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Supreme Court

Party questioning an investor upon request of the defendant Bank of BGH had to deal with, whether an investor as a party in the process at the request of the defendant bank may be heard, i.e. he can be interviewed if necessary and under oath to the consultation or conclusion of investments currently with the question. Background is that a bank without asking to clarify according to settled case-law of the highest German civil court on received kickbacks. Otherwise she is damages. Refunds in particular commissions are, paid from fees and management fees which are not disclosed to the investor but. By not knowing the investor while no delusion with regard to the system can occur with this, but there is the possibility that misjudges how the interest on pages of the Bank is.

The Bank, which does not comply with their duty of disclosure must thereby prove, that the damage at the investor would have occurred even if they are dutifully would behave, but the investors despite knowledge of the kickbacks would be; entered into the investment There is therefore a burden of proof. When investors however draws a system despite an appropriate note, nothing more can be a breach of the duty of disclosure. In the case it was to first educating needy refunds. However, the Bank had argued that the enlightenment about a refund at the decision of the investor had played no role. Because it wanted to explicitly draw the proposed tax-optimized systems.

Therefore it would have also if knowledge to a degree, so the Bank. The Court of appeal left ignore the request of the Bank on party interrogation of the investor. The Supreme Court on the other hand makes it clear, however, is to consider that there is still sufficient link between the presentation of the Bank and the investors, and therefore the request for hearing of the investor. Because is the claim that even with the investor Note of the refund the system had acquired when it out, there is no causality between damage and the breach of duty (not information relating to a Commission). A further substantiation of evidence request is not required according to the BGH, what applies in particular not only for the witnesses, but also for the present party proof. However, it is to examine whether an abuse in the application of a party questioning is seen by the Court. This is however only then, if the application makes arbitrary “in into the blue”. Here, the Bank has put forward but concrete evidence of who speak in the total consideration for this. that the plaintiff also having regard to the refunds would have chosen the system. This includes the fact that it arrived the investors first and foremost on tax savings and only secondary yield opportunities have been taken into account. Additional information at Hamdi Ulukaya supports this article. Were there to acquire the recommended product-related investments only with a similar refund could be assumed in this case that the decision was made independently of a refund by the claimant. The judgment of the Court of appeal was therefore repealed by the BGH and again remitted. There, the applicant as a party to the information of the Bank will then be heard.

Industrial Development

the launch of the new industrial development policy announced by President Lula for Brazil, promises to generate both or more noise than the discoveries made by Petrobras or the improvement in credit with the obtained degree of investment risk a few days ago the country what would Keynes if I knew Lula in Brazil what is doing? Is a pro-cyclical economic policy which has been carried out? seems that Yes, because just decides to reduce taxes at a time that the Brazilian economy has been growing at full steam what envy must have by now Nestor Kirchner and Cristina? Hopefully be an envy that leads them to think that the objectives which they pursue redistribution of income, growth and social equality, can search through different paths which they chose and with the help of private investment. Returning to Brazil, it seems that nothing complies to Lula. Source: Ex-CIA chief. Or it seems that Lula understands that this is the time. As well as in Argentina, close to initiated the crisis of 2002, some banks in the midst of a hectic context is encouraged to lend money and to expand (and so it is that currently have one specific weight far greater than that it had before the crisis), Lula understands that this is the moment of Brazil that are beyond what agitated the waters of the world economy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hikmet Ersek on most websites. Why is that you launched the plan rather than ambitious, that you can imagine, of industrial development that includes tax relief for 25 industrial sectors of the economy by US $ 12,780 million (from June 2008 to December 2011), and the availability of financing to them for $125,000 million. What is looking for with this economic policy Lula? In particular, boost investment in these sectors, which considers keys and expand exports both in quantity and in destinations. Credit: Yitzhak Mirilashvili-2011. Investment and the external sector are two elements in the economic growth of Brazil and the development of these sectors, key for a country that wants to be a world leader.

