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    Horizontal System

    Type 2 – in the system to the bearing wall mounted vertical guides, and only to them – horizontal. This design inherits all the disadvantages of the classical horizontal structure, so it is used mainly for thick-walled liner made of natural stone, which is attached by horizontal longitudinal cuts guides. In this case the horizontal direction have, by and large, the loads on the vertical cross-compression, which allows the entire system to work well. In addition, this design applied on the basis of invisible (hidden) fasteners, in this case, the negative impact of construction is reduced because of: mounting each tile into two separate horizontal lines (which reduces the load on each of them); increase relative to the system of insulation, which increases the effective air gap. Depending on the material of construction framing, ventilated facade systems used in the Russian architectural and construction practices are divided into three groups: carrier system substructure of aluminum alloys; carrier system made of carbon steel substructure with protective coatings; system supporting substructure of stainless steel. Auxiliary elements of ventilated facades include: – packing tape between the panel and the profile-facing design – decorative corners and inserts for closing the ends and gaps between panels, perforated metal, for ventilating system bottom and top – small parts. Fasteners mechanically fastening cladding materials for the carrier-facing profile design. Fasteners used in ventilated facades are divided into the following groups: dowels and cup holder mount insulation; anchor dowels for mounting brackets and bearing profiles; metal anchors; galvanized screws made of carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum; rivets; additional elements. Get more background information with materials from Tyler Haney.

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    Promotional Gifts And Corporate Gifts

    The use of corporate gifts and promotional gifts business gifts is an integral part of corporate ethics. Today, the practice of gifts to customers and business partners there are in most major reputable companies, especially in medium and large businesses. Corporate gifts – is not only a great way to maintain the company's image in the eyes of partners, customers and clients, and this opportunity to once again remind yourself to get attention, to emphasize their individuality, and to establish or strengthen relationships between employees. On the value and originality of the gift depends largely on the impression that company will produce for their partners because of the gift to judge the qualifications of the company, its creativity and the attitude towards customers. By Business souvenirs include office accessories with the company logo and information about the company, household items, etc. As a rule, they appear to be one of the three groups. First of all, promotional gifts, which include small and inexpensive items with company logo, for example, key chains, lighters, pens, mugs, etc.

    Secondly, it is printed products: diaries, notebooks, wall or pocket calendars, notepads, posters or placards. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can be and used as a supplement to the business gift, and as promotional gifts. Finally, a VIP-gifts, which include exclusive and usually expensive items to be performed on request. It can be expensive watches, paintings, case studies, stationery from top designers, decorated with precious metals or inlay. Usually these gifts are meant for one specific person and are manufactured in one piece.

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    Standard Brochure Holder

    At this stage, is indispensable to use a small advertising Brochure Holder Rack, where you can conveniently place your brochures, catalogs, flyers, price lists, magazines, newspapers, business cards or other promotional materials intended for placement in an office, showroom, or for distribution to your promotional activities. Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation wanted to know more. Brochure Holder absolutely necessary, wherever used in advertisements printed materials. They are your catalogs or magazines to be conveniently and accurately placed. Brochure Holder serves a dual function. The first function – utilitarian, Brochure Holder specifically designed for easy presentation and storage of large amounts of your promotional materials, and at the same time, they have an aesthetic function, which is always important in advertising. There are many different types Brochure Holder. It can be versatile metal construction with pockets of various sizes, or exclusive promotional stands from a special profile with elements made of transparent plastic.

    Brochure Holder can be mounted or desktop, but more often used many different kinds of floor Brochure Holder. There Standard Brochure Holder with pockets of only one size – A4 and A3, which are suitable for placement of flyers, catalogs, pricelist, magazines, newspapers, or with pockets and A5 1/3A4 for booklets and brochures. Brochure Holder from perfolista remarkable in that they can be hung on shelves and pockets of all sizes. Swivel stand with pockets of different sizes differ big storage capacity, especially useful when they are in a large room where provided an approach from different sides. Exclusive promotional stands are more expensive model, they are also designed to distribute your promotional materials, but at the same time, they are designed to provide you in your environment competitors due to unusual design or an elegant way to remember respectability. It is sometimes used for unusual combinations such advertising racks materials such as wood, metal or plastic, and specially designed metal profiles and acrylic pockets.

