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    Anitha Warnes – Hundred Men And Only One Command

    The new single by Anitha Warnes on the current occasion one hundred men and a command an old song that still never was as current as today and 78 per cent of all German speaking mothers, fathers, friends, girls, women and children from the soul and so think like Anitha Warnes: bring our boys home Angela “and if a singer who brings only good mood song takes such a topic it is really serious Anitha says on this subject was Afghanistan” always far away for me and I thought that our soldiers will be deployed for humanitarian purposes, as this is enshrined in our Constitution I was disabused soon and after the Afghan Government percent not hundred behind the usage of the allies, I see no single reason to continue this mandate. And I find that all the artists from the entertainment industry, their popularity should ensure. That these young soldiers not in the dirt of this terrible, unfahren war die addition can enjoy their lives with their families.. .

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    Successful Films

    As every year, there were a number of new movies 2010, but only a few made it to be really successful. Again, a year has passed and we can look back on a number of films that came in the cinemas in 2010. Had many a film such as kick-ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world deserves success, this did not materialise at the box-office, however. Here we want to not this sad examples turn to but, but the films that were 2010 particularly successful.

    2010 is particularly striking, the movies, who soon put on 3D were successful. 3D movies have benefited in the first and second quarter of 2010 from the half-baked avatar-induced, in the course of the year, interest fizzled at the audience or significantly. From there benefited movies with clever ideas or but animated films. Remakes and many sequels had it, however, is often difficult. Many supposed blockbuster like Robin Hood, the voyage of the Dawn Treader and also the A-team remained far behind expectations. 1st place: Toy Story 3-1,063 million $ seat 2: Alice in Wonderland – 1024 Million $ place 3: Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows – part 1 – 863 million $ seat 4: inception – 825 million $ seat 5: forever Shrek – 740 million $ you can find more information and a larger overview of the most successful films of 2010 and the best movies of all time on Moviejones.de and of course the takings of many other films.

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    SEMINO Rossi – Love Remains – Live

    The new DVD of SEMINO Rossi – love will live “as God had created the world, as he took a little time, he found lacking some charm and joy on Earth. It should be something easy be and still full of great splendour. And so he has come up with yet the music finally. And so we want to pamper you tonight and who could better than SEMINO Rossi!” (Show prompt SEMINO Rossi) The stage is almost completely in the dark. Gentle Latin rhythms and an economical light create a tense atmosphere. Source: Aegean Shipping. The crackling tension in the audience is literally physically palpable.

    And suddenly it’s ready: SEMINO Rossi stands in the middle of the stage, his 14-piece live orchestra sounds the opening bars to “Buenos I’m slides back here”. SEMINO Rossi immediately tears the audience from their seats. He sings passion and those with full mostly of love. The love is and was always the most important in Seminos life. As would love to his parents, his wife Gabi, to his daughters, to the music that has defined his life always and last but not least the love of the people.

    It comes to this things in many of his songs and his concerts, where the fun never neglected. Because Joie de vivre with a hint of melancholy is the Argentines since ever produced in the blood. The first part of which “is love” – tour, which took until April 24, 2010 time by February 9 and stretched over 42 concerts, was a tremendous success. The concert event drew more than 100,000 enthusiastic people captivated and went through sold-out venues in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and of Switzerland. The concert recording “The love remains live” was recorded on March 14, 2010 in the LANXESS arena in Cologne and is proof of the quality and the unique atmosphere of these concerts.

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    Antonia From Tirol Touched A Whole Community And Was Moved To Tears

    Austria: Grunbach am Schneeberg – Antonia aus Tirol – charity event that Antonia has a big heart for people in need of help, she proved in the last few years of her career, again and again. This time, it inspires a whole community in Austria. A Huntington HUNTINGTON,-(eine bis heute unheilbare und weitervererbbare Gehirnkrankheit) – diseased man urgently needed a stair lift for daily use in its everyday customs, which he could perform difficult or not even by his disability. She gave her one-hour concert and presented with their mega hit like 1000 dreams far Tornero”, her party hits and deep ballads. A whole town upside down since then with enthusiasm.