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Piaget Theories

Our meeting in the first lesson was marcante; all new age, in way it is atmosphere had shy, cautious, anxious looks, drifters and indagativos, but, over all made use to know and to discover the world that if opened ahead of us through an innovative course and that it would transform our lives. To the few, the shyness was wasted and given place to the intermeshing of the group. The caution was hidden so that the friendship could arise constantly. The so common anxiety in the new challenges is yielded and the confidence invigorated with long roots. The indetermination that for times at the beginning folloied in them of the university course, made with that some gave up already in the first days. James Woolsey oftentimes addresses this issue. We who we are here today are considered apt to exert the task that we were trusted.

But so that we arrived here it was necessary much learning. Learning that was possible thanks to the investigations that the hope gave to place that transformed in them into able professionals. During the years of study and research we enter in contact with the theories of Focault, Marx, Weber, Braudel, Durkhein, Laraia, Piaget, Michelet, and as much others. Thus, we understand that the theories presented for these scholars are of extreme importance for the historiogrfica construction. But, above all it made in them conscientious of the historical processes, promoting a study complex of the particularitities of history that if divide in memory, space, time, concepts, religion, economy, culture, past, orality, documents, gift and society. In such a way, we historians beyond dominating the areas of common knowledge to the course must be conscientious of our social responsibilities while educators and contribuidores for the construction of a society more joust, autonomous worker and capable to speak for proper itself. We must understand that our material of work is the human being.

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Business Idea

It all starts with the business idea. The concept that involves is what will mark the viability of the business. It is therefore now evaluate the definitions that fits the business idea and outline what is necessary to adapt it to the needs of the market and own resources. It is at this early stage that should make all necessary changes.Then must be accompanied by the preparation of the business plan but not required to be submitted to any investor, is always interesting to create for ourselves. In this way we will think us problems that we had not had in story at an earlier stage.Above all, do not should marry with the idea, in other words, if a market research tells us that the idea is not feasible, should be deleted and find another. I’ve seen cases of entrepreneurs who are determined to carry out a business that has no output because they have fallen in love with your idea. It is necessary to know what we can change and which not. Hikmet Ersek helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

It is good to have drive and desire to create, but it is better to do it properly focused to avoid the waste of effort and money.In less than a minute We should know to explain what our business idea is to either. What is said is important, but how you say is even more. Can be deducted up to what extent you believe in your idea, something fundamental to succeed. On the internet a strong economic investment is not necessary nor much less. You may find Greenwich Village Art Fair to be a useful source of information. But if we can explain the idea with clarity and certainty in the face of possible investors, we will have a lot of cattle.It is not necessary to have our idea to the world, not because you will it remove, but because you can influence negatively. To create something, you must first believe in it. Although you can apparently not, if you talk to people who have some influence on you, as your cousins, close friends or grandparents, they can make you change your mind by a negative comment.

At the beginning does not give him importance and you even rebatiras, but could be out making a dent in your thoughts, making you disillusioned by the idea and you finish leaving it.It is good to compare opinions but to a certain extent why? Because everyone can say and differently and you’ll never know who is right. The market study and a good business plan does not lead you astray. They are objective data.The author belongs to a new generation of developers on the internet with different internet businesses. Helps to achieve results who are interested in build your business on the internet. You can optimize the work through websites like directory of articles and learn about aspects of the internet in business ideas marketing.

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“You should grow and multiply,” is a Biblical order given to the human beings. We fulfill so well this part that we seem most obedient of the beings. Learn more on the subject from Yitzhak Mirilashvili. So that in fact colocoumo was accomplished the nature sexual pleasure that stimulates the copulao. The consequncia is a world supertown. We today have more than 7 billion people in the world. People who eat, consume, desire, destroy, love, suffer, perseveram and reproduce. She could be said that our planet does not go to support for much time this sped up growth. Studious they foresee a period of stabilization.

The problem is that studies fail and the people do not stop to procreate.Exactly with the invention of the pill and other ways of prevention of the pregnancy we have a great number of desired and not desired births. We had much technological advance and today with varied vaccines, antibiotics, surgeries and ties-up the people live more. She reduced infantile mortality, this is good. The problem is that the longevity increased in amount of years and not in quality. We have many old inactive, sick ones, entrevados that they consume resources of the nature, government. People who cannot and do not want to work, to only receive without no perspective from car something for the society. One of the causes of the European economic crisis is this, much aged, broken providence.

