Month: December 2011

    Arena Rap Music Disadvantages

    To date, the vast rap you'll ever need a huge number of different commands and free rap MCs. You can find an infinite number of tracks, mixtapes, LPs, EPs, etc. etc. simply by typing in our Yasha request. Beginners rapper ask: but where are taken instrumentals for these tracks? Where can I download free rap minus? The answer is as simple as ever: Hip-Hop Arena! There is, without a shadow of doubt, all you need to write the finished track! Ranging from hip-hop sounds, to write their own bits of obstructionists tower (a program for this, incidentally, is also available at the Arena ;-)) to the finished, high-quality shortcomings, gathered from all corners of the earth, and not written by someone there, and the masters in this field! What is good news, because it almost completely lacks any advertising! I suppose that's not noticed any pop-up banners, nothing else, but for me it is an important criterion when Resources Assessment. Another big plus – the site is updated constantly! Therefore, the hardness can say: Hip-Hop Arena – one of the literate sites that I visited in search of backing tracks! Plus, it should be noted diversity styles! I'm here for example, only recently downloaded a rap lyric minus free! And not necessarily for it to register! You can leave comments, buy exclusive minus place to sell your own! Has its Community close-minded people who share experiences, give advice, ask questions, get answers and well beyond in the same spirit 🙂 Are there also a rap battle, which proved to be as high quality! In general, that long spend too much time, visit and see for yourself! ZY I almost forgot this address:

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    Hollywood Blockbusters

    The attack began in the summer of 2007, when the whole world was waiting for the release of "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay … It was a movie-event – and no wonder that he was chosen to clone studio ASYLUM. June 26 … The film is already in theaters, the audience cheers – but normal copy on the Internet yet, and will be released soon. Then suddenly all the major world torrent file appears Transmorphers_2007_DVDRIP! One can easily imagine the reaction of users – millions of downloads worldwide! All were eager to show.

    But soon people began to leave strange messages on the trackers: WTF?, It's ANOTHER SHIT! ', more gavnistogo movie I have ever seen!!! And then noticed that the film is not a Transformers and TransMORfery! Only 2 letters, and the difference – the whole movie. Done This trick studio ASYLUM. It was established in 1997, initially had low-budget horror film, and money was scarce … In 2005, the brightest minds of its founders visited the idea: do not earn if already in the untwisted material? In the role of material – Spilbergovskaya "War of the Worlds," advertised with might and main. Studio Asylum came slyly released to the premiere of the film DVD-ROM with his film 'The War of The Worlds'.

    DVD shops were sold out almost instantly. True, the American buyers were very surprised when the movie was not Tom Cruise … These films clone dubbed "mokbasterami." How do mokbaster? Film studio hires a gang of low-cost professionals, they are given a "generous" budget – in the area half a million dollars.

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    Novosibirsk Feature Articles

    The rapid development of the Novosibirsk hotel market in the two thousandth years contributed to the emergence and development of segments of daily and hourly rental apartments. The total number of housing today is almost equal to the number of hotel rooms and hotels close to 5,000 units. The number of specialists working in this area exceeded one thousand. With this amount of work and there is a need to analyze the activities of companies engaged in the day rent, study of segments of the market, predicting their future endeavors. Analytical Department of the new apartment flats, especially for professionals working in the hospitality market in 2010, was released on a number of feature articles. Articles were placed in different sources. For those who have not been able to find them, we will repeat their title and summary of the main theses: Article number 1.

    Apartments for rent in Novosibirsk for days. Questions visiting guests. The paper covered extensively the answers to the most popular questions asked by guests visiting areas of daily rent of apartments and mini-hotels in Novosibirsk. 1.Prisutstvuet whether lodging reservation procedure? If yes, for what period must be booked in the apartment? 2.B what part of the city of Novosibirsk offered housing? 3.Kakova classification apartments? How are they equipped? 4.Ot what factors depends on the price apartment? 5.Suschestvuyuschie payment for accommodation? What financial documents are available for reporting? 6.How way is a settlement in an apartment? What is the difference 7B housing apartments for rent from handed over hotels? 8.Vidy additional services offered to guests? Article number 2.

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    COP Work

    To detect these violations should be applied to compare the instruments in the form of COP-2 prices, indices, values of overhead and profit from their estimates normative values, test the validity of other costs, to control the instrumental measurements of the physical volume of work. When using individual unit prices to be checked validity of their application and scope of work included in these prices. Not allowed unauthorized inclusion in unit prices of the coefficients, increasing rates of consumption of material resources due to inconvenience, complexity and urgency of the work. The procedure of raising factors to the estimated regulated standards in the technical part of the collection corresponding unit prices. The most detailed verification subject acts on Form CF-2, when the construction contracts signed without tenders in the prescribed manner, and in the absence of expert opinion on the construction documents. From acts to form the COP-2 is necessary to without recourse to exclude: – increasing the odds for the reconstruction – the cost of works to address the marriage – the contractor expenses, including taxes and fees attributable to the financial results of the (property taxes, formation and maintenance of housing, cost of infrastructure development contractor, etc.) – the costs associated with predmontazhnymi work – the amount of work not covered by the design-budget documentation. In addition, the regulations in the form of COP-2 in the form of certain costs not be paid to the contractor costs associated with: – The contents of the fire patrol and protection (including non-departmental provided by bodies of internal affairs) – holding surveying during operations; – beautification of the site (cleaning and clearing debris) – training facility for commissioning (washing floors and windows, the cost of detergents, cleaning and removal debris after construction) – the compulsory insurance of property in the means of production – the use of loans and advances to non-construction of the facility; – advertising.

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