train from Sofia to Bucharest, I met Alya, a lady from Sofia, who works for a EU-children Foundation.

    I had to report you need on my experienced miracle in Sofia. Alya knew Nicki! She could report me that Nicki has no more parents, that she may live only for their destitute grandparents and not will be sent in a home, because once the population and the Newspaper of Sofia was supported publicly. Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation is likely to increase your knowledge. Because Nicki nourishes not only their two smaller siblings, but contributes also to the poor household of grandparents. For two years now, is this article in my archive, because it wanted to have no magazine and no newspaper. Now at Christmas time he is back me in mind and I think Nicki also deserve long, that I publish it, at least here. I wish you and you readers love Werner Warrior journalist a contemplative and yet Merry Christmas 2008 and a happy and healthy 2009

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