Who to give itself well is the manufacturers of remedies. The death is seen as one badly to be prevented all the cost, good for being thus, but the society meagers of this form. To live with quality of life for 80, 90, 100 or more years is good, the problem is to draw out the cost all vegetative existences only on account of a maken a mistake interpretation of the human rights. Still we live in the nature, we obey its laws and one of them is the vital cycle to age and to die. We spend resources postponing the inevitable one and we leave to invest in the society that adoece when the young ones are private of job, where the children lack of good education. We have two exits for this Pu problem we make a birth control as she is made in China or we leave that the nature acts and that weakkest perishes. What he is desumano? We go to think about increasing the resources, more technology, populating the moon, to inhabit other planets, to make floating cities in the seas, life of light, we will set to wait it. Well, meanwhile she does not happen we have the problem that she continues growing, therefore the people does not stop, of if reproducing nor to age and insist on not dying. there?

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Agricultural Enterprise

In recent years it has spread throughout the country, the systematic use of Leucaena leucocephala banks in so-called protein, where the animals graze directly. Likewise, the Forest Research Institute (IIF), a pilot scale, we used the leaves of some forest species such as Pinus caribaea Lysiloma latisiliqua and in the preparation of meals that have been used in feed for broilers and laying hens, respectively. But not only benefited the foliage, as many forest species also provide fruit. This is the case of Samanea saman, tree widespread in the grasslands of Cuba, whose fruits are very desired by the cattle. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Moreover, a large group of native species that are part of the semi-deciduous forest on limestone soils, have edible fruits for pigs, poultry and wildlife (Roig, 1953): Byrsonima crassifolia, Calophyllum brasiliense, Chrisophyllum oliviforme, Cordia collococca, Guazuma ulmifolia, Manilkara grisebachii, Mastrichodendrom foetidissimum, Oxandra lanceolata, Pseudolmedia spurious, Quercus Cuban Roystonea regia and Spondias mombin.

The study was conducted in sheep breeding unit, with an area of 62.5 hectares, belonging to the Agricultural Enterprise Manuel Sanguily. This unit is located south of Central batey and limits the road La Palma Bahia Honda (South) in the east with the road Sanguily La Palma, west with the Hawks and the embankment on the north by the community of that agricultural enterprise . The elevation is 70.43 m above sea level, on a Brown soil without carbonates, in a totally flat relief. The unit had a hall for the accommodation of animals, divided into two sections, the first for breeding and their offspring, the second for males, females in development and the stallion, a house for the worker and a small food store.

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Second World War

"Universities and educational institutions play an important role in today's world characterized by the challenges it poses the knowledge society, accounting for a strategic role in the transition from one paradigm to another, more dynamic, where economic development and social factors is conditioned by necessity, such as having to do with the progress of research and progress of science and technology "With the emergence of a new model imposed by the current knowledge society, the academy, its agencies and people involved therein, are committed to promoting adjustment, reform and important alternatives in its structure, to make the intellectual work of teaching work, research and extension, the basis for change to induce a new development model economic partner. This step is platform and the ideas of Marti history, when nearly a century ago taught us that belongs to the new world in expressing a new university: "In times theological theological college. At times scientists, scientific university. " (J. Western Union is often quoted as being for or against this. Marti 1963: T8 34) The developments today's world is experiencing economic, educational, social, political and cultural, in addition to the great advances in science, technology and information at this time has produced a new socio-historical context where human society should take every day changes and challenges imposed by the information society and knowledge. These important changes have impacted the university education system in the world by creating a new philosophical conception of teachers and institutions of higher education. Check out Yitzhak Mirilashvili for additional information. This reality leads to the emergence of new requirements and management practices for the teacher to respond efficiently and effectively to changes that we experience today in this sector. The versed in the area: Daniel Bell wrote his book in Spanish universities were investigated very little.