    A special category are mobile Brochure Holder, fit into a small suitcase or bag-tube. These are specially designed for Brochure Holder transportation, and at the same time, they have an attractive appearance, made of clear plastic and shiny nickel-plated metal, and their design is also convenient as a conventional floor Brochure Holder. People love to see that you spent time and money to promote your products. This gives them a sense of security and confidence that you intend to stay long on the market. Advertising stands – Brochure Holder and mobile exhibition stands – this good investment in your business, because all are designed for repeated use. With a mobile booth and Brochure Holder, you'll always be ready to participate in an interesting event for you, exhibition, conference or other event.

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    Premiumsystem SycoTec

    Marketing agency created a campaign for a new Premiumsystem to the facade design safe as a symbol for maximum protection Rohrbach / Freising (mh) a company a new product on the market launches. Already this provided the groundwork for sustainable market success. Repeatedly make only companies but the experience that it is not enough”to have an innovation. A launch will be strategically planned and implemented advertising technical professional. As a campaign of ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH for the HASIT dry mortar GmbH and their new Premiumsystem SycoTec.

    What were for days when it was enough to have a good product and want to sell this… There, the marketing pre-programmed was child’s play and success in the market. Nowadays bring but also many other premium goods and services on the market. A top of the line is therefore no longer enough to stand out in an increasingly tough competition to and claim. The modern and successful marketing credo therefore, with a strong market and brand image to evoke emotion and not just to sell products. The specialists of the advertising agency ADVERMA (www.adverma.de) near Pfaffenhofen in the metropolitan area between Munich and Ingolstadt provide the crucial emotional touch to the marketing HASIT campaign demonstrated that it is possible even for purely technical products, give one of the special strengths of the Baba think tank.

    The Premiumsystem SycoTec for facade design and protection of the Freisinger HASIT dry mortar GmbH (www.hasit.de) as a specialist for innovative system products for the building once again sets new standards. This central message to communicate effectively and easy was the task for our agency”, explains Nora Kammerl, the responsible client Advisor at ADVERMA. As a symbol of the unique protection function by SycoTec is the vault. Everyone knows that in valuables such as money, jewellery, etc. are best. The safe maximum security embodied in the campaign also for facades, which are also valuable to their owners.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Without a doubt, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that benefits both to the producer or seller and the affiliate. Both maintain a relationship of type win – win, i.e., the creator of the product or service benefits to find a network of promoters for their products, without fixed costs, which is remunerated for each sale. On the other hand, affiliates benefit from get succulent commissions. In addition, some affiliates have proven to be highly efficient, penetrating into niches of market objectives quickly. Keep in mind that some affiliates possess important structures of sale, that put at the disposal of the creator of the product, and even invested large amounts on advertising and promotion to achieve the best results. Advantages of Affiliate Marketing – is easy to start, because you can start immediately and do not need to make a large initial investment to start your business. -It is a business with great flexibility, since it allows reorient their strategies at any time.

    In this way, you can stop promoting products if cease to be profitable and find new ones that are most in demand. The secret of success is in improving strategies which are made for getting better results. -The quantity of products or services that you can promote is very high, almost limitless, so have huge chances of success. -You don’t need to have a website, but even if you do, you don’t need to be the best. You just need to follow the strategies which are really providing excellent results. -You don’t need to have your own product to succeed. You’ll be promoting the product of other people and they will pay you large amounts of money.

    -Don’t need employees, inventories, Office or customer care services simply use an Internet connection and a computer as a working tool to make money. -You have access to a global market. You can be the best partner and sell products of greater demand in the market. These are just some of the advantages that have to learn how to sell online products of affiliate, but practically you should not sell anything, such as affiliate Elite 2.0 system, indicates it since you only you dictate to carry visitors to the sales page, and the seller is responsible for the rest.


