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    San Francisco

    In the day where I will be myself, or better, to die, I want very I cry, however few candles, a star already has proper light (it is my ego). I want that the current mayor smiles and until gargalhe on ' ' I defunto' ' , therefore it would not support demagogy, but I want mine three days of I fight, with right the flag the half mast. I will not need carpideiras, therefore the widowers will be as much who the tears will make to overflow the river San Francisco (ta pretension). In the day where I to die, want that they silence the horns and they sing for the streets my songs, declaim my verses and they spill a thousand compliments on my corpse (Fool illusion). I want that my enemies hold the handle of my coffin and play sand shovels on my hollow, therefore I want they curse that me until the last moment.

    My friends will even though go for the way counting my causos, floreando my life, placing color where at moments I was black sheep (until friends they tire). In the day where I to die, want that cachaa either distributed of favour, after all, who it lived tipsy of verses has that at least embebedar those that to reach had never obtained me. I want that the formadores of opinion supplicate a thousand plagues against my corpse, then, who does not obtain to curse what it is in the face, at least does not go to arranhar my tomb. I want a epitfio thus: ' ' It died, but he continues insuportvel' '! I want that the bars never close before ' ' saideira' ' interminable and that the bohemians sing until waking up the inherent deafness. In the day where I to die, want they dress that me of black color, after all, I want to seem lean and esbelto.

    Who knows comes one to receive anja me? But of the skill that the things walk, I find that I will erase the light and I will close the door. My health is of iron and is stubborn until pra to die. The death alone to reach goes me if I to want, vixe, was to turn side pro and I almost fell. Sarav, my father! Vade backward! Oxe! IT IS MARKED

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    The Flow

    The flow of latent heat and flow of sensible heat is equally important forms of loss of heat in the continents; 3. Thus, for the Land in its set, the flow of latent heat is responsible for 82% of the liquid radiation and the turbulent exchange of heat is considered as being 18%. In such a way, according to Ayoade, considering the dynamics of distribution of the liquid radiation and the transference of latent and sensible heat, has the following global energy rocking: 1. The values of annual liquid radiation more are raised in the low latitudes and decrease in direction to the polar regions, from the latitude of 25; 2. The values of liquid radiation little more are raised in the oceans of what in the continents, in the same latitudes, mainly because of the biggest absorption of the radiation on the oceans and the lesser amount of radiation that is set free; 3. The values of liquid radiation are well inferior in the barren continental areas of what in the humid continental areas, because of the biggest amount of lost radiation in barren continental areas under relatively clean skies …. the flows of latent heat and sensible heat are distributed in different way on the continental and oceanic surfaces. The flow of latent heat more is raised on the oceanic surfaces and in the low latitudes.

    (1986, P. 43) Finally, the solar radiation when happening on the Land perpassa for processes of attenuation still in the atmosphere, when arriving at the terrestrial surface will go to interact directly with the diverse elements that are part of the terrestrial system, however, such interaction takes in consideration the period of the year, the altitude of the Sun, latitude, as well as, the distribution of the liquid and terrestrial surfaces and the aspects of the same ones. The solar radiation does not act with the same intensity in all the portions of the Land, thus, substantially distinct rockings of radiation inside of the system will occur atmosphere-surface and also in regions sub-regions that form the terrestrial surface.

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    Paulo Minimum Wage

    The So Paulo minimum wage takes care of the 105 occupations that are not contemplated agreements or collective conventions of work, generally functions that support of category unions does not have. The newness this year is the floor of R$ 720,00, considered as minimum for state public officers, who currently the value is in R$ 630,00 and can directly benefit 33 a thousand public workers of the State of So Paulo. A floor does not refer the municipal public servers and nor to the pensioners. Another newness for 2.012 is the negotiation with the syndical fronts for advance payment of the So Paulo minimum, to coincide with the national minimum that today has readjustment in January of each year.

