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    Dangerous Chemicals

    The Canadian government has just four chemicals designated as hazardous to human health spring is just around the corner. What better time than now to take a close look at the stuff that’s in your school locker? And what better time to take a closer look at some of the stuff that goes into some of the stuff that’s in your locker – and in your friends’ lockers too? The Canadian government has just designated four chemicals as hazardous to human health. The toxic chemicals are commonly used in paints, varnishes, stains, and industrial cleaners. Grace Venverloh is likely to increase your knowledge. You can therefore find them in some printing inks and art materials. Teenage girls especially should know that one of the chemicals is used in some hairsprays, skin cream and all, and as a fragrance ingredient, according to Health Canada. Another what is found to be of impure presence in some consumer products, such as nail polish remover and hair products the department said. If you would like to know more about john mayer, then click here. “This is an important step towards further protecting the health of Canadians and our environment,” said Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.

    “Our government is taking action to reduce Canadians exposure to substances of concern and to put in place new assessments for substances that harmful if widely used. could be” The most dramatic option is to outright ban, which the Ministry of health has already slapped on bisphenol A in baby bottles. “The government has sent important signal to consumers and manufacturers that these chemicals should not be used,” says Aaron Freeman, a spokesman for environment defence. “They are found in common household items, and we think these chemicals should be Planar out of use.” The four chemicals to be declared toxic to human health are: 2-(2-Methoxyethoxy) ethanol (DEGME); 2-Methoxyethanol acetate (2-MEA); 2-methoxy-1-propanol; and C.I. No. pigment red 3. Spacelocker.com wishes continuing health and happiness to all our members.

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    Little Veins

    Often unappreciated – venous weakness is a dangerous disease, November 20, 2008 – venous weakness is still always not really taken seriously by those most affected. Many see them as blemishes, others even as a freak of nature. But physicians warn rightly, just lightly to take this suffering, because official statements according to nearly every third adult German suffers concrete signs of venous weakness. So Lisa W. from N., where are the symptoms rather insidiously hired. “But suddenly the burning in his legs was then”, says the 42jahrige, first at the ankle and fibula, that looked like a map of the many red veins “. In fact, it was already too late for a prophylactic, but time for a therapeutic treatment.

    Venous insufficiency are absolutely no medical bagatelle, but a serious disease with often dangerous side effects such as varicose veins and thrombosis. This includes an alarming number: in Germany would be over 50,000 Pulmonary embolism been avoided, when time had treated the venous disorders. It all starts innocently. Gain insight and clarity with Andrew Cuomo. Are, for example, the leg muscles too little stress or it sits too long, the blood accumulates, pushes against the walls of the vein and causes spider veins and varicose veins. Learn more at: Grace Venverloh. A thrombosis occurs when coagulates the blood in the veins and formed a blood clot. It dissolves, it enters the bloodstream and can block the supply of organs with blood, especially in the brain and the heart.

    In this way, it comes increasingly to fatal strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms. How can the symptoms of impending thrombosis you recognize? Sufferers report unanimously by unilateral pain and violent feelings of voltage at the ankle, lower leg or the whole leg. Accompanied by pulling and pain in the calf at the onset, also a formed strong warming, and particularly of the fibula bluish skin discoloration as the veins would burn. Of course, everyone can do something to prevent, regular exercise, cycling, swimming, skating and gymnastics, cold showers or Wade fonts, so that the circuit on their toes, to name just a few popular measures. But unfortunately, it’s too late in many cases, to stop or cure the disease in this way. The scientifically-based Mesotherapiemethode is a promising option for the sustainable treatment of venous insufficiency. A low-dose combination of vitamins, blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory – clotting substances, as well as a weak local anaesthetic is injected via tiny injections in the upper layer of the skin of the affected area. The active ingredient of directly to the diseased veins, is there active and releases at the same time the body’s healing substances. Thanks to this method, tried and tested for decades, there are virtually no side effects as stomach, colon, liver, kidneys, blood and heart not be burdened. The gentle applications by a specially trained doctor held in longer time intervals and be carried out according to the motto: Little and rarely in the right place. A treatment costs between 20,-and 40,-, and can be repeated any number of times. Experience has shown that the healing process is already after just a few sessions. All information about the method with doctor directory under or call 089-44717288. press contact: German society for Mesotherapy press / public relations Michael Schnickel E-Mail: Tel.

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    Metabolic Syndrome

    Plant of plenty diseases attractive abound the wild things of the Kreuzberg Nitrophile (nitrogen loving) medicinal plants in the city as a town some exercises in unhealthy diet. Wild food with low nutritional value, flavor-intense and yet low in nutrients. The glut of inferior fats, refined sugars and proteins leads to a strong strain of the organism. A permanent overeating damage sensitive metabolism together with lack of movement and promotes the development of the metabolic syndrome. These include classical civilization diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, gout, fat metabolism disorders with increased risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Abundance makes sick. Plants also are faced with this problem. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope pursues this goal as well.