    This innovating service will allow its users to realize payments and other financial operations through movable telephone, of simple form and without needing having banking account nor credit card. In this way, Railway among others presents/displays an open technological solution that allows to incorporate to the movable telephones financial micro services, like the retirement and deposit of cash, the accomplishment of money transference, the payment in establishments and the payment of microcredit. The services created for the charge users Railway per-payment, will serve to especially accede to a series of financial services that are not within reach of certain segments of the population, those that have lower rents or live in countryside remote. For this project of innovation, the company counts on a robust technological platform of easy integration, abstainer and proven successfully in other continents of the world. In Latin America the use of the movable telephone like financial instrument, is not a comfort, but a necessity, aimed Give Cohen, Chief of a main directorate of Railway. the event is being a magnificent opportunity to show the Movilway technology like a solid, safe and viable alternative, that facilitates the access of the financial services to the population notarization of the Region. In the present digital surroundings, Latin America has become an opportunity without precedents for the movable industry. A third of the population of the Region hardly has access to banking services and nevertheless, more of the 80 percent it has a movable telephone. The movable communications are arriving or at great part of the population, in some cases before another type of basic services like the electricity or the water. The movable device no longer is an article of luxury but a necessity for the population with less resources, that have incorporated already it in their daily life.

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    Laboratory Centre

    Manager evaluates his work on a number of parameters pointed out the mistakes, and then informs the employee of the monitoring. Together, they dismantled the dialogue with the client of the operator and the manager puts him an overall assessment. In good sall-centers, each operator goes through monitoring at least once per shift. Clearly, with such control people try to work qualitatively all the time. A constant feedback from the manager to help them avoid mistakes and improve your communication with subscribers. Except addition, managers can always get detailed statistics on the performance of each operator per shift on the following parameters: number of processed calls, total time spent on communication with subscribers and on breaks, the number of rings interrupted subscribers and interrupted by the operator, etc. If any figure from one operator is significantly different from the average of the shift, then, is to understand: perhaps this fellow is doing something wrong, and maybe vice versa – it works much better than others.

    In short, the modern sall center has all the necessary technical resources to ensure customer agents work with their clients, given the appropriate standards quality. The call center as a laboratory for marketing Working with sall center offers, besides all the above, is also an opportunity to gather a large amount of statistical data on existing and potential customers. Since statements during the conversation asked subscriber mark questions, we can easily get their quantitative distribution, as well as ask sall-center record verbatim customer comments. In addition, the operators themselves ask questions. So it is possible to obtain socio-demographic "portrait" of those who are interested in goods or services, find out what products they are buying competitors, and more. Another plus: having a few sall Center phone numbers, you can place them in various advertisements and quantify what advertising brings a greater effect. Similarly, placing the phone number sall center in television commercials, you can learn to what channels and when advertising brings in more feedback, and optimize your advertising dollars. And finally, this makes the marketing of the Laboratory Centre sall function testing different ways to "exit" on potential customers: a comparison of the efficiency of databases, performance measurement options for the presentation of services by telephone, an analysis of various communication strategies. It is important that the technology allows sall Center quantitatively – in percentage, the number of customers, sales – to monitor the results of such experiments. Having been in this "laboratory of marketing" accurate data about market reaction to the proposal, the firm can reasonably to plan long-term large-scale advertising campaign.

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    One bad happening after another and what did those responsible? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Instead of responding, was simply wait. Of course a reaction then actually again: the page was indeed blocked. The question arises: what has the Deutsche Bahn did wrong? The simple answer is: a lot. Below you will find why the three most important survival tips”for social networks, you should observe: short response times: the world of social networks is fast moving.

    You must adapt to this rate, if you want to be successful. Click Governor Cuomo to learn more. That means concretely, at least once a day to check your profile on new messages and posts there. Put it even aimed to respond to reactions of your contacts within maximum 24 hours. No censorship: the users of social networks react to almost nothing disgruntled about the attempt of a censorship. A critic should find its way onto your profile and through appropriate Posts notice then you don’t delete them.

    Instead, take the critical voices as an opportunity to offer your help specifically. So, they signal a willingness to talk, who appreciate also other contacts. Content instead of advertising: You do without, so far as it is possible, entirely on advertising. Their profiles within the social networks are no advertising Distributor, with which you can send your flyers and posters in digital form. Offer instead informative content with real added value. News from the industry can be, as well as small guides and tip Collections. How to find new customers and they bind to your company of course mountains social networks not only threats, but also impossibly large potential, which applies to fathom it. By XING as you have access to millions of entrepreneurs, freelancers and officers briefly: your target audience in the B2B area. At the end of this article, I give you now is still showing on it how you easiest way able to find new contacts and paying customers to convert this gradually. Of course, can we not have the PreSales marketing at this point across a wide range, but can you already use actively the following two tips to increase your sales. Contact search in groups: millions of users it not so is easy to find really suitable candidates for networking. Fortunately, groups on the most diverse subjects exist in Facebook, as well as in XING and other networks. There you will find people who share a particular interest. In a first step, identify suitable communities and engage within the group. Informative posts automatically provide a high level of attention and accordingly many contact requests. Make contacts customers: the pure networking with people is futile, if not a conscientious intensification followed the relationship. Just as the important relationship of trust between you and your contacts is growing. On top of this can access then in sale talks. So almost become self runners. To maintain your relationships as easily through social networking, you should set up their own groups. Can you inform your contacts with one click on important innovations and provide them with high-quality content. This service will not be without effect. I hope I could convince you of the fantastic opportunities, provide the social networks. Don’t forget the risks but still, you will inevitably encounter.

