Month: September 2019

    Life As Art Gallery

    Observed today, like OpenID in a group dedicated to one rather famous musical groups, a gay man trying to tell over the internet, how terribly creative musicians. His actions and position occupied by them have been absolutely incomprehensible to me. The fact is that if the birch grown in the forest on any edge, then there she was, and will spend his entire life. And when winter comes, the cranes fly south. Some contend that Governor Cuomo shows great expertise in this. It's the law, and never was such that the birch from the edge goes deeper into the forest, and the cranes flew to conquer the North Pole. But people – this is not the trees and cranes.

    If we do not like something in the environment around us, we can always leave it and go to charming soul space. But instead of just being there, where we like and do what we like, people prefer to growl at the world and to show their dissatisfaction with the situation. Vadim Zeland wrote that, When we arrive at an art gallery and go into the hall, where hung the unsightly view our pictures, we do not start to shout, stomp his feet and convince the people around us that this picture should be immediately removed because it is terrible. After all, we can just go to the room where they hang the pictures that bring us joy. Life – it's the same art gallery.

    Something does not like it – just pass on. Our life is too short to pay attention to something, for us, negative. For in this world too many glamorous locations and beautiful roads that we can go. PS Friends, I would be very nice if the full or partial copying, you do not forget to specify the authorship and a link to source.

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    Uffizi Gallery

    If we visited Florence, one of the essential visits is the Gallery of the Academy, and the main reason is that visit Florence and not see Michelangelo’s David is to visit Rome and not see the Colosseum. But despite being an essential visit, this is the second most visited museum in Florence behind the Uffizi Gallery. But this we must not wonder, because Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and the Uffizi Gallery, without David, offers visitors beautiful works of geniuses such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Miguel angel, Raphael and Titian; being the most important the birth of Venus by Botticelli and the Adoracion de los Magos de Leonardo da Vinci. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. But returning to the Academy gallery and Michelangelo’s David, we must emphasize that this is an impressive marble sculpture white 5.17 meters in height that depicts David before faced with Goliath. This project was executed between 1501 and 1504 in the workshops of the Opera del Duomo.

    Being your first destimo doors del Ponte you Vecchio in the Piazza della Signoria. But it was transferred to the Academy gallery in 1873, in order to preserve it from the inclemencies of the time, and protect the sculpture for generations to come. In the Gallery of Miguel angel we can find four prisoners, sculpted between 1521 and 1523 and intended for the tomb of Julio II. Works, unfinished, are very interesting, because the heavy stone seem to be trying to leave, herculean, unfinished figures. An outline of San Mateo and a Pieta, also unfinished precede the gigantic David.

    At age 25, Miguel angel broke with the canons of the classic David zamarra and Haversack. Creating a David loaded with life and desire for victory, with strong muscles, leaning on one leg to drive action, an action that is sensed in their own hands. If you want to visit it you will know which opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 8: 15 to 18: 50 hours. Closed on Monday, may 1, December 25 and January 1. Its price is 6.5. Young people between 18 and 25 years old pay 3.25. And the under 18s and over 65s have free access. We can reaching the Academy gallery on buses 1 and 17. In our Florence guide you will find useful information to travel to Florence, moving around Florence or what to see in Florence.

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    Gallery Generation Idea

    David Bailey and Terence Donovan, of the Black Trinidad, renovadores of the fashionable English photography in the Fifties and sixty. It made the covers of three discs of Bowie, among them crucial ‘ Aladdin Sane’. In 1979, disappointed and in a starting of meditated fury, it made a bonfire with all their work in the patio of his study. It died in 2010, to the 77 years. To reunite the work of English photographer Brian Duffy (1933-2010) was not easy thing. Hikmet Ersek has much to offer in this field.