    Herbal specialists have found it, which thrive in eutrophication. Among them you will find numerous Therapeutics for the effects of excessive nutrition. Plants of the Abundance live most of these plants, which can be found in urban areas, also in abundance. The abundance of nutrients, all ahead of nitrogen promotes the occurrence of a certain group of plants, among which are several medicinal herbs. Many wild herbs and medicinal plants in the urban area are pointer plants, meaning their presence gives information about the type of soil, they sprout from the. Each herb has so his preferences? Dandelion, for example loves to drill, which are solidified by stepped with his strong roots in compacted soils into.

    As well, he can handle very well with nitrogen. More nitrophile plants that prefer so nitrogen-containing soil are especially stinging nettle, bird Mize, Deadnettle, fence Giersch, parsley, Gundermann, plantain, lab herbs, wild Mallow, garlic mustard, Mugwort, of another elder, the AILANTHUS Altissima and the Acacia in the urban space. (1) by biological fixation (of legume nodules bacteria) and the deposition of the nitrogen in the soil’s organic matter (plant residues, animal fertilization, waste). Through the digestive activity of the soil, he is mineralized and is present mainly as ammonia or nitrate in the soil, which can now take the plant.

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    Food Stress

    Successful mother-child treatment in Freiburg, Feldberg Aug. 22, 2011: the old Silke Theilemann from the lower Saxon village of Wistedt has a six-year nursing daughter next to her two own children, who are now 11 and 18 years old, and also supplied her elderly mother-in-law, who lives in the family home. Also she works 14 hours a week as a housekeeper at another family with five children. No time for their own desires, because also your day has only 24 hours. Without health effects of all, doesn’t clearly signaled as her body: it responds to years of congestion with elevated blood pressure, chronic back pain, tension headaches, insomnia and other symptoms of exhaustion. Dean gibson contains valuable tech resources.

    Also weight has evolved over the years of Silke Theilemanns anything but cheap. The scale size of 164 centimeters showed 108 kilos in the autumn of last year. When’s it became too stressful, or I have something worried, I reassured myself often with food, preferably with candy”, says the old. At some point I realized that it can not continue so indefinitely. I felt, that I must do something, I need support, for me and my family”, Silke Theilemann remembers.

    A mother-child-treatment seemed to be the right thing. Just get out of the stressful everyday life, draw new strength, get suggestions how it can better avoid that with stress and conflict situations they hoped by the Spa. And also she wanted to reduce their weight. The insurance company approved a three-week stay in the mother child hospital Feldberg in Feldberg-old gas houses the mother, her daughter Annika and the foster daughter Katrin. Accordingly, the clinic team with you worked out a programme specifically tailored to their needs. Back exercises, aqua fitness, Nordic walking, Yoga for the promotion of psycho-autonomic relaxation ability and manual lymphatic drainage particular Daily routine. Dietary advice in the training kitchen were added as well as lectures around the themes of health and nutrition of children.

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    Classical Homeopathy

    Naturopath Gesa Christian from Kiel informed homeopathy is one of the most popular alternative therapies in Germany and still today many people do not know what is meant by the concept of classical homeopathy. Naturopath Gesa Christian discusses the background and basics of classical homeopathy. The basic approach in Classical Homeopathy of the patient is not on his symptoms reduced, but considered in its entirety. This means: also the phenomena of the body are taken into account, which have nothing to do with the acute or chronic ailments at first glance. For example suffer from recurring headaches, not just these symptoms are treated, but they are considered as a whole person with all of your features and possibly other symptoms. Body, mind and soul form an inseparable unity in humans and are treated as such in classical homeopathy. This approach is not only by naturopath Gesa Christian in Kiel practice, but of homeopaths all over the world. Hahnemann’s experiment or the similarity principle, the German physician, pharmacist and chemist Dr.

    Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) had his white coat from dissatisfaction with the former medicine long on the nail hung, as he joined in 1790 on the principle of similarity. In a self-experiment, he stated that he developed malaria-like symptoms after taking quinine bark, the then common drug against malaria, ill to malaria without being. Hahnemann had rediscovered a law of nature that, already Hippocrates and Paracelsus had described before him: like is cured by like. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. Hahnemann developed as a healing art, which he called homeopathy, derived from the Greek homoios = like and pathos = disease. Gesa Christian follows the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann as a Naturopath in Kiel and applies exclusively homeopathic remedies in the high potencies developed by him (= the C Centesimal = 1:99) that by their special kind of A specific strength and healing effects include dilution. Contact: Practice of Classical Homeopathy Gesa Christian – healer ring RT 53 24114 Kiel Tel.: 04 31 / 6 79 44 55 email: Homepage:

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    The water bed as medicine: Prevention and treatment at the same time In case of painful and swollen joints, a herniated disc, rheumatism or arthritis or of other diseases of the musculoskeletal system is that the affected areas are protected against pressure loads and that it can relax the muscles particularly important. Wrong sitting or lying can have a negative impact and lead to additional unnecessary burdens of the diseased parts of the body. The waterbed has the ability to adapt to the shape of the body. The body lies with the greatest possible area on the water mattress and thereby receives a regular stop during sleep. By the uniform pressure distribution of body weight, a waterbed offers ideal comfort for the spine and promotes the circulation of the diseased joints.

    Optimally, the back muscles can relax during sleep. The existing heating in a water bed provides warmth and a relaxed muscles. The blood circulation is stimulated by the warmth and the healing process is activated. Benefits of a water bed for allergy sufferers in a conventional mattress form colonies of mites already after a short time. These mites feed on the organic constituents of the mattress and the human skin particles. To know more about this subject visit Miles Bridges. The plentiful food and the moist environment in the core of the mattress represent ideal living conditions for these parasites and promote proliferation. Accelerates the formation of fungi and bacteria.

    Many people who suffer from the so-called house dust allergy, respond to these pests. With a water bed can be prevented, that the infamous parasites attach itself and the allergies make life difficult. The water mattress is dust-proof and easy to clean. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. A waterbed is thus extremely hygienic. A water bed as optical jewel water beds can be built free-standing with a headboard fitted or in an existing bed frame be built. You have already long not more unattractive and offer many opportunities, so there is something for every taste. A decorative headboard on a waterbed gives the personal touch of the bedroom. An additional designer bed frames makes the water bed one optical piece of jewelry. May a water core burst? The pressureless system of a water mattress make sure that the core of the water may not burst. Even if the water core with a pointed object is damaged it is practically unheard of, that more water damage. In case of a small hole in the water mattress the water slowly runs out and flows directly into the bedroom. The water runs in the safety tray and stops in this. There is therefore no water on the floor of the bedroom.

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    In Germany

    What can you do to protect yourself against hepatitis A? You can have yourself vaccinated against this viral disease. The vaccination comprises several vaccinations. You are looking for in a timely manner prior to departure (several months ago), your doctor in confidence to discuss vaccination with this. Hepatitis A causes death? Not necessarily. Like many diseases, younger people more than older people overcome this infection. Older people have to be ready for bigger problems with infection. In Germany we are fortunate that only a small part of the disorders in older people is fatal because of the treatment options. How does a vaccination? Your doctor will give you a total three syringes.

    The first two injections are injected at a distance of 1 2 months. A third vaccination takes place then several months after the first injection. (Please ask Their doctor to the closer end of vaccination.) The photo agency Combipix indicates as tourists once again, that an infection with hepatitis A in the white-marked areas cannot be ruled out. Should you travel in one of the Red or light red-colored areas, we ask that your physician of confidence in time to search (several months before departure) before leaving for an interview. Hepatitis B hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Most commonly, to be found in the hepatitis B virus in Africa, Asia and the Americas. But also in Mediterranean countries and even in Germany is this virus and every year people become infected again. Most commonly, this virus is transmitted through water or food.

    Smallest remains of excretions of infected persons may occur as a source of infection because the virus is very stubborn. Overview of vulnerable areas: as you realize that you have been infected? One to three months after infection flu symptoms, the most graduated in find the clearly visible signs on an infection. The subsequent symptoms is jaundice, which indicate a disease of the liver (yellowing of the eyes, mucous membranes and in the advanced stage of a yellowing of the skin). What can you do to protect yourself against hepatitis B? You can have yourself vaccinated against this viral disease. The vaccination comprises several vaccinations. You are looking for in a timely manner prior to departure (several months ago), your doctor in confidence to discuss vaccination with this. Hepatitis B causes death? Not necessarily. Like many diseases, younger people more than older people overcome this infection. The trouble at the hepatitis B disease is that this kind of viral illness may become chronic. Older people have to be ready for bigger problems with infection. In Germany we are fortunate that only a small part of the disorders in older people is fatal because of the treatment options. How does one work Vaccination? Your doctor will give you a total three syringes. The first two injections are injected at a distance of 1 2 months. A third vaccination takes place then several months after the first injection. (Please ask your doctor to the closer end of vaccination.) The photo agency Combipix indicates as tourists once again, that an infection with hepatitis B in the white-marked areas cannot be ruled out. Should you travel in one of the Red or light red-colored areas, we ask that your physician of confidence in time to search (several months before departure) before leaving for an interview.