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    Web Gallery

    Choose a domain name that best presents your company with your Web design. Should be your choice to a name with multiple words, it is recommended to separate them with a hyphen (for example: toys mustermann.de). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Reinhart. Keywords in the domain name are beneficial, but the name is to impress your customers and not ridicule you in online marketing. If you have decided, you should make your content only at this address in the network. It makes no sense to create another domain name. Link only to your own domain. As with webdesign Berlin.

    Using file names for each file name in the Web design only lowercase letters and numbers. Special characters and spaces are not required. For dynamic sites be sure that each bottom with just a URL is reachable. Supposedly subdomains Berlin will be settled later with your Web design, therefore store to closed areas in itself (example: forum.)Seite.de). A sub domain is also easier to enter in a Web Gallery. Forget not the forwarding of your pages in the online marketing in Berlin so that visitors not in the empty click. Use frames no frames, which brings only disadvantages with himself.

    From the point of view of search engine, a frameset is empty. That is, therefore, also the home page of your site would be empty. There are search engines that have problems with the indexing of the subpages of the frameset. Thus, you can forget about a top ranking with webdesign Berlin on Google. Since search engine optimization is based on text reading, you should hide any text in graphics graphics so the search engine can no longer read your texts? Also you should name your graphics for the Web design speaking for themselves (example: kochtopf.jpg). A paraphrase or a totally different name achieved not the desired result. This also applies to the alternate text. Content not only your visitors want to see informative and worth reading texts, also a Search engine can benefit. Use keywords in the online marketing in Berlin, but don’t overdo it so. Forward is an important keyword, the better it will be calculated. Of course, your content in Web design Berlin should be written correctly. A search engine does not find misspelled words. There are many criteria to make so successful search engine optimization and online marketing in Berlin as well as possible. Read is this for example in the blog talking marketing to many information and news to the one topic. This link will take you to blog talk marketing: online marketing in Berlin. If you have installed the search engine optimisation on the best stand, they came a bit ahead in the area of online marketing. And even if the right optimization is time consuming, forget not the other areas for viewing on the Web especially the contents are required.

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    Intersolar Europe

    Intersolar Europe mass two-thirds of respondents biomass, solar and wind companies 2013 in Munich have no communication strategy, Cologne 11.06.2013. Only every third company in the renewable energy industry communicates strategically and purposefully. In particular PR managers of firms without a defined communication strategy complain about the missing concept and the lack of internal and financial support for communication activities. Although 74 percent of communication press and public relations consider important, but only a few of the companies surveyed provide a substantial budget for PR activities. Despite sales in the millions, it was half of the company at less than 10,000 euros per year.

    These are the first results of the ongoing study communication of biomass, solar and wind companies”Kar communications. The Agency on renewable energy and technology issues since 2004 provides the first results and trends of the study for the first time in the context of the Intersolar Europe on June 20, 2013 11:00 The public before. For PR work only who is strategically success control, defines its objectives and target groups, and precise messages developed its special strengths, will succeed with its communication”agency Iris Krampitz is convinced. With our study we want to demonstrate our experience of nine years press work in the renewable energy industry, which raise awareness among industry for strategic media and public relations and find out how strategically biomass, solar and wind companies already communicate.” For this, the Cologne Agency also checks whether the messages of the companies with the right target groups arrive. Since April 2013, Krampitz communications questioned the entrusted by biomass, solar and wind companies to their press – and public relations. How successful the communication work is being studied in the second part of the study. The final results and reports will be published in the fourth quarter of 2013. Questionnaire online Company spokesman and professionals can participate in the anonymous study until July 15, 2013. The questionnaire is available at bit.ly/11XEF9z to download.

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