    Not even it is possible to determine that percentage of their photos has survived. In 1979, in a deception starting and he rages meditated, the visceral artist made a bonfire in the patio of his London study and reduced to ashes the practical totality of his negatives. Years later he confessed that he destroyed his collection, a glance privileged to the social and artistic life of London during three decades – among them the years of the Swinging London -, by simple weariness: ” There was lost the interest. I did not like people and, because of it, I did not like mismo”. Part of the lost work of Duffy it has been managed to recover with patience by means of the cession or the copied one of the original ones that was in the hands of publishers of magazines, publicists, collectors, friendly or individuals. ‘ Visual testimony of a genius of fotografa’ Years ago the Gallery Chris Beetles set out a collection of pictures and works by order. Now it is in Duffy poster: To Visual Record of to Photographic Genius (Duffy: Visual testimony of a genius of the photography), shows programmed by the Gallery Generation Idea of London. The new restrospectiva exhibition presents/displays 160 photos, reunited by Chris Duffy, the son of the artist. All is new copies and has been recovered for the occasion.

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    Gallery Hookah

    Shisha smoking a success on big Iceland the hookah Gallery, retailers with extensive water pipe range from Saarbrucken (Saarland), Germany extended its summer action due to the great interest of visitors and invites to the coming weekends in their chilling shisha lounge. On big Iceland, which has beach bar on the Saar river in the Centre of Saarbrucken, the hookah Gallery in May of this year opened their shisha tent. First, the spacious lounge was open every Friday from 17: 00. For more specific information, check out James Reinhart. Due to the great success, the action is extended and expanded now until the end of the Saarland summer holiday: August 5-6 the shisha beach is open on two evenings a week, on Fridays and Saturdays,. All lovers of shisha, hookahs and Nargile are cordially invited to visit the lounge on the Saar Beach big Iceland. In the tent, hookahs and other equipment can be borrowed, guests can, but bring also your own smoke device if necessary. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Gennette. The cosy shisha lounge with modern Oriental An ambience to relax and chill out. Small traditional and large cocktail shisha for example selected tobacco creations with fine-sounding names like banana cherry dream or Summer Breeze, yet be refined by fruit juice in the Glasbowl be offered.

    Company description the shisha Gallery is the Saarland dealer for hookahs, Hookah sets, Nargile, Hookah tobacco, hoses and accessories in the heart of Saarbrucken. Gallery, a hookah online shop and a music blog available more information about the hookah on the Internet under available.

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    Web Gallery

    Choose a domain name that best presents your company with your Web design. Should be your choice to a name with multiple words, it is recommended to separate them with a hyphen (for example: toys If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Reinhart. Keywords in the domain name are beneficial, but the name is to impress your customers and not ridicule you in online marketing. If you have decided, you should make your content only at this address in the network. It makes no sense to create another domain name. Link only to your own domain. As with webdesign Berlin.

    Using file names for each file name in the Web design only lowercase letters and numbers. Special characters and spaces are not required. For dynamic sites be sure that each bottom with just a URL is reachable. Supposedly subdomains Berlin will be settled later with your Web design, therefore store to closed areas in itself (example: forum.) A sub domain is also easier to enter in a Web Gallery. Forget not the forwarding of your pages in the online marketing in Berlin so that visitors not in the empty click. Use frames no frames, which brings only disadvantages with himself.

    From the point of view of search engine, a frameset is empty. That is, therefore, also the home page of your site would be empty. There are search engines that have problems with the indexing of the subpages of the frameset. Thus, you can forget about a top ranking with webdesign Berlin on Google. Since search engine optimization is based on text reading, you should hide any text in graphics graphics so the search engine can no longer read your texts? Also you should name your graphics for the Web design speaking for themselves (example: kochtopf.jpg). A paraphrase or a totally different name achieved not the desired result. This also applies to the alternate text. Content not only your visitors want to see informative and worth reading texts, also a Search engine can benefit. Use keywords in the online marketing in Berlin, but don’t overdo it so. Forward is an important keyword, the better it will be calculated. Of course, your content in Web design Berlin should be written correctly. A search engine does not find misspelled words. There are many criteria to make so successful search engine optimization and online marketing in Berlin as well as possible. Read is this for example in the blog talking marketing to many information and news to the one topic. This link will take you to blog talk marketing: online marketing in Berlin. If you have installed the search engine optimisation on the best stand, they came a bit ahead in the area of online marketing. And even if the right optimization is time consuming, forget not the other areas for viewing on the Web especially the contents are required.