    The readjustment considered for governor Geraldo Alckmin was of 15%, making with that the minimum wage pass of current R$ 600,00 for R$ 690,00. The first band takes care of the domestic workers, maids, fishing, messengers, workers of the field (known as diligent farming and forest), continuous, assistant of general services clerical, laundrymen, ascensoristas, motoboys, used not-specialized of the commerce, workers of mines and quarries, or workers of movement and manipulation of merchandises and materials that do not belong the unions. The value of readjustment considered for the second band was of 14,75%, passing of current R$ 610,00 for R$ 700,00. The second band takes care of to the professionals who work as agricultural and forest operators of machines and implementos, machines of the civil construction, mining and to cut and to cultivate wood, mailmen, dyers, professionals of beauty hall and centers of embelezamento as: manicures, pedicures, barbers, others.

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    Great Recession

    The fear to that the crisis of the debt of the Euro arrives at France has untied to this Wednesday the panic in the European Bags, that have closed with falls superiors to 5%. The corrective one, that has punished with force to the bank and also it has been let notice in Wall s$street, has taken to the majority of indices to the same levels of the spring of 2009, when the economy underwent the consequences of the fall of Lehman Brothers, that broke in September of 2008. Sad moral: neither the millionaire aid to the bank, nor the hard plans of adjustment, nor the liquidity without limit have prevented the return from the Bags to the hole in which they fell in the worse thing of the Great Recession. From the last European movement to confront the crisis, the summit of the past 21 of June in that it remembered make flexible and extend the bottom of rescue of the Euro, the bags have lost more of 20%. Source of the news: : The major ' crash' from the Great Recession

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    He says that the girl I push muleque a little in the front of it, was looking at it strangely and it continued, spoke well in ouvidinho of it, whispering pra to be more caliente ' ' He is that today I you giving sopa&#039 to you; '. Until it seems joke, in the reality is a joke, but also it is a fact This friend am not I ok? He fits to remember Truthful fact! Good, it finishes dance, it finishes balacobaco, thin and it rolls, and according to my friend, ' ' vi a woman to never laugh in such a way in my life and my front ' '. Sung, they have of funniest, until more without notion ' ' Your father is the owner of the Mcdonalds? Not? Pq I love everything very this? ' '. Your name is lie? Not, pq? Pq vc is very pretty pra to be truth I am not Ita bank, but I was made pra you Good-looking Oi Wise person who if you were a snack, you would be X-Princess? – T seeing that face there? It answers: – Yes, pq? Ae vc says: – It wanting to know if you to you wants to be with me! =P Or This is most rotten and pra to close this article that still I myself I ask myself, pq still continues writing and you pq still continue reading, but all good We go to jump this part. – Vc like Todinho? – Yes, pq? – Pq today I am Todinho Its! With affection, By Juliano? The loving council member

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    Olympic Games Equipment

    Marine life From the swimming pool they made evoke all the variety of the marine life: banks of fish that they change of sense, crabs which they move his tweezers, turtles, frogs, dolphins, a giant squid that rise, waves that go and that come and up to one orca happened in visual games that the Chinese public applauded with admiration. The Spaniards carried out their acrobatics without mistakes, with much more security than this week in the eliminatory ones, and showed ace i to what extent she has matured the equipment, in spite of the generational change that she confronts and of the deficiency of a great quarry for this sport in Spain as it happens in Russia, China or Japan. To only two years of preparation, and just by five of their eight component holders with World-wide experience in the previous one of Rome 2009, the Spaniards that take leave Shanghai with six medals and one good base to continue improving and developing their strongpoints facing the Olympic Games of London of next year. The Spanish equipment the Spanish equipment is formed by White Hair, Andrea Sources, Ona Carbonell, Thais Henrquez, Paula Klamburg, Claria Basiana, Marl Crespi and Irene Montruccio, of which these three last ones compete for the first time as titular in a World-wide one. The Russian equipment, that today gave to its country his him seventh gold in Shanghai 2011, is made up of Natalia Ishchenko, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Anastasia Davydova, Elvira Khasyanova, Daria Korobova, Aleksandra Patskevich, There Shishkina and Anzhelika Timanina. On the other hand, China competed with its twin brothers, Jiang Tingting and Jiang Wenwen, and the nadadoras Huang Xuechen, Chang If, Liu Ou, Luo XI, Sun Wenyan and Wu Yiwen. Source of the news: Spain obtains his sixth medal with the synchronous bronze in artistic

