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    Ohno would have to become Toyota adequate the new necessities of the production. The Japanese laborers strong were influenced still by the artisan traditions and relutavam in executing repetitive and static tasks of a line of production to the style of Ford and the North American industries. The change would have to be organizacional and mannering. Ohno needed to promote a deep change in the standards of productive behavior, in such a way Japanese as occidental person. They were customs sufficiently taken root in culture productive, accepted as normal and considered invariant in the absolute opinion of the involved ones with the universe of the industrial production.

    The resistance to the system of Toyota, was not only in the internal scope. As much the laborers as the suppliers, were pressured so that they produced more cheap, with bigger rapidity and superior quality. With the time, the resistncias had diminished and with this, it after appeared a spirit of cooperation and motivation the constatao of good productive results. Ohno got the cooperation of the laborers, who had enriched the system contributing with its opinions and, especially, its experiences. They inside offered to its proper ideas and solutions for the problems appeared of the new productive process.

    The existing system from now on, started to evolve in constant and gradual way, provoking the envolvement and the contact narrowest them operators of the assembly line with the leading body of the company. It fits to register that the Japanese automotiva industry passed for the experience of the negative growth immediately after the crisis of the oil in 1973, and a time alone entered in collapse. However, then after, the exportations had increased e, comparative to the state of inactivity of the other industries, only the automotiva seemed to enjoy of good luck. In Toyota it was analyzed as to install autonmico nervous system in the proper enterprise organization, that grew quickly.

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    Managerial Skills And Enterprises

    On May 30 I was in another country and I was invited to give a lecture on Management and Management skills to an audience of 183 people. In structuring this "conference debate" I thought the goal was to cover "To show links between theory and practice and share criteria collectively" For these purposes, this type of conference I like to start by presenting a comprehensive way the evolution of the business world after the Second World War, where Europe had been devastated by the effects of war and the United States, had been strengthened economically. Before the war, according to a report by CNN, the U.S. had a 15% unemployment after the war was in full boom and its unemployment rate was estimated at 0%. His business had been strengthened and all that occurred was the market.

    That is, the companies working in what was called "Smooth Sailing" It is not until 1967 when a Frenchman named Jean Paul Schreibber does the book "The American Challenge" and shows that Europe was in the hands of the Americans, that governments are aware of the situation. At that time the prevailing economic model was "Keynesian", which raised the need for the intervention of the state as regulator of the economy to save the economic situation model "liberal" crack resulting from the bank in 1929. Under a new level of consciousness, the governments of Western Europe and Japan provide development capital for joint ventures that stimulate domestic production, as it was necessary to "liberate" that dominated the American business system, including information that was in the hands of U.S. .

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    Jurgen Hilp

    The enlightenment are consultants and other resources such as journals and information services industry. Closed-end funds offer securities investors are increasingly in demand. These include, for example, placement guarantee, equity capital deposit guarantees, completion guarantees as well as fixed price or maximum cost guarantees. While investors however be sure to what extent the benefit is hedging such risks in a reasonable proportion to the resulting higher costs. In addition, the creditworthiness of the guarantors should be always checked. Payout – and yield forecasting as well as initiator fees are less suitable as a criterion of comparison, since these are often not comparable due to different concepts or the quality of the management and higher fees that sometimes justified. Yield forecasts are often one of the Central instruments of marketing a project. But such bills will only have significance if realistic and conservative assumptions will be assumed.

    Some initiators use various screws such as, for example, a high inflation rate, low liquidity, foreign currency loans or an initially slow foreign capital amortisation, the prospektierte return visually to embellish. In the long term but higher costs and risks threatening such measures. The fees is sure that the soft money, so the share of costs, for example, for the procurement of equity or the Fund concept to the investment, is not too high. As a general rule: the lower the percentage, the better. One of the main reasons why occasionally serious projects in the past have come to economic difficulties, is a high debt ratio. Although a positive leverage effect can be generated in favourable phases by high borrowing rates, in times of crisis and in less favourable development of interest this may change but to the detriment of the investor and reduce payouts.

    Declining revenues can also lead to liquidity bottlenecks and result in a financial difficulties or even bankruptcy of a project at a high interest rate and repayment commitment. In principle therefore, that higher debt ratios only by a correspondingly high security on the revenue side are justified. About the AAD Fund discount GmbH and the AAD Fund discount blog AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee. In the AAD Fund discount blog refers to current as well as basic questions about the topics of closed-end funds and investment funds the General Manager Dr. Jurgen Hilp and lit them in economic and legal terms. Contact Stefan Gobel reel road 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421-979-020 fax: 06421-933-570 blog.aad


    A few days ago was talking with a friend who is differential educator who works with disabled people about a subject that fascinates me: the possibilities offered by the Internet to educate themselves and pursue specific vision that God has given to every human being. We all have talents and unique abilities with which God has created us to fulfill a specific task here on Earth. However, these talents should be developed and applied correctly so that we can achieve our full potential. While traditional education tries to meet this basic need of every human being, the Internet has opened new horizons and new possibilities. Times have changed. Today, anyone who has a computer with connection to the Internet has the world literally at their fingertips without moving one foot from the House. Explaining this to the friend, she exclaimed: this is the ideal solution for a disabled person! After telling me about the problem itself the life of one person with a disability, I could understand the tremendous potential that the Internet for the disabled, who also have dreams in their hearts and a desire to contribute to society. Only in Chile, there are more than two million disabled people and only a third of them works.

    Despite the multiple efforts of integration of disabled persons who are made, many of them cannot reach realize their dreams. A large number of them have higher education, but have problems of mobilization. In addition, unfortunately there is some discrimination and it is difficult to find a job. However, today a window of hope is opened for the disabled around the world: the power of the Internet. A very good example is the mentor for my husband. He is a paraplegic millionaire that teaches its students around the world as invest in the stock market of United States. You only need to do this is a computer with Internet connection! No need for offices, mobilization, not even a Secretary! Those that generate income to through the Internet and they need extra help, they have virtual assistants who live in any other part of the world.

    All this is possible by being connected to the Internet! When my friend and I realized us this tremendous window of hope is the Internet to as disabled, us thrilled. First the Internet may give them a cutting-edge education and, secondly, offers innovative options to generate resources without the need to move from your home. Discover how to generate an income from the Internet.

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    Urban Architecture

    Endless tango and I checked, Buenos Aires is a city without complexes. The so-called Paris of South America, European style, has an atmosphere that attracts locals and foreigners. The safety of narcissism, sometimes exaggerated, makes the capital of Argentina an attractive incentive in which an architecture intermingle large luxury buildings in the affluent neighborhoods of low houses with colored labor. A megalopolis of 15 million people that seems not end when you start to descend the plane at Ezeiza airport and is the natural gateway for South American tour. With increasingly cheap flights is a good option to travel as backpackers since arriving in a country with one currency, the Argentine peso (ARS), very weak against the euro and the dollar. From the international airport, 35 km from downtown, you can catch buses that take 40 minutes and cost between 32 and 35 ARS (about 6 euros) or take the cheapest option is a public bus number 86, which costs an , 35 ARS (0.20 euros), but it takes two hours.

    Once in the center and although it is a large city, it is easier and cheaper to move because it has a highly developed transport system. With six subway lines, which is known in Argentina as the underground (0.70 ARS travel costs) and more than 150 bus lines or bus (the trip costs 0.80 ARS) can reach every corner of the city . To save costs one can choose an Internet that is affordable by avoiding the high season in Argentina is from November to February, as they coincide with summer in the southern hemisphere.

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