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    ETAC Chair

    AIDS in the bathroom for persons with handicap shower chairs are used for personal hygiene in the shower. Sure, elegant and comfortable maintaining independent under the shower with a shower Chair can be regained. Safe seat and easy handling distinguish this shower Chair tools. A shower Chair should consist of easy-care plastic and stainless steel (rust protection) system. Shower stool not every shower offers the sufficient space for putting up a shower Chair, a shower stool can be used here. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PayPal. Space-saving, the shower stool is almost the same security for the body care as a shower Chair. To broaden your perception, visit Siemens.

    Simple set up and remove from the shower are the advantages of a shower stool. Height-adjustable shower stool best adapt to your body size and provide you with so optimal and comfortable use of the shower cusp. Shower Chair and shower stool help facilitate just older people at the daily body care. There are shower stools and shower chairs in different variations and designs. In elderly or also for people with a disability, the showers with the risk of slipping can be a threat, shower stools and shower Chair help here, because they return the person person a secure grip in the shower.

    Shower stool shower stool suitable for narrow showers and sleeps with a small to medium-sized obstruction. The showers in the seats reduces the risk of slipping. The triangular shape of the ETAC edge shower stool is suitable especially for very small showers because he most effectively exploited the space in the corner. The shower Chair is used in persons with a moderate to major disability shower Chair. The shower Chair gives you an extra strength the person person through his arm – and backrests. Shower chairs are usually larger and heftier than the shower stool and can be used in small showers very difficult. However, the shower Chair offers optimal protection against slipping in the shower. The selection if shower Chair or shower stool can be facilitated when using modular system. Modular systems is understood Shower Chair or shower stool, which can be mounted armrest and backrest individually to do so. The system of Duro by drive medical are an example.

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    His stress level remains high and the released hormones adversely affect his health. Effects the nervous system consists of the strands of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Is the stress to the steady state, ruled the sympathetic nervous system and the body can react with an increased susceptibility to infections, cravings, weight gain, chronic illnesses and burnout. People who want to stay healthy, should reside primarily in the parasympathetic nervous system mode. Neurotransmitters are involved in the workings of the brain. They ensure good communication between the cells. For example, the satisfaction neurotransmitter is released serotonin in the parasympathetic nervous system mode only and also the organs only to perform their tasks effectively. Burnout can be up to K.

    0 – develop State: the person concerned has become incapacitated. In the brain the communication between cells is not more properly, there will be a neurobiological blockage in the brain. Even the smallest loads again produce the feeling of total exhaustion. Burnout a personal failure? If Burnout is a pure Reaction in the body and not a personal failure. The assessment must also be borne in mind that working and living conditions continuously intensify and pose a risk. The individual stress resilience of people is on the one hand genetic, on the other hand it was coined in early childhood and even in the womb. Specifically, she can be strengthened.

    Especially in humans, whose carrying capacity is not as pronounced a special meaning can be attributed to the responsibility. Prevention is easier to implement than an already existing K. 0 – condition to treat. Also in preventing the brain-friendly methods prove very effective and easy to learn. When it comes to a Burnout, it should be targeted as soon as possible and treated brain-friendly, so that the State is not chronic.

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    Federal Association

    DSSV, DHfPG and BSA-Akademie contribute through their participation in the development of the DIN standard, that the important subject of corporate health management is a decisive step. Fitness and health facilities can be important partner for companies, when it comes to a company-specific design and implementation of BGM. An optimal combination of the existing infrastructure (E.g., facilities and training equipment) with specific BGM expertise is crucial. “Health care providers to provide a perfect start of the DSSV has in cooperation with the College/BSA-Akademie to make the nationwide network health at the workplace itself” founded. The network direct contact enables companies with health service providers on the spot, where service providers are listed according to the potential of BGM BGM network partner, BGM health centres as BGM competence centres (highest level). “The specific contents of DIN SPEC 91020 corporate health management” were according to the Federal Association for corporate health management (BBGM), decided nothing more in the way is the publication. Further details can be found at Western Union, an internet resource.

    From July 2012, the DIN is to be to obtain SPEC. The new BGM standard according to BBGM helps to choose the right path”and to move with or without certification intentions safely, effectively and efficiently in the field of BGM. Companies which themselves would keep BGM on the latest developments on the issue, will find it on the Internet page of the DSSV (www.dssv.de) or the German College/BSA Academy (www.dhfpg-bsa.de). The nationwide network health at the workplace even make”see. Successfully in the growth market of the BSA Academy a leading education provider in the market of the future is two Saarland company with ca. 140, 000 participants since 1983 prevention, fitness, and health. With the help of over 50 certified and approved courses, career changers how fitness professionals can individually qualify: getting started in the industry succeed with B license “-Lehrgangen such as for fitness, training, nutrition and mental fitness.

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