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    The Branches

    IT IS NOT a BRANCH OF the RIGHT In this part of the work we will determine if the compared right is or not a branch of the right, which servir to study but thorough east subject, and of this form to include/understand the subject matter of study with slidos foundations, which harn possible a greater development of the jurdica discipline study matter. The compared right is not a branch of the right, nevertheless, exist other legal disciplines that if they are it as for example the case of civil right, constitutional, procedural civilian, procedural constitutionalist, penitentiary, procedural penitentiary, procedural constitutionalist, labor, labor, sanitary, medical, mercantile, club, record, exchange, record, stock-exchange office staff, procedural, telecommunications, communications, banking, financial, of bankruptcies, competing, among others. That is to say, all the branches of the right are legal disciplines but not all of these last ones of the type of first. 5. MAGNITUDE OF the RIGHT COMPARED In this subttulo we will study the magnitude of the compared right, which servir to know to that it leaves from the right applies and consequently we will be able to know what is the mbito of study of the same to be able to include/understand with major precisin its magnitude, since these subjects little have been treated in the right. The compared right is of such magnitude that includes to all the branches of the right and all the jurdicas disciplines, for that reason is clear that all must know it and apply it to have slidos knowledge on the same and of this form to be to da with ltimas new features of the right in the world, for example to be to da with the studied new features not slo in the Peruvian right but tambin studied in the American, Spanish right and francs, among others. That is to say, a right or quite ample jurdica discipline is, for example it can be realised comparisons from the civil right to the csmico and hdrico right, which must be matter of study on the part of the treaty writers.

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    Triple Your Profits Without Increasing Your Marketing Costs

    First of all explain why you should use some form of direct marketing for your make money with your business. First, it is easier to sell to the customers you already have to go out and find new customers. Within minutes we will study how to create a new form of revenue for your business from your existing customers using direct marketing. Second, keeping in touch with your customers through direct marketing operation, develop a friendship. Not expecting that customers come to you, but you go to them with your oferta.Tambien is a good way to get more sales from your existing customers. But the question that arises is: What is Direct Marketing? It is a way to make marketing your products or services without necessarily having a shop.

    And undoubtedly, is the surest way to promote your product or service. In contrast ads "image" or the campaigns that create brand loyalty – when you ask direct marketing provided a response (usually a purchase) in each of your promotions. So if your e-mail account is not getting a flood of messages with the title "I Want Your Offer" of customers who want to buy, you know immediately that your letter or ad is ineffective. Before spending a penny more, you can change it – testing a new owner, a different price, another publication, etc. – Before using it again. What this means, of course, is that you do not spend a fortune on a bad campaign. First you run a small test, evaluate the response, and adjust your campaign according to the analysis.

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    Don Antonio Maria Hinojosa Alvarez

    They were happy to sign contracts as they had not seen in your life. Their signatures Articles, helped to sell the magazine in that worked and make more money to Antonio. But on the other hand, when the respective publication broke the writers ran out of cash. “I have the solution to your problem-les said the editor to each of them when they came to him made a basilisk. The authors, trapped by the expectation bygone revenues had never come to have, I listened, eager to grasp at straws. “I have the argument for a novel that, if you type in a couple of months, do you win a new prize for literature that I will create.

