Christina Stuntz, Candidate Of The Landtag Of Bavaria Of The Free Voters Wurzburg

    Christina Stuntz turns 2008 tried in Bavaria with the free voters to the election and new faces – free voters nominate their candidates for the district and regional elections BERGTHEIM, July 2008 the Freie Wahler in the District of Wurzburg have nominated their candidates for the district and state elections on September 28. “We have and we want no woman Pauli, but our blend of traditional powers and new faces is something special,” the Chairman of the Group of voters, Harald Kneitz, is convinced. You may find Facebook Inc. to be a useful source of information. Among those who want to provide fresh air, Christina Stuntz from Unterpleichfeld. She is candidate of the free voters for the Landtag. The 30-year old lawyer is committed to the strengthening and preservation of residence near locations of family doctors and schools in rural areas.

    “The policy must focus on the needs of citizens”, says the candidate. A company could only then work well, the employer shall motivate his employees and for his company could inspire. This should be an example in politics, Stuntz.” Sufferers have to become involved. I want to motivate citizens to participate actively in the political life “, promotes the candidate. Erwin Pfeuffer from Theilheim compete for Parliament list. The Council engaged in local politics for a long time. Pfeuffer was Rector at various schools in the District of Kitzingen, before 2006 moving as Superintendent of education at the State education offices in the city and in the District of Wurzburg. The list candidate wants to orient the education system to the needs of the students.

    In addition, he pleads for a state fiscal policy, which makes it possible for municipalities to bear their additional duties without neglecting the duties. As a direct candidate for the district day candidate Robert Kremling from victim tree. The 62 ex – police officer became known by the Mayor embroidery choice in Bergtheim. A controversial voice had led to the drawing of lots, which was inconvenient for him. Candidate for the Hubert Henig, Mayor of Theilheim is District day. The 62 has extensive local government experience. He is considered as the former Managing Director of DAK specialist in public health matters with a view to social issues. The Chairman Harald Kneitz wants with the candidates increase the seats of the Freie wahler in the district day and collect in the Landtag. Source: Main-post, 01 July 2008 author: Torsten Herbert reference:

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