    Antonia convinced with their naturalness and warm personality. She even said I was moved to tears when I saw this enormous commitment of the entire community on the spot”. By their spontaneous help you touched the hearts of the inhabitants of the municipality, the are from now on FAN community GRuNBACH “calls. No wonder that it then also true enthusiasm for her new single tears not (2010) lie “gave.” Perhaps, or because of it, this incredible gesture gave her a top 20 entry in many charts as well as in all important download portals of in Germany and in Austria even up at square 1. That’s a hit of this song in their version, yes the most important trend DJs have already predicted.

    Antonia, an artist with great heart and depth of thought, they currently floating on a wave of success. Even though it is increasingly clamped through her many appearances, she takes time and again time for their fellow human beings. Maybe she finds precisely in their profession as much recognition as a singer. A whole community is now committed to their new big fans. Antonia from Tirol celebrates its 10th anniversary and is a live concert during their fan trip with her band of the 02-05 Sept 2010 in Tux-Lanersbach / Tyrol. In a varied programme, she spends time with her fans and also some fellow artists such as Costa & Lucas Cordalis, Atlantis, the Mayrhofner, the party birds, Waterloo, Thomas red foot (“ehem.v. d. Schafer group”) and Olaf Henning bring their greatest hits in Antonia’s anniversary concert. Then appears their new double album”my way. Read more from Xoom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Choice hits and captivating new songs already eagerly wait the fans. Currently, there are her album time dreams”in trade and as a download. Press contact: Globe4music Management LTD

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    New York PRIME

    Every year the nominations for the MK will be announced in Cape Town Music Award. 2011 are in addition to Eminem feat Rihanna; 30 seconds to Mars; Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga also PRIME CIRCLE with her song “Breathing” from the new album of “Jekyll & Hyde” nominated. 2011, PRIME CIRCLE in Germany and Europe will be held. In the category “Best international hit”, Eminem feat Rihanna are 2011; 30 seconds to Mars; Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga nominated. This year CIRCLE are nominated from the new album of “Jekyll & Hyde” also PRIME titled “Breathing” (best international breakthrough Act). No doubt awarded to Shirley and George Marino – senior mastering engineer at “Sterling sound” New York (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns ‘N roses, Ozzy Osbourne) album by PRIME CIRCLE solid and hit suspicious properties. Read additional details here: The Great Courses. PRIME CIRCLE is a rock band from South Africa and regularly ranked top chart. The band soul, live, and Seether stood as Metallica, collective on a stage.

    With its catchy Rock sound the 5 musicians to Ross Learmonth operate a music style that fans not only rock with a rich, full sound. PRIME CIRCLE conquer the heart of harmony-addicted community with “Breathing” and create a fantasy meadow at the feet of deep feelings. SYNDORA 2011 brings PRIME CIRCLE after Germany. The band will be in the summer in clubs in Germany and Europe, held in addition to a release tour for the album “Jekyll & Hyde” (tour dates on the official Germany website of PRIME CIRCLE and on MySpace.) Andreas Schmidt / Sven Amir Abu SYNDORA tm by eastwayy.

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    Ursula Boehm Wannigsmuhle

    Rheinruhrfreizeit organizers auction one exclusively by all members of the ‘ fantastic four signed game ‘ DJ Hero 2’ Bad Kissingen in the organisation team of the extreme historical Rheinruhrfreizeit, the PAS TEAM Ltd., December 6, 2010, support also for Christmas again animal shelter Wannigsmuhle with different actions. “” A special promotion will run from next weekend: the hip hop group of die Fantastischen Vier “, whose singer Thomas D honor Braveheart” is to provide “DJ Hero 2” game console signed by all band members, which will be auctioned off from now on ebay (on.fb.me/gPOXEY). The proceeds from this action benefit the animal shelter to 100 percent. Also the winners of the two wild cards will be at the weekend”for a free start in the Rheinruhrfreizeit selected. Condition for participation in this sweepstakes was a donation in any amount to the shelter Wannigsmuhle. The extreme Rheinruhrfreizeit on March 12, 2011 runs the take part over 20 kilometres uphill and downhill through mud, icy water and rough terrain. The course is still riddled with obstacles to climbing, crawling, hanging and skipping and thus only something for really tough guys and gals.