    Well. There was to establish a priority among the authors of their block, to use a horse racing terminology, as all could not win the award simultaneously. In any case, not a writer left to accept the proposal as the only alternative was to stay composed and without income. With these rushes, the prize became the most prestigious in the country and started selling like hotcakes novels. It was a simple matter of calculation, “said Don Antonio to the attentive chronicler wearing his white coat,” the best writers had secured the reputation of the award and could pay very well, in turn, to claim that prize was best and cheapest advertising possible for my new literary collection. So, until today. – He says that the arguments of the winning novels have always been with you? “Sure, my son. What do you want a man with boundless imagination reward my arguments sixpenny author timid and accommodating, with fewer neurons than a mosquito? No, man, no! They have been writing, the pen, that is their business.

    Imagination, ideas, arguments … have been mine. If not, would not have been worth a damn. The languid afternoon had yawned long time ago and was about to lie down in the shadows of the night. Manolo looked at his head with undisguised admiration, as if waiting for another revelation, a slogan, whatever. But the old man was silent, taking the same attitude and vegetative dormant from the start. Carefully, as if afraid to leave him abruptly from his reverie, nurses dare to ask you a question: – Why, if you have never told no none of this, she tells me now to me? Don Antonio Maria Hinojosa Alvarez sat silent, as if he had died suddenly. Only a slight tremor of his right hand indicated that the billionaire was still in this world. Suddenly, he opened his eyes as the headlights of a locomotive, grinned and asked in turn to the young man – you still do not know why I have done? “Well, no. “Because you are so shameless and so amoral as me. “No … I do not understand. “Of course I understand. You’re not a nurse, but a journalist who has sought how they used to be near me to see what could get from her. Well, you see. I never deceived anyone. Not you. What do you think? But I’ve explained everything. Only a scoundrel can fully understand another. That is why what I’ve told all my life. There was silence while the evening. Then the old man told the young, as though handing the baton in a race cloudy relays: “And now, please, take me to bed, I need rest.

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    Make Money

    How to Make Money on your site! When you have created your website, the question of how to make money on it? There are at least two ways by which you can earn on our site: Revenue from advertising for sale of goods and services in the second case postponed later. In this article I will address the issue of how your site can actually make money on advertising. Revenues from advertising If you look at many websites, you'll probably notice that there are advertisements, banners, shown on most pages. If you are – beginner, you're probably thinking that there must be a company or that your site must be known before you can get advertisers. In fact, any user with website can get advertisers.

    At the same time will surely note that if your site is known, you can force companies to contact you and offer to advertise on your site, you can get income from advertising, even if you're just starting out, and your relatively unknown. To start earning, you need to join some sort of program. This program – just an intermediary, where you can choose from a variety of advertisers. Payment Schemes Before joining to any program, you need to know about the various available schemes of payment. 1. Pay Per View where you get paid according to the number of hits, banner advertiser shown on your site. The amount you earn is calculated depending on the number of views.

    Most often the payment amount to be written in 1000pokazov. 2. Pay Per Click (PPC) When you get paid per click, you only pay when Visitors click on banners, links, the advertiser on your site. Here livelihoods depend on the attractiveness of a banner and web designers to make the task so that the visitor would click on this beautiful banner. 3. Pay Per Sale While you will probably get the highest price paid to this method is the lowest conversion. You only earn if your visitors are clicking through a banner (link) buy the item from the advertiser or take some other prescribed action (n.p signed for service). This method is based on more targeted visitors. How to Choose the Affiliate Program What is affiliate program is best to choose? My opinion is that program should be selected according to the scheme do not pay, but rather, according to the kind of people who are likely to visit your website. The most important rule for choosing affiliate programs is to know your potential clients. Automated Context-Sensitive Advertising One of the latest trends in website sponsorship is Google AdSense, an advertising network automatically checks your web page and determines the most appropriate advertising for the page. As a result, no additional effort from you, you pay directly proportional to the number of your visitors. PS Advertising revenue – one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just have to put a banner (the link) there and wait for money, when they will fall. (Okay, okay, not really. You'll still need to have some visitors first before you can do anything.) You still do not earn? If you already have a website, allow him to earn even while you sleep (literally).

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