Month: April 2015

    An Effective System Of Sales Management

    Today the business – it is a competitive war, where the fittest survive, that is the most prepared for this war. Mediocre or poorly prepared for these battles companies die or surrender "shark" business, even before he how to get stronger. That is why the statistics in Russia in the first 3 years 65% of the companies cease to exist. How could survive in this harsh competition, and what it means to be prepared? There are only a few ways of dealing with competition. 1. To sell at a lower price.

    That's how many of your competitors are struggling with you. One of the most ordinary and yet not the most intelligent way: we do not know how companies survive in such pricing policy, what is their level of profitability, and whether they will in this connection to exist tomorrow. The art of selling at its core – is a "sell high". This does not mean that we should only sell expensive goods and services, is means that to sell to a trade mark-up sufficient for the company to be viable, prosperous and build up reserves (in case of war). A sale at low prices often makes the company's activities simply maintaining the turnover of the series without Nawara, but in business. " 2.

    Create and sell higher quality products. This option is suitable production workers, which may affect its quality, if it is allowed financial opportunities. In trade and services we sell a quality that there is influence it can not always.

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