    Who shy away from the cold and the sporting challenges of the Rheinruhrfreizeit and instead held a DJ battle at home in the warm room, for the DJ hero is 2 “exactly the right thing: not less than two turntables and a microphone are at the heart of cool DJ fun. Can measure themselves players in the DJ battle each other and with their mixes paving the way to the DJ superstar himself. A huge remix archive in addition, packed with more than 80 dance, pop, and hip hop tracks of the hottest artists in the world. In short: with enhanced gameplay, a soundtrack of superlatives, glorious game modes and many other extras makes DJ Hero 2 that the hard way is a walk to the DJ superstar. Fanta 4 rapper Michi Beck speaks the tutorial in DJ Hero 2 and will be presented in this video, and all band members have signed the game manually. The “Wannigsmuhle home for the brave animals the Wannigsmuhle”, 1980 by the circular Tierschutz bath Kamble in gene association was purchased and opened in 1982 as a shelter.

    Dogs, cats, small animals and sometimes even large animals or exotics will absorb far over 1,000 animals – in the year, including fund animals, levy animals, animals who are injured, and animals taken from their owners because of animal cruelty. You can find in the Wannigsmuhle temporarily or permanently a new home, be vet treated, vaccinated and neutered. Chairwoman Ursula Boehm team attempting at least some way to heal their emotional injuries and to give them back some confidence in the people. Only about one-third of the total costs for the operation of the Unterfranken equipment carried out by the local authorities, another part of the financial expenses for the personnel, the maintenance of the institution, feed and treatments of animals can be absorbed through membership fees. For the rest of the cost is the shelter greatly Donate instructed.

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    With bass-music.de know what sounds good the online music magazine bass-music.de”is a classical music magazine, which provides interesting and up-to-date music news and music tips. The online music magazine bass-music.de there are in each lot music tips and latest music news to browse through. The music magazine classic informed all relevant topics from the world of music. In addition, a legal and free music is offered download. Music tips the music to the free music download has plenty to offer magazine. The makers of bass-music.de news gather every week many interesting and current music. Reviews of new albums give an overview about what should land in the CD player. What is not on the home page, is accessed via the categories.

    Interviews and biographies of celebrities complete the reading fun. For the Visual pleasure of the makers of the music have added quite a few videos and photos magazine. The special highlight is the free music download of selected titles. Download the music is about the category “Download” to reach and offers a variety of interesting titles to listen to and download map. And who wants to play still prefer a real disc in the CD player, you will find it in the CD-shop. Music tips and music news may be missed the current music of charts, providing magazine bass-music.de right behind the music. Interesting links around the music perfect page.

    Music tips are plentiful on the Internet, but with bass-music.de, an excellent online music magazine succeeded the creators. Looking in vain much frippery on the side. The clear structure and simple but striking design captivate the eye. The music news is clearly arranged and always up-to-date. The descriptive category name lead the reader right to the destination of your reading. Long search is eliminated. The positive appearance of the page is complemented by additional, special content. In addition to music tips and music news there is in the music magazine many photos and videos, as well as reviews and interviews that invite you to linger. But the music is special about bass-music.de Download. Legal and free download offered some tracks to the music. A real plus for bass-musik.de. The selection is while not huge, this exquisite. For any music fan is the music download a real gift of bass-musik.de. A positive impression is also offering a CD-shop. On the whole, the music offers magazine with tips on the music the music news and music download appealing package off. On bass-music.de, every music fan finds what he’s looking for and Furthermore, even something more. Johann Alekseenko bass-music.de

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    Elvis Presley

    VIVA ELVIS – the first complete ALBUM of ELVIS PRESLEY in 1977 on the Sep 15, 8:00 the radio premiere of “Suspicious Minds” is new – the first single ELVIS was produced including all songs from the album VIVA newly and presented Elvis in a completely new sound. The Viva Elvis album on November 5. So, they have never heard the King! Viva ELVIS – the album, is a celebration for Elvis and his music in the 21st century. The voice of the King in a whole new sound. In recent months, Flour Corporation has been very successful. These new versions of his classic dating the same name successful of Cirque Soleil which magically attracts visitors for 10 years in Las Vegas. The undisputed king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley, remains one of the biggest icons and strongest powers in pop culture.