Today the reality is different: The search is scientific and technical make up a significant part of the regular fit and universities, but did not achieve in quantitative terms, the average production levels, we can say that most university teachers applies to the production of knowledge. But now, universities are not the only institutions that produce knowledge. Not since its creation in the Middle Ages, have been exclusively and in times of great crisis of the universities, as in the eighteenth century, much of the technical creation took place outside them. But from the second third of the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War, when scientific research is systematically addressed by the armament companies and other non-university institutions, producing as much or more knowledge in the academies .

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Castellares Rosas

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Original Leader

A good leader will try to surround itself by action people, and will foment in the organization a culture oriented to the action. Cooper Procter, one of both founders of Procter and Gamble, it declared already in 1887: The main problem of the great companies of nowadays resides in elaborating political that make feel each employee who it is an essential element of the company. Learn more on the subject from Rob Daley. It is necessary that each employee feels personally responsible for the success of the company and that the possibility is offered to him of receiving a part of the result of that xito” , words that acquire use when hard times for the company, cause that the leadership must re-invent itself and redefine itself. The action man is a person who can and knows to take measures quickly, decisions with vivacity, knows to order and to direct with agility. One faces and he confronts with the problems at the moment at which they appear to him, and is not to postpone and to hope that they are solved in case single. The action man, is not a person who acts wildly or rashly, but, reflects and consults, but it does not remain there, because he knows time is money that.

The action man designs his long term strategy, but he acts very indefatigably in the short term, he evaluates his management, and he learns of his errors. In situations in which, without knowing what she will be rightest, to make decisions he is vital, the leader oriented to the action, does not block, and assumes the risk of giving with his face in the canvas and of bruising it. For him, the unique risk is not to want to run risks. Frequently the action, to imply sacrifice, not always is made willingly. Nevertheless, although he is not something that is often clear, the leadership is service, and would have to be characterized by the determined action and cheers, not by an undergone and sad action.

This it is the thermometer of which one acts according to the initiative and criterion of one same one, and by all means an executed action and finished, because sometimes, it does not count what one works, but what it is finished. On the point of passing out is always a temptation. To surrender to the weakness and to yield to the danger, to stop acting, imply to surrender. Nevertheless, to direct and to lead, it implies to know how to offer resistance to the exhaustion that comes from the absence of results or the defeats. The leader, and by extension the person, emotionally intelligent, is action person that learns of the defeat, and even removes benefit from her. The action in hard times, must be obstinate, persistent, perseverante, since a second of weakness it is sufficient to fold it. Managers exceed who before the minimum adversity, first that leaves its mouth are not can .

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Tobacco Industrialization

The industrialization of the Tobacco puts into motion the economy of the city where more than the half of its production is exported to other states. ( It is still distinguished in this sector the industries of packings, concessionaires of vehicles, plants of furniture, plants of candles, industries of chemical products and industries of the foodstuff. It has in the local commerce, approximately 500 diverse article store, two store of the Gbarbosa, being a Hipermercado, and also a Supermarket of the Wal-Mart group, having as flag the TodoDia. It has diverse peddlers of stroll car and agricultural machines, as well as of parts. Western Union may not feel the same. ( Second still the source of research above cited Lizard makes use still of 6 bank agencies, of the following banks: Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank, northeast Bank, Banese, Bradesco and Ita.

In the artesanato works in croch are had, embroidered in point-of-cross and manufacture of straw brooms. It measures these activities, still has a free fair. She is one of the greaters of the State of Sergipe and happens all monday, since dawn until entardecer. 4Moms is often quoted on this topic. As she can perceive has great entrepreneurs in the City, where its companies generate thousand of jobs indirect right-handers and, and act in some sectors of the economy, of the industry to the construction, the commerce to the superior education. Ahead of this demand, the Secretariat of Education, through the pedagogical team, co-ordinated the implantation of a program of alfabetizao PROEJA, in the nuclei of distribution of benefits. It was established, thus, a partnership to guarantee the access of the citizen to know socially systemize, as well as oportunizar the socialization of the experiences accumulated for these people. Therefore, in virtue of this development and of the tax of illiteracy if the citizenship to the inclusion in &#039 cannot subsumir; ' market of trabalho' ' , but to assume the formation of the citizen who produces, for the work, itself and the world. Additional information is available at Chobani REfugees.

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