Month: December 2012

    Barreto Country

    Already the treatment given to the insane person, show as the other, that one that does not have voice nor space, is seen and represented in the reality and literature. Thus, that one of who can be said that it is the other of the speech, if it speaks, of the excluded one, confined and pursued, for a system of being able, that in this in case that it is represented by the State, ' ' maximum figure of alteridade' '. One notices that it exists a species of war between speech that if divergem of the power, and thus, is developed a relation of forces, that would be in all part intervening with the way it individual to enxergar the world, creating truths and segregating the mentalities that if they differentiate of the majority in the society. Foucault classifies these attitudes differentiated of ' ' loucas' '. It observes: In all the society the production of the speech is simultaneously controlled, selected, organized and redistributed for a certainty I number of procedures that have for paper to exorcizar the powers and the perigos, to refrear the random event to them, to disfarar its heavy and frightful materiality (FOUCAULT, 1997, p.09) In sad end Policarpo Quaresma if it observes the vision of a sonhador, of a exaltado patriot, who if leaves to dominate for the idea of acolhedor Brazil, that sees its country as a place of abundances, easinesses understanding and love. Ahead of this ' ' vision ilusria' ' , the project appears of national reform. Quaresma prepares for the cultural, agricultural reform and politics. Ahead of this desire of proud person, the country shows and infecundo cruel, oppressing, precarious. Traveste Barreto rasp in the figure of those heroes who had fought for social causes and humanists. When believing that they can change the world, exactly that the reality always shows opposes it.

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    South Africa

    Soon black districts were if ' ' becoming ingovernveis' ' (Jonge, 1991, P. 72) in townsphips if they had formed structures that initiate others raise, the police women I exercise and it enter in shock with these movements and president Botha decreed been of emergency in 36 districts, in three months thousands of people had been assassinated also lead of the FDU, and this dismantled the movement. In the year of 1985 apartheid enters in crisis, president Botha if it strengthens to take the reform projects ahead, but that they become insufficient the front to the age after-Soweto that fought against the South African capitalism bringing for this the responsibility of as much misery and inaqualities, and the redistribution of income if it becomes the new claim of the black movements. The government of Botha entered in a great abyss, therefore it did not obtain more to control the black militancy and also he starts to suffer with pressures of the whites, that of its reforms some had inside finished for harming some groups africnderes. The South Africa suffers economic problems, has a fall in the prices of the gold, main source of income of the country, the currency rand if devaluates, and the protests if they intensify, with the objective age to make with that the president negotiated with the CNA, fact that this does not occur. In September of 1989 the election for president occurs, therefore at the beginning from this year Botha it suffers a cardiac attack and if it compels to resign of the function of leader of the National Party, even though in the elections hears protests thousand of blacks had not been to the ballot boxes, but exactly thus Frederik W. of Klerk, is elect president, already announced new measured diminished the power of System of Segurana Nacional (SSN), frees eight of the prisoners black politicians, and allowed to demonstrations antiapartheid, finally considers a solution negotiated for the racial segregation.

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