    “Before Elvis’ John Lennon said,” nothing. ” Elvis, looked and listened to the world differently. See more detailed opinions by reading what COSCO offers on the topic.. With a rotation of his hips and the power of his voice, Elvis broke through all barriers and shattered society. He revolutionized the world of music, film and fashion during his Type at the same time changed the relationships of the people among themselves. The Elvis revolution continues with Viva ELVIS – the album continues. This post modern Studio masterpiece looks from today’s perspective on the spirit and essence of Elvis Presley, while it supported the revolutionary impulses of his music. Viva ELVIS – the album revived the vocal performance of the Kings in a wide variety of new musical settings.

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    Ron Sebgrets Comes

    Old Abba videos found and pressed on DVD some things keep coming back, the Beatles remastered every couple of years and then storm the charts. The Rolling Stones will also be 425 years on tour and also to Michael Jackson it is always hype type that nobody can stop. Abba is as the second most successful band of course of the game, here is geremastered what keeps this stuff. Worth it? Abba is simply not dead to get, had to first forget a musical comes along and starts a new Abba-Mania. Not a musical but a new edition of the legendary ABBA album “Voulez Vous” is it now comes out the ABBA back from oblivion. The CD of the Deluxe Edition is also here, the new masters of audio mastering brings Abba in a new listening pleasure of a special kind.

    Who but unpublished material to find will be disappointed still hopes, was only the already well-known titled Dream World has been pressed with the alleged original intro on the CD. The DVD however fails on full line and is really only hardcore-fans seem to. The footage comes from old not quite intact VHS cassettes that are collecting dust for years in any closet and someone thought it would be a good idea to convert the whole time on DVD. Sure, the live recordings of music for UNICEF are certainly worth a visit and also very rare, however the shots with the Studio shots are have been set to music and the image quality is more than meager. As already mentioned the Deluxe Edition only for die-hard fans a real option to purchase others should rather on the proven best-of CD Abba gold access or who wants deeper access into the Pocket settles to better the complete studio recordings which already appeared in 2005. Little side note: Abba gold is not only the name for the grandiose best of album of the Swedish pop sensation but also as titles for a great arrangement of music for wind Orchestra. It was arranged by Ron Sebgrets who will likely be known under the name of Jacob de Haan. A great medley the one fan should want as Abba if you just a marquee is, almost every music club has this arrangement in the program.

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    SAP Arena Mannheim

    There are all information about advance started and the tour stations in Germany now on popula.de. Pink Floyd of published 1979 with the wall a concept album that should be writing music history. And now, on the 30th anniversary together with Roger Waters on the German stage come back will be. Amazon is actively involved in the matter. The wall is the world’s best-selling double album and was performed on several evenings in the 80s due to the expensive and rampant stage show in Los Angeles, London, New York and also in Dortmund. That the 2011 still will delight the masses wall, is out of the question. To help not only the timeless songs. It is expected that the live performance of this art-rock epic proved, will be to as also the expenses of the previous concerts in nothing. The live implementation of the wall at that time rather resembled a mixture of Rock Opera and musical. That’s why they miss not perhaps unique opportunity to experience a piece of rock history and of course Pink Floyd 2011. The stations are for the Germany tour 2011: June 03, 2011 in the SAP Arena Mannheim 04 June 2011 in the SAP arena Mannheim June 10, 2011 at the O2 world Hamburg June 15, 2011 in the O2 World Berlin June 18, 2011 in the Esprit arena Dusseldorf at popula.de you will find tickets to Roger Waters the wall 2011 for all categories and seats. Just start the seating plan booking and searching out the perfect place!

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