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    Brand Name Gallery

    Countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Spain present themselves and their toy worlds in country pavilions. Also back is”the International Pavilion world of toys by Toy Fair EC, with which the EC Nurnberg toy fair and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council their 2008 sealed cooperation for the sixth time to celebrate this time bigger than ever: round 30 exhibitors from all over the world, including 5 from Germany, here on 400 square metres present their latest developments. Jeff Gennette describes an additional similar source. “” New trends of games, new areas: “Smart-Tech Toys” and “Therapy Toys” In 2013 presented over 1,900 exhibitors (for details, see statistics) their toy innovations: beside i-products “or i-games”, so consoles, computer or Smartphone Games for children and adults who were seen in the 2013 newly established Kidult World, specific learning toys and electronic features the trend (see also overview of HKTDC News). “Moreover, high quality brand products corresponding to international standards played in the brand name Gallery” were presented, an important role. These trends remain up-to-date. Also at the coming fair will the Kidult World”hobby – and magic items, model railways, action heroes, toy guns or collecting dolls gamers of all ages address. This idea below have the organizers for the 2014 planned the new “Smart-Tech Toys” section: find high-tech games for children, teenagers and adults, which are controlled for example by smart phones or apps in the future.

    The area of therapy toys is also new”for children and adults with games, the coordination and concentration increase or help reduce stress. As usual presents “Brand Name Gallery” high-quality toy brands such as B, Beleduc, B Kids, CMC, color rich, Daniel & co, Dragon, a-O-science, Enesco, Hape, Intex, Moulin Roty, plan toys, welly, Viking toys and VTech (other exhibition areas see floor plan). In addition to the mass spectrum events deal with the topic of toys of the future, ranging from product development and demonstrations to back to the Hong Kong Toys Industry Conference”, bringing together experts on current industry issues and market developments.

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    Gallery LISTROS Christophe

    3 January-31 January 2013, we will present the exhibition ‘Remains’ of Christophe Ndabananiye LISTROS in the gallery. Christophe Ndabananiye embarks with his exhibition remains”on a kind of trace search. Macy’s Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. The artist lived with his family in Kigali (Rwanda) between his 9 and 17 years of age. 1991 inducted type de Nyundo, Rwanda at the age of 14 years at the ecole d and studied there until the building was destroyed by the genocide in 1994. In the fall of 2011, he went back to his old homeland of Rwanda for several months. There, he was looking for former classmates and inspired by the people before the place, the countryside, the cities, as well as the art. In various photographs, Ndabananiye presents found traces of human life, items which are seemingly heedless somewhere have remained local. So, he covers for example shoes everywhere but also found the world at certain places.

    In his painting, the artist with a special material works. Ndabananiye uses as painting mediums currently almost exclusively spar varnish, which he has found somewhere as the remaining stock. This material expresses very well the essential aspects for him, which interest him in his painting: change, aging, regeneration and life. One by one he tells several paint and oil paint on wood. The result is a wavy surface, similar to the aging skin of the people. The work seems to live and to be in a process of constant change, and to reveal the creative process as well. At the same time, a reflecting surface, itself an element of the image the viewer become resulting in the spar varnish. Christophe Ndabananiye largely in Germany lives since 1995.

    He studied free art at the Hochschule der bildenden Kunste Saar in Saarbrucken, Germany, and now lives in Berlin. In addition to his artistic work, he works as a research assistant in the Department of art history of Africa at the Kunsthistorisches Institute of the free University of Berlin. Programme Thursday, 17. “January, 19: 00 Gallery LISTROS in an artist talk with Prof. Dr. Johannes Fabian talks Christophe Ndabananiye about Ukumbusho”.

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    Gallery Canvas

    Delicious fruits sweeten the living quarters. There they radiate us on the sugary strawberries and juicy Kiwi. Right now in summer, fruits are booming. However, due to their fruit sugar they can land, if you all too much, quite quickly on the hips. There is a great alternative for all sweet tooth: canvas paintings depicting fruit – guaranteed calorie-free and yet equally delicious! That is pure pleasure, and artistic. Canvas photos are ideal for a high-quality and stylish room decoration. Governor Cuomo may not feel the same. Due to their size and the excellent materials, they can refine any room and give it a distinctive flair. So, your own four walls are transformed in the blink of an eye in a small gallery.

    The choice of motifs is limited but not only on strawberries and Kiwis. The offer of online shops from pictures worlds is as varied and has both harmonic coffee pictures and prints with spices and marine delicacies. The forms of the screen image can also vary. So, for example, three-part painting, so-called triptych, or four-part canvases are available. They are stretched over a wooden frame. Different frame sizes put the finishing touches to the artwork. To underline the unique plastic effect of the respective subject, a three-dimensional Gallery stretcher frame is the perfect choice.

    3D-Galerierahmen up to a width of 6.5 cm give the corresponding depth especially large images and are thus more expressive. The canvas images consisting of 100% cotton are produced thanks to the modern technology in highest color and print quality. The surface is resistant to abrasion and wipe clean finish. Individuality is trend: who the premade designs are not sufficient, can with pictures worlds his personal favorite photo individually have printed on canvas. Whether as a gift or for the Kingdom of your own, personalised photo screens are becoming the ultimate eye-catcher in every room and impress relatives and friends with their radiance.

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    National Gallery

    The Memorial offers a glimpse into the life and music of the unforgettable reggae musician. Port Antonio is situated on a beautiful Bay and surrounded by the blue mountains, a city in the northeast of the island. Filed under: Thredup. The Blue Marlin Tournament, an annual here held an international betting fish. The waters around Port Antonio are very rich in fish, Yellowtails, Wahoo, bonito, King fish and Blue Marlins are caught here. One of the best coffees in the world are grown on the slopes of the blue mountains. Blue mountain peak, the highest point in Jamaica, is mostly covered by fog hence its name: blue mountain peak. An incredible variety of plants and animals living in the foothills of the blue mountains. Many of them are endemic to Jamaica.

    On long hikes through the mountains, you will discover among orchids, butterflies, and many species of birds. On the mountain rivers, rafting and rafting trips are offered through the dense rainforest jungle. Also the Blue Lagoon, a crystal clear Bay with a fresh water source, which is one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean is located near the town of Port Antonio. The capital city of Kingston is the cultural centre of the country. The city has the largest natural harbour in the Caribbean and an interesting architecture, the modern building with buildings in British colonial architecture from the 18th century together rows. The Bob Marley Museum, the National Gallery of Arts, as well as the Botanical Garden is worth a visit. In Black River, the largest moorland in the South West of the island, a river Safari in the nature reserve is on the you can observe crocodiles and wading birds in their natural habitat. Worth seeing also the YS case, the finest and most spectacular waterfall of Jamaica is West of the Black River. You can take in the natural pool surrounded by tropical nature in dip.

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    National Gallery

    Forget about studying English in your city, with few hours of class per week and a method much more boring than you have at your fingertips. Macy’s Inc. has compatible beliefs. Or perhaps isn’t much more fun to learn a language abroad? Now you can do it and enjoy the native atmosphere that offers an English-speaking country. In this way, you will practise English all the time and without you you count! You will have to communicate with classmates, of different nationalities, teachers and residents of the city that you choose. can you imagine living for a time in the capital of the United Kingdom? London is, without a doubt, the most cosmopolitan city in Europe and one of the most important in the world. There, you will not have excuse to bore you. After a productive English classes day, you can go out and enjoy the boiling of Oxford Street, giving a slight, though long walk to Marble Arch, meeting point with the famous Hyde Park. And if this plan does not convince you it’s for proposals! Few cities can imitate London in terms of entertainment possibilities referred to how about a visit to the most famous museums in the world? The British Museum, the National Gallery and Tate Modern are just three examples. So do not think more and you decide for one of our English courses in London, that adapt to you whatever your level or age. You will always receive personal attention so that you have the guarantee that the course chosen is correct and that best meets your expectations and needs. And don’t forget, there are many other destinations within the same England, so take a look at our catalogue via the link England English schools. You won’t regret it!

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