ETAC Chair

    AIDS in the bathroom for persons with handicap shower chairs are used for personal hygiene in the shower. Sure, elegant and comfortable maintaining independent under the shower with a shower Chair can be regained. Safe seat and easy handling distinguish this shower Chair tools. A shower Chair should consist of easy-care plastic and stainless steel (rust protection) system. Shower stool not every shower offers the sufficient space for putting up a shower Chair, a shower stool can be used here. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PayPal. Space-saving, the shower stool is almost the same security for the body care as a shower Chair. To broaden your perception, visit Siemens.

    Simple set up and remove from the shower are the advantages of a shower stool. Height-adjustable shower stool best adapt to your body size and provide you with so optimal and comfortable use of the shower cusp. Shower Chair and shower stool help facilitate just older people at the daily body care. There are shower stools and shower chairs in different variations and designs. In elderly or also for people with a disability, the showers with the risk of slipping can be a threat, shower stools and shower Chair help here, because they return the person person a secure grip in the shower.

    Shower stool shower stool suitable for narrow showers and sleeps with a small to medium-sized obstruction. The showers in the seats reduces the risk of slipping. The triangular shape of the ETAC edge shower stool is suitable especially for very small showers because he most effectively exploited the space in the corner. The shower Chair is used in persons with a moderate to major disability shower Chair. The shower Chair gives you an extra strength the person person through his arm – and backrests. Shower chairs are usually larger and heftier than the shower stool and can be used in small showers very difficult. However, the shower Chair offers optimal protection against slipping in the shower. The selection if shower Chair or shower stool can be facilitated when using modular system. Modular systems is understood Shower Chair or shower stool, which can be mounted armrest and backrest individually to do so. The system of Duro by drive